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  1. CDNFootballer

    2019 CPL All-Star game.

    Hopefully never, No All Star game please CPL. Not needed.
  2. CDNFootballer

    CPL Season Schedule

    Spring Champion would get hosting rights to a one off final between each seasons champion. Wasn't sure of the split season idea at the time NASL implemented it, but it grew on me over time.Was more competitive with most clubs still in the race late in each season, made things more interesting and exciting. Hopefully CPL has a one off championship game at the end with the spring and fall champions facing off.
  3. CDNFootballer

    Calgary FC launch/2019 offseason thread

    Julian Büscher's a quality signing for the Cavalry, 2 years MLS experience with DC United, they could use a few more of these type of signings to round out their squad.
  4. CDNFootballer

    League Trophy

    The Mobilio Cup, named after Dominic Mobilio : January 14, 1969 – November 13, 2004 Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Mobilio was a long-time member of the Vancouver 86ers turned Vancouver Whitecaps. He played 14 seasons beginning with the team in the Canadian Soccer League, later joining the American Professional Soccer League, before finishing up a Whitecap. He retired from the professional outdoor game in 2001. His 167 goals in 280 games is second for a player in professional soccer in Canada and the United States after the NASL's great Giorgio Chinaglia and his total of 243. He was a six time league all-star (CSL 1988, 1990, and 1991; APSL 1993 and 1996; A-League, 1997); the CSL's all-time leading scorer and 1990 top scorer and MVP. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domenic_Mobilio
  5. CDNFootballer

    CPL Stadium Thread

    Pacific FC's Westhills Stadium update from Feb 1 : "Simpson said the seating components for the 6,000-seat Westhills Stadium expansion are being shipped from Germany and that the stadium will be ready for game action before April 28. “They will piece together like Lego,” said Simpson, who came out of Juan de Fuca to play pro soccer in Europe and earn 43 caps for Canada. “We will be game-day ready for soccer. But the polish and beautification of the area around the stadium [which is planned to include several fan plazas] will probably not be completed until May or June.”" https://www.timescolonist.com/sports/former-harbourcats-gm-brad-norris-jones-joins-pacific-fc-front-office-1.23621107
  6. CDNFootballer

    FC Edmonton launch/2019 offseason thread

    Albert Watson was recently released from his Icelandic Premier League club, possibly on way back to FCE : "Watson has parted company with the Icelandic club by mutual agreement and is believed to be weighing up his options. That could include returning to the NIFL Premiership, or going back to North America where he spent five years with Canadian club FC Edmonton." https://www.belfastlive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/albert-watson-linked-irish-league-15694621 Hope he makes it back the the Eddies!
  7. CDNFootballer

    CPL TV Contract

    NASL had a mix with all their league games broadcast : - Local TV deals for all clubs home matches - National TV Deals with One World Sports, CBS Sports Network, beIN Sports (Canada and USA), and GOL TV. - Streaming on ESPN3 - Miami FC also had their matches shown internationally in 100 countries (using Eurosport TV, and beIN Sports TV)
  8. CDNFootballer

    CPL Season Schedule

    I will guess the same but hope a Canadian Soccer Bowl would/will be a one and done match with Apertura winner getting the home stadium honor and having plenty of time to prep/market/sell tickets for the big game.
  9. CDNFootballer

    CPL General

    No problem, and thanks for that tidbit of info, another good piece of the puzzle on salaries!
  10. CDNFootballer

    CPL General

    For the many of us that have no clue what that says here's the English translation : "Each team will have an operating budget of between $ 1.1 million and $ 1.5 million CDN for 20 players. This means that they will earn between $ 56,000 and $ 75,000 each, on average. That's about the amount that a recruit sneaks into MLS."
  11. CDNFootballer

    CPL bilingualism

    Simply stick with the select your preferred language and stick with that I'd say.
  12. CDNFootballer

    Ottawa CPL Club

    It only works if the ownership is moneyed enough to put up a first class popup stadium in a quality location and market the hell out of the CPL club.
  13. CDNFootballer

    CPL General

    Actually it was the opposite, most clubs were in the race deep into each season and even many of those who weren't fans of the split season admitted it raised the competition level.
  14. CDNFootballer

    CPL TV Contract

    Actually they don't necessarily, in North America, USL and NASL broadcast deals have typically been announced in February, March, and April and after the schedule was released.
  15. CDNFootballer

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Not sure why De Guzman's so in love with the foreign USL and their AAA style minor league and against Canada's Canadian Premier League, feel sorry for the Fury fans that they are stuck with being a minor league affiliate for MLS. He seems to be rubbing it in with his comments and likely parroting the Fury's FO staff. If the Fury plan to attempt to stay longer term in MLS's lower division minor league then CPL should seek out moneyed investors to put a CPL club in the greater Ottawa market imho.