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  1. No, I'm ok. Thanks for the advice though.
  2. Oh I didn't even look at it, I read it a long time ago. I asked Rollins about him a while ago on Twitter and he just said Babouli played in one of those ethnic leagues before TFC spotted him. My bad.
  3. Well, on the right side you can throw in Serban (who is a likely starter) or even Johnny Grant who Floro loves. The team will be professional, and will be missing some good players since the roster is only 18. You should also throw Mauro and Misik from Ottawa in the mix. If both see regular minutes with Ottawa no reason for them not to be in Pan Am squad. The one issue with us being poor is that the Pan Am games is the only place where we can evaluate these players. Would be better to have actual camps to gauge all possible players.
  4. Rollins did a piece on him http://www.league1ontario.com/article/player-profile-tfcas-molham-babouli He's one of those guys who played ball in the ethnic leagues around TO.
  5. The only issue is the fact Canada is slowly but surely becoming more and more influenced by Traffic sports. Is that a problem? Who knows.
  6. Peterson on Soccer Morning mentioned that he would like ot add two more Canadian teams to the NASL. I imagine Hamilton is one team, maybe Regina or Calgary is the other?
  7. Ledgwerood seems to be our RB of choice going forward. That's nice and all but I don't think he'll hold up against actual competition in the GC or latter stages of WCQ. I could easily see a Waylon Francis or and speedy winger/FB with good skill giving him issues since he isn't really fast or technically sound.
  8. So Canada hasn't scored yet against Puerto Rico. That's a bit worrying.
  9. The only thing I don't like about Floro is he never experiments on gameday. Would have liked to see a Grant or Larin start a game. Same XI as last game. Disappointing.
  10. If Aleman is called up I wonder if he's on the GC or pan am squad. He's an AM which Floro doesn't use, and I would rather see him star on the pan am team than be a 85 min sub that is shunted out onto the wing.
  11. I think we'd make more chances if we used a 4-4-2 or something. Having an isolated striker means we won't be creating much.
  12. Oh I mean the CSA won't give a shit about the teams lobbying to remove the quota.
  13. Have you seen our team? A few Canadian journeymen getting shots, a few young guys who recently came back to Canada, and a bunch of our young MLS guys or academy players. What a ridiculous statement.
  14. Don't think the CSA will give a shit.
  15. Looks like he's impressing at S2. That is great to see. edit: He's also another one Canada's scouting has failed to pick up.
  16. I think it is a moot point because I'd rather see him starting for Vancouver than warm the bench for de Jong and possible Ouimette.
  17. Don't know what Vancouver is doing. Tornaghi loaned instead of Carducci, and no Bustos loan either. Bustos needs to play, and so does Carducci. Also if Tornaghi is the starter for WC2 he is taking minutes away from a Canadian. I don't get this at all. Edit: According to some, Tornaghi is a one game thing, which I still don't get because I'd rather see one of the younger Whitecaps play. Apparently Carducci is injured. I am assuming Bustos is also injured, otherwise no reason for him not to play with WC2.
  18. So they sign McKendry just so thay can go out and sign Flores and put him in front of him. That's nice.
  19. According to de Vos, Vancouver and Floro had a good talk about Adekugbe. It makes sense that he stays because realistically he'd be on the bench while de Jong starts for Canada. Having said that, if he's left off the U23 pan am squad because Vancouver wants him to stay then I'll have a problem with him and the Caps.
  20. Has there been any indication that Carducci will be the starter for WC2?
  21. So like, when are Vancouver going to announce the loans?
  22. The only thing I didn't like about this game was whenever Ledgerwood would get the ball, even if he had space, he'd just hoof it upfield instead of trying to keep it on the ground. He didn't really add anything to the right side of the game. Suppose that's alright since he was alright defensively.
  23. Canada Soccer Twitter says they will be streaming the game on YouTube.
  24. I should phrase that better: Living in the Dominican Republic can't be THAT bad.
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