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  1. CDNFootballer

    CPL Stadium Thread

    Maybe they meant removing it from the equation in terms of setting up over the track, looks like the rendering may show a covering over the track down the sides? Looks similar to what the OKC Energy do at Taft Stadium as seen in this video, setting up 2 rows of premium priced seating on the tracks and partly camofloging (sp) the track (skip to the 3 minute mark if your impatient) :
  2. CDNFootballer

    FC Edmonton launch/2019 offseason thread

    Article from the Belfast Telegraph : Footballers' Lives with Daryl Fordyce "Q. Where will you resume your career? A. I'm 31 and still want to play. Canada is my long-term home and I was pleased to see Edmonton have been resurrected with the new Canadian League starting next April. I'm talking to a few teams at the moment but still waiting on Luka's passport so can't go anywhere yet. It looks like we will stay in Canada. One team might give me the Under-16 Academy to run as well as joining the first-team backroom staff. I could still play as well and it would be a nice start to my coaching career." https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/irish-league/footballers-lives-with-daryl-fordyce-painful-loss-has-made-me-stronger-and-escaping-belfast-bubble-was-type-of-experience-life-is-all-about-37338780.html
  3. CDNFootballer

    CPL TV Contract

    I think a setup like NASL had with all matches shown each season, most streamed on ESPN but also a National TV game of the week, plus all clubs having local TV coverage as well would be a good fit for year one CPL.
  4. CDNFootballer

    CPL Jersey Outfitter

    Macron does The Miami FC jersey as well : And the Victoria Highlanders :
  5. CDNFootballer

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    Looks great and much more than expected if it turns out to look that way. Will post the image in the CPL Stadiums thread as well.
  6. CDNFootballer

    CPL Stadium Thread

    York9 FC's possible retrofitted look of Lions Stadium for 2019 :
  7. CDNFootballer

    CPL General

    Even though the 500K cap thing is only a rumour and it could be higher that figure would still put CPL at about equal to USL D2 not a D3 type league in USSF sanctioning terms.
  8. CDNFootballer

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Doesn't look like they will make that move this year but if the Fury again decide to remain in USL for yet another season next Sept then they very well could make that decision. I think the Fury knew for quite a while they weren't moving to CPL and delayed communicating that until the last minute and wouldn't be surprised if it happens again next year. Despite their narrative lately, they don't want to spend more on a roster and its not about salaries but instead they made a decision 2 years ago to pay $5 million to enter USL, a fee they may very well be paying over a 10 year period apparently. There's also termination fees in USL to exit. It will cost them to jump to CPL and they would still be paying fees to USL for years. In the end, they might have been better off to have stayed another year in NASL and left with a tiny exit fee there and spent 2018 preparing for CPL like FC Edmonton has.
  9. CDNFootballer

    CPL General

    US Open Cup matches are not good for comparison as MLS teams mostly play their "B" teams vs USL franchises.
  10. CDNFootballer

    CPL new teams speculation

    Don't think it would happen for a Metro Vancouver Surrey club for 2019 but Langley's McCloud Stadium could be used initially by adding a second grandstand like FC Edmonton's Clarke Stadium had added by the Fath's. There's room for it to be brought up to 5K.
  11. CDNFootballer

    CPL General

    I meant CPL's salary cap as yes, USL and NASL had no cap. I was refering to the USL overall where most teams operate around the 500K mark. It hasn't become clear at all that Ottawa Fury spends at or over 1 million although the team and those it feeds info to are trying to present that narrative. It shouldn't be believed, Ottawa has never spent highly except for initially at launch in NASL until they made the NASL final and then took the cheap route and didn't want to pay to keep their roster for the next season and lost much of their players. Then switched leagues to save money, then got rid of the typically more expensive internationals to go the cheaper Canadian route for their roster. Ottawa is not the Cosmos or Cincinatti of the USL, not at 1 million $ or close when most USL teams are at/under/close to the 500k mark. They're not stupid enough to overpay for all or most of their players that will make less on other USL teams. They're paying the market USL rate.
  12. CDNFootballer

    CPL General

    We may not get to officially know the salary cap at all, league's like USL and NASL keep that info private although over time it can be extrapolated and leaked like how the USL's roughly 500k has been reported. It benefits the league by not having them be seen as low paying and by extension perceived as low quality. USL has had recent articles pointing out how poorly they're players are paid, no healthcare provided, how some are on hourly and have to fill out timesheets even for hours. There's would be no benefit for CPL or USL to come out and say their teams are having salary budgets around the 500k mark(or whatever it is in CPL's case) since its on the low side and nothing to tout when you want to present your league in the best light.
  13. CDNFootballer

    Metro Vancouver CPL Club

    Metro Vancouver mentioned in Clanachan's State of the League today : “We’re also having discussions with Regina and Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, as well as Lower Mainland B.C." http://canpl.ca/article/state-of-the-league-clanachan-on-ottawa-fury-cpl-roster-rules-and-more
  14. CDNFootballer

    Metro Vancouver CPL Club

    Surrey is probably the best location in Metro Vancouver for a CPL club, large and growing population that is on track to pass Vancouver City's population by 2030(next door Langley is growing very fast as well), far enough removed from the Whitecaps territory to develop a solid fanbase, and the city has wanted a stadium built for years. Problem for Rob Friends group is making a deal for the appropriate land and the red tape and time it takes to get these things done. When I think of the Fraser Valley I think of the area east of Maple Ridge/Surrey basically.
  15. CDNFootballer

    Ottawa CPL Club

    A court case for CSA not sanctioning the Fury for USL would likely take a long time and is likely something the CSA has decided is not the course of action to take so on the surface there may be stated support for Fury at this time to remain in USL but under the surface there's probably a negative opinion and disappointment.