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  1. Ottawa Fury vs Loudoun today, picture at 52 minute in second half after Fury's second goal, annouced attendance of 3232. Hard to make that number look good in a large stadium, something CPL's Forge FC and Valour FC will have to deal with as well if they have those kind of numbers in some of their matches.
  2. https://twitter.com/TheHydroPole/status/1116120277480435712 https://twitter.com/TheHydroPole/status/1116120277480435712
  3. Pacific FC hopes purple reigns on home turf “All our seats will be purple, and all season ticket purchasers get a jersey, so it’s going to look great,” said Simpson. Speaking of seats, Simpson is adamant that 6,000 will be in place at Westhills Stadium in time for the franchise inaugural game April 28 against HFX Wanderers of Halifax. But he openly admits it’s going to be a race to the finish. “There are a lot of logistics involved, but absolutely the stadium will be ready for play,” said Simpson. “A lot of people are referencing the same situation as Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre, where workers were working up to the last minute before the first event in 2005 [a Rod Stewart concert].” Quipped Simpson: “There could be some wet paint signs.” But they will be in purple. Simpson said Pacific FC has surpassed the 1,000 plateau in season tickets and that more than 2,500 tickets have been sold so far for the inaugural game in the 28th. https://www.timescolonist.com/sports/pacific-fc-hopes-purple-reigns-on-home-turf-1.23781607
  4. Last pic from the Fury home opener, beginning of 2nd half, judge for yourselves and post your own pics if you have better ones : I'll give the pre-emptive excuse..... "but but but there were 3000 at the concessions!!!
  5. Seems like Fury are fluffing their numbers. Another shot of the Ottawa Fury home opener during the game :
  6. So Ottawa Fury have switched to using the opposite main grandstand apparently. Wonder what their announced attendance will be, doesn't look that good on a sunny Saturday afternoon :
  7. I would guess the monthly fee to be in the 8-10$ range per month and that's reasonable for me. Also I expect them to have the channel available on Roku and Apple TV as well, hope they add the Xbone one and PS4 too but Roku will suffice for me with the $40 streaming stick I picked up last Christmas.
  8. The exit fee is for a team wanting to leave the league, not sell the team. USL is very restrictive and what the USL franchise agreement states they can do as a franchisor is also restrictive so there may very well be limitations and/or restrictions on Ottawa Fury selling their franchise rights. Franchise rights are also territorial in USL so not so simple to sell a right for the Ottawa market to someone wanting to have a club in another market. USL owners Nurock would have to agree to the sale and that seems unlikely.
  9. Teams sign a restrictive franchise agreement and must abide by the terms, Nurock runs the league operations largely as they see fit. A quote from Kartik K (who has reported on lower level US soccer for many years) on the USL : "The USL’s approach to its clubs and soccer structure is not only different than the NASL’s, but different than MLS and leagues across the globe."
  10. No, USL is quite restrictive and the league is privately owned by Nurock. USL teams don't own any part of the league.
  11. When the Fury jumped to USL for 2017 the fee had risen to 5 million and apparently NASL clubs jumping were given a 10 year window to pay the fee to ease they're switchover. As for the CPL fee, its likely to go up yearly as the league grows so Fury instead of paying 1 million this year may be paying 2 million next year etc. They're also going to be out of luck on any founders year one benefits built into CSB if there are any.
  12. CDNFootballer

    CPL General

    And they won't even be playing in the city of Miami for the first years, if ever.
  13. Good to hear they will be bringing in professional teams as well. An amateur 4th division Calgary Foothills teams that's been stripped of its better players from their championship roster likely is not going to be a good draw or barometer of support for a possible CPL club. Pointy ball lines on the newer turf at SMF Stadium (Gordie Howe Bowl) are a negative that would have to be addressed with new turf for a CPL club at the location :
  14. The rumored Langley location is a few minutes off the freeway and most in the valley use cars to get around. Don't think Vancouver city proper would be the target fan base for a fraser valley/suburban Vancouver CPL club anyways, Surrey would be preferable but think they can make it work in Langley with the right setup as well and the rumored location has had a lot of development over the past years in and around it.
  15. Think you mean D2 USL Championship (formerly USL). Problem for USL C is they make most of they're money from expansion fees (currently 8 million) so when they max out they lose that revenue. D3 USL League 1 is starting with 10 teams but expansion fees for that league are much less at 500k and they have competition from the rival D3 startup NISA which charges no expansion fees whatsoever.
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