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  1. Hey this is a really cool post. Club you supported as a kid: Norwich City (When I was living in England I was never into football, but the first match I ever watched was when Norwich City beat Bayern Munich in the UEFA cup.) Domestic club you support now: Toronto FC (given that is my hometown) Foreign club(s) you support now: Everton FC (Lost my patience with Norwich and began supporting Everton because) Favourite lower league club: AFC Wimbledon (Where I lived, while in the UK) Guilty pleasure you'd only admit to your closest internet friends: Soccer is Canada's second sport
  2. Are those really good numbers. CBC's show "Being Erica" gets around 450,000 to 500,000.....so I heard.
  3. Lets not forget Gold Cup 2007. We lost to Gaudaloup and still made it to the Semi-Finals. Canada is out to win every game.
  4. Hey everyone. It has been a very long time since I posted anything on here. I for one am very dissapointed with Jonothan De Guzman's decision. However, I 100% do not blame him. He has been there since he was 12 years old, your personality really begins to develop from that age and that personality is dutch. He made the right choice for his career aspirations. Put yourself in his shoes. If you were offered two jobs. One that has a better prospect to offer more rewards(and I don't mean financial) than the other job. Who would you honestly go for. He has done nothings wrong except to do what is best for number 1 himself and in all honesty. In this world we live in do we not do the same. The problem is not with player loyalties. Fernandes, Hargreaves and DeGuzman all made personal decisions that were best for them. That;s is just being human. We need stop wasting our energy on those players. The REAL problem is with the Canadian Soccer Association. I think there are alot of egos's in there wrapped up in internal politics that they have completely lost focused on their objective. Look at their track record. They hire a new president, then they said no were not anymore. Putting the new guy in an awkward position. They hosted the highest attended U21 world cup tournament ever, but yet still ended up in the red. These guys need to get their act together and focus on developing soccer in Canada and make it more attractive for the Hargreave's and the DeGuzman's.
  5. Hey all, Watching the build up yesterday to Soccer Aid this Saturday a massive charity game this Saturday at a sold our Old Trafford, between a team England of celebrities and legends vs a world team of celebrities and legends. Key name includes John Barnes, Diego Maradona, Robbie Williams, Paul Gasgoin. Sergei Federov and yes our 1988 Canadian 100m olympian - Ben Johnson. http://www.itv.com/page.asp?partid=5834
  6. Hey everyone. I understand everyone is annoyed, but I for one do not think winning three games in a row is a daunting task. Just think if Canada wins just the next game, the situation would alter easily and it will not look so difficult. I believe the first three games Canada had were very disorganised as a result of suspensions or injuries. No Stalteri, Devos playing only one game, no Mckenna, no Bircham, no Brennan. (On a side note: I can understand not choosing Brennan because he has had no playing time with his club, by how do you justify the choice of picking an inexperienced 17 year old who is not attached to any club.) We have yet to see the best of Canada. Bircham and Mckenna are becoming healthy and there are no expected suspensions (as far as I know). Lets just hope that we can get a full healthy squad out there. I am still looking foward to these games because and I will be behind them 100%, Germany 2006 is not out of our hands so tell the fat lady she is not on yet. It football anything is possible. Go Canada we are all behind you.
  7. I woke up this morning hoping for good news and what do I see in big bold letters on Canadasoccer.com! Guatemala defeats Canada 2-0. I think I speak for everyone who is living abroad, who could not see or listen to the game and are currently waking up to this right now. What happened! I demand answers from Yallop? Does Watson really deserve to be there? I feel really gutted because I am starting to believe most European here that we really are just a one sport nation. I just hope that Canada wins the Olympic Gold in Baseball, then we can be a two sport nation.
  8. What is the synopsis of the Newsletter. I would love to contribute.
  9. Everton confirm Smith bid Smith career statistics Everton have stepped up the pace in the race to sign Alan Smith with a reported £7m bid for the Leeds striker. Toffees boss David Moyes confirmed the Merseysiders had made a "substantial offer" for Smith, despite their apparent tight finances. Moyes said: "My hope is to partner Alan Smith and Wayne Rooney in my Everton team next season." Leeds have already turned down bids of £3.5m and £5.5m from Manchester United for Smith, who they value at £10m. Everton chairman Bill Kenwright underlined their enthusiasm to bring Smith to Goodison Park. Kenwright told Everton's website: "David and I have been discussing Alan Smith's situation at Leeds for two weeks. "I can confirm that in the last 24 hours we have had contact with those involved in the hope that Alan Smith might be an Everton player next season." If Manchester United are happy they want Smith, then they have to make us happy too by making us a better offer Leeds director Peter Lorimer Smith has already expressed his personal preference for a move to Leeds' bitter rivals Manchester United. But Leeds director Peter Lorimer insists that any move must suit them first and that Manchester United should not try to take advantage of Smith's desire to move to Old Trafford. Lorimer told BBC Sport: "We want to get the best offer possible for the club, while Alan's agent has stressed that he wants to go to Old Trafford. "If we were to sell him under market value, I don't think the supporters would like us too much. "It is obviously his say as to where he wants to go. If he wants to go to Manchester United, and he is happy with that, then that's fine. "If Manchester United are happy they want him, then that's fine. But they have to make us happy too by making us a better offer. "If they do that then everybody is happy." Lorimer added: "If they could show us a bit of kindness. "We can't let him go for less than the highest offer we have received and there has been interest from two other Premiership clubs in Newcastle and Middlesbrough as well."
  10. I will definately going to this game. Anyone else in the UK or somewhere else, thinking about going?
  11. The style does not bother me too much. What bothers me the most is the the huge number with a circle around it, posted on the front of the shirt. For some reason it makes the team less threatning. Maybe that is why Brazil only drew with Ireland recently. For that I am grateful we have addidas. They have made some smart jersey's for Canada in recent years. Nike just doe not understand.
  12. Everton and Southhampton draw 3-3, despite Everton having a 2-0 lead at the half. Radzinski was on the bench the whole game. In fact Everton did not make any subs. I am beginning to think the problem is defense.
  13. England (White) World Cup 2002 (As far as I am concerned it is the smartest looking England jersey in history.) Everton (Blue) with Radzinski's name on the back 2003-2004 season (got half price on the name print, which is a relief considering his long name)
  14. I think we can profit with a diamond formation. Hume has options to drive the ball or pass to the Radz or De Rosario. The defence will have headaches trying to decide whether or not to mark Hume or Radz. So many offensive options. ------------------------Hirshfeld-------------- Stalteri-----------Devos---------------Hutchinson-----------Jazic ----------------Aguiar---------------- De Guzman--------------------------------------------Brennan -------------------- Hume------------------------------- -----------------Radzinski------------De Rosario---------------- Subs: Onstad Peschisolido Bircham Mckenna Nasliwa Klukowski Bent
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