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  1. Stephen Eustaquio liked Canada soccer's post about the Tabla news.🤔🤔🤔 Seems promising...
  2. The best part of this game was scoring 8 goals while the other team was parking the bus. If you look at the highlights to our previous record win against St. Lucia, there is some terrible defending. They are playing a high line and not even marking the Canadian players. I know US Virgin Islands is worse than St. Lucia but scoring 8 against them was great to see.
  3. I would've liked to see Petrasso or Adekugbe over Akindele for more full back depth but otherwise this squad is perfect.
  4. And then he played Arsenal again in the Europa league in 2017-18 with red star. I remember ozils goal against him in 2016 was memorable.
  5. Paton on the bench today for Blackburn u23s. Hopefully he'll be called to the u20 team in November.
  6. Diego Gutierrez started yesterday for Palestimo. Seems like it was his first game in a long time.
  7. Yeah we need some CBs to break out in the next couple of months in USL or something. Good catch on Verhoeven, I originally thought he was a '98 born player. I'd have him instead of Roberts. Also maybe another CB should be picked instead of Jake Ruby, just don't know the options we have.
  8. Anyone have predictions for the squad? Here's mine. Busti Legault Dunn Harrison Kinumbe Okello Choiniere Davies Millar David Reid Subs: Hasal, Campbell, Bayiha, Fazili, Ruby, Araujo, Paton, Hundal, Roberts I think the rules call for a 20-man squad. Only area I'm not sure about is the Centrebacks. I remember Joel Harrison was highly rated but I think he was injured in his college season. Probably not gonna happen but Ballou Tabla and Dominic Iankov are still eligible.
  9. Looks like Stephen Eustaquio is set to be transferred to GD Chaves who are currently 7th in the Portuguese first division.
  10. The 6 Canadians rule must've been replaced with 6 Americans because both TFC2 and WFC2 started 6 Americans this weekend.
  11. He has to be 17 to be added into the game
  12. Yeah you are right, a lot could change from now. I was just stating what I think is going to happen, but I don't have any inside information or anything.
  13. Even if he is years away from making the Ivorian team it doesn't mean he'll play for Canada in the meantime. I think Tabla will just turn down call ups just like Hoilett did, which is not good for us.
  14. He also just put an elephant emoji in his instagram bio...
  15. I wonder if Zanatta got injured in the first game, he didn't play at all the rest of the tournament and I thought he played well in the first half against Honduras.
  16. Probably not, Robinson will play Giles Barnes in the #10 spot before Bustos.
  17. Rob Gale has only coached one u20 tournament. I think he deserved another chance with this cycle as he seemed to rectify a lot of the mistakes in preparation leading up to the tournament (pretty much all of our camps were in Central America unlike the 2015 cycle). Even though he did a much better job leading up to the tournament I'm still a bit skeptical about his tactics and game plan. Hopefully we rally and get a good result against Mexico.
  18. This is so unrealistic. Honduras are able to have their players in camp leading up to the tournament because most of their players play domestically. We had two camps lasting about 3 weeks right before this tournament and we were able to get all of our players playing in domestic leagues no problem. Obviously you can't take players like Zanatta and Twardek because they are starting for their respective teams on loan and their clubs probably want to keep them there.
  19. Diego Gutierrez was also on the bench for Palestino's senior team. Decent weekend for our u20s abroad.
  20. Plus Palermo had two goalkeepers on the bench during that game. I'm pretty sure he's 5th on the depth chart because he doesn't start for the u19 team and there are 3 first team goalkeepers. It's unfortunate that he couldn't be here.
  21. He grew up in Montreal. Also from the Canada Soccer Twitter account it seemed like he had a good game against Honduras (he played in the 2-1 victory)
  22. My prediction: GK: St. Clair, Breza DF: Chung, Brault, Boakye, Sadiki, Meilleur-Giguere, Miller MF: Shome, Fraser, Zambazis, Tabla, Borges, Uccello, Harris, Twardek, Choiniere, Gutierrez FW: Zanatta, Millar/Hundal
  23. Here's one of Panama's goals. I can't tell if it is St. Clair or Hasal in goal.
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