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  1. Rea impressed me as well. So did the right back, but can't remember his name.
  2. And Boakai stays on the bench as Inter win 1-2.
  3. Inter up 0-1 on VPS in the Finnish League. Boakai still on the bench.
  4. Hope I'm wrong but I think Ferreira is done. He lasted 30 minutes on the pitch after a year away, then destroyed the knee again and is out another year. Again, I hope I am wrong, he would be a great addition.
  5. Ivan

    TFC 2019 Season

    Watching him live what you really notice is how hard he works out there. The man ran miles!
  6. That's funny. My opinion (and that's all it is) is hot air, but your opinion is pure fact. Talk about laughable and absurd.
  7. This is a chicken & egg response. The success of the MLS in Canada largely set up the what appears to be early success of the CPL and encouraged investors to support Canadian soccer.
  8. ......Akinola would be nice too. If only for more depth.
  9. Nah, not that one. He was in studio. I looked through the related videos and it wasn't there. Holding out hope for Tomori as well!
  10. Herdman did a interview with Wileman and Caldwell earlier this week on TSN after the team was announced.. The link is on here somewhere, but sorry, don't have time to look for it today. It is near the end of the interview. Maybe best to go to the TSN site and search it.
  11. Don't think so. Estaquio decision came out a few weeks ago. The interview was a few days ago. When Wileman and Caldwell pressed Herdman for who it was, Herdman said he couldn't say. If so, why would it be Estaquio? He is now public knowledge.
  12. In Herdman's interview on TSN (Gianluca posted it somewhere), he stated that he has secured another dual national that has played youth soccer for another major country. My gut says it is Gutierrez.
  13. Great info Chuckme92, thanks. Like most players of this day, duals will probably wait, until they have to absolutely decide, as to which the best option of which country to play for. I don't think that's right, but it is what it is. Just like it seems Akinola is doing right now. Luckily, there never seemed to be a decision point for David, who is looking like a great player for us. We have been on the right side of most of these decisions lately so hopefully the CMNT can continue to improve and those that were were born or raised here will stay and represent us.
  14. IMHO, James wasn't called because he hadn't played any games in a while. Edgar was called because Herdman likes his leadership qualities, don't think he'll see the field. I would have had no issue with either Straith or Hainault getting called ahead of Edgar. Both have been good soldiers for us.
  15. Elva starts today in Bundesliga 3.
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