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  1. CDNFootballer

    Montreal Area CPL Team

    I wouldn't put Laval in the official crest or name but instead use a non market label like has been basically used by most CPL clubs so far. I would bill them as a Greater Montreal based CPL club as highlighting Canada's D1 as being in the market is positive, just keep the clubs in the MLS markets far enough away from MLS franchises core area. Laval seems to fit that bill, like Surrey/Langley would for a Metro Vancouver CPL Club. Highly recommended to avoid direct competition with CDN MLS clubs at this early time of CPL's existence.
  2. CDNFootballer

    Possible CPL Salary Cap Discussion

    The CPL player salary guidelines must be set, you have clubs already saying they have quite a few players signed and are just waiting to make announcements, they're not doing so without things being completely set. Likely we will not know officially the league's cap, they don't need to announce it and like many other leagues will keep salary specifics confidential.
  3. CDNFootballer

    CPL TV Contract

    This is the problem, most of the bars/pubs are familiar with the regular broadcasting and have commercial licenses for it but actually getting them to put up the DAZN feed is an issue. I searched high and low for a bar having the Canelo fight on just over a week ago and only one place had it and was charging for it as well. All the other usual places had no clue about how to put up a DAZN broadcast.
  4. CDNFootballer

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Concacaf has already made their position clear, how will Fury operate unsanctioned for 2019 if they attempt to field a team I wonder.
  5. CDNFootballer

    CPL TV Contract

    They were poor at first for the NFL streaming but improved things after many complaints. One problem is with getting DAZN streams playing in bars/pubs though.
  6. CDNFootballer

    CPL TV Contract

    Hopefully CPL can do better than Youtube. DAZN or a "CPL Live" streaming platform in conjunction with some games on National TV as well as local TV for home matches is the way to go.
  7. CDNFootballer

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Yes, multiple franchises with same owner in MLS for many years.
  8. CDNFootballer

    Possible CPL Salary Cap Discussion

    The discussion was player wages re the 750K.
  9. CDNFootballer

    Possible CPL Salary Cap Discussion

    He's pushing the Fury spin on their salaries, they may have some players at 70k but that's far from their average, young players in USL getting as low as under 10k per season. Majority of USL teams at around the 500K USD mark Rollins mentioned 750K cdn team budgets this week which translates to more than most USL teams pay.
  10. CDNFootballer

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Ottawa Fury and all the other USL teams don't get a cut of expansion fees.
  11. CDNFootballer

    Ottawa CPL Club

    This guys feed (scroll down a bit, can't post a direct link unfortunately) has a poll on if Ottawa Fury should join CPL or fight to stay in USL : https://twitter.com/TMcD1639
  12. CDNFootballer

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I applaud the CONCACAF decision, its the right move! Hopefully Canadian fans get on Ottawa Fury's twitter and facebook and email the team to let the Fury know they need to give up on the USL and join the Canadian Premier League. Lots of american USL fans are supporting the Fury's fight to stay in that league by the looks of replies so Canadian fans need to show them we support a Fury move to CPL not a legal fight to stay in a foreign league.
  13. CDNFootballer

    Why is the CSA not being tougher on the 3 MLS teams?

    CSA doesn't need the money if one of the Canadian MLS business units (Van/Tor/Mtl) decides to move into CPL and sells back to the MLS their franchise/business units rights, MLS then happily taking a big fee when that is flipped to another market in Chivas USA/LAFC fashion.
  14. CDNFootballer

    CPL TV Contract

    Local TV channel broadcasts for each club could be used for the streaming service, then a National TV game of the week in addition, maximizing exposure for the CPL.
  15. CDNFootballer

    CPL TV Contract

    Doesn't necessarily have to be a either or, Series A TV rights are held by TLN now in Canada and the digital rights by DAZN.