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  1. I think both arguments are true. Better results, (ie Gold, maybe even silver) would have garnered more corporate and government support for the future of the program. The way things unfolded, however, garnered much more public support than a silver medal would have, maybe even a gold medal. The reason: canadians love any reason to hate americans (especially in sport) AND referees. While even the non-following hockey-crazed male couch potato was captivated by the semi loss to the americans, then bronze win, the same guy would have probably responded with a «good on ya», followed by «but its only soccer, women's soccer at that» if they would have won gold. I think the loss ensured longer-lasting public awareness than any gold medal would have.
  2. I've never attended a voyageurs event, only once attended a NT match (WNT - Moncton), but never sat in a supporter's section and yet, I am fully willing to pay a membership fee. It's a very easy way of doing something to help support our teams. I know that money payed to V's will go MUCH FURTHER than any registration fees paid to CSA. Jamie, you sound like a class act and I'm glad you're willing to take the leap to make this happen. Cheers!
  3. I have been following this league from afar and have been pleasantly surprised of its growth. Props to ya for getting things going. I see this as an equivalent of the NSSL Premier.I believe however that there is room for both provincial senior A amateur leagues and a regional maritime semi-pro league. While I think that the idea of a USSDA league made of the best teams and clubs from the 3 provinces, I'm not sure that it is the way to go. Based on team Atlantic ratios and provincial and club team performances and Atlantics and Nationals, I think it would be fair to say that there could be a maximum of 6 teams within the 3 provinces, 3 from NS, 2 from NB and 1 from PEI. (Even then, the talent pool becomes fairly diluted.) 6 teams with such distance between them makes for lots of travel and especially lots of money (for parents) to fork out OR too few games to keep costs down. Furthermore, we are not giving proper outlets for players of this caliber once they reach adulthood. They would go from fully professionalized environments playing in a Maritime league, back to senior amateur sides playing in provincial leagues...seems like a step down. On the other hand, I could see this coming to fruition from the top-down. That is make a professionalized Maritime senior league and the best clubs will want to join so that their players can grow to that level. Those clubs' youth sides could come together to make a Maritime league with the purpose of feeding the best possible players for their senior side. In my opinion, that would make more sense.
  4. Nssl has deal with eastlink and draws well over 1000 on the 4 regular season games covered and over 1500-2000 in playoffs. if every game is an event, than the crowds would be there. notice i said adults, not just tickets. while crowds cab run to 2000+, more than half are children under 12.
  5. Hey all, Here is what I think is possible for a new league in the Maritimes in its inception. Everything about it can grow once the market is established (increases in min salary, pro contracts and Canadian player requirements as of 2nd season) - 5 teams with 2 in Halifax region, 1 in Moncton area, 1 in St. John/Fredericton area and 1 in PEI. - 20 game season (5 against each team, 10 home & 10 away) + two-legged home-away playoffs, championship game at top seeded team stadium. (Min of 22 games, max of 25). - Schedule would run from May-August. - 20-25 players on roster, 16-18 players suited for every game (including all games away). (Travel is less than 5 hours to any game, no excuse for skimming on rosters) - Strict stadium/pitch requirements in terms of facilities (750-1500 seats, proper washrooms, lights, sound system, box office/ticket booth, etc) and availability. - Any player registered as an amateur must be billeted (even if said player is local) - This encourages community involvement and encourages professional treatment, despite the amateur status. - A team must have a minimum of 8 players with professional contracts and 15,000-20,000 in player salaries (min-max). - A minimum of 15 players must have a valid Canadian passport (5 of which must have professional contracts). - Teams' budgets could range between 40,000-50,000 depending on travel arrangements, contractual add-ons for pros (ie housing) and venue/matchday costs. - Minimum coaching requirement is National B certification for Head coach, Provincial B for assistant-coaches. The budget required to run a professionally run league (well, for exceeding anything in place at the moment) could be very reasonable considering a minimum of 11 home games (4000/game operating profit to break even - 350 adult fans if you include concessions - even fewer if liquor license is possible). Finding team sponsors for roughly 2000-5000 has been relatively common for amateur sides in the area, so should be reasonable to assume that each team would find a minimum of 5,000-7,000 in sponsorships & advertising rights at games and on jerseys. Partnerships with local employers/youth clubs could also allow players to keep part-time jobs that accommodate training and game travel. Perhaps an inter-league cup against League One and Premier ligue? Any thoughts? I have been thinking about this since the summer and thought of taking it on. The CSA seems to be pushing for these regional leagues and it might give clubs and provincial associations a bit of an incentive to be pro-active about marketing the league and signing up teams. I know that there are true pessimists out there (feel free to give me a rattling for this concept), but I want to hear from those who would like to provide real constructive feedback based on facts and experience. I've heard of every reason why this can't be done, but it has to.
  6. Wileman seems to think he could crack the Top 5 based on his performance at the combine.
  7. Of the things DeVos mentions are the standards to meet, I have to say that most of these are already done. The one exception has to be coaching levels. However, for example, for the last 3 years I have been registering for the Provincial B license (1 course given per year in Atlantic), with full intentions of moving on to National B ASAP, only to be told in all 3 years that there weren't enough coaches to warant the course being given... If the CSA wants coaches to be trained...train them. If only 16 coaches are willing to travel from 4 different provinces, then make it happen for those 16 coaches. I'm not sure if this is happening elsewhere in the country, but it is completely absurd. The other part of the problem is that Provincial Associations only require Pre-B certification, which is non-sense, therefore clubs aren't required to pay for more advanced coach training. I have always believed in getting my players opportunities at higher levels. They have received many CIS & NCAA scholarships after countless emails and phone calls, from myself, to college coaches around North america. However, a few years ago, the provincial association denied our travel permit to attend the Texas Shootout, one the largest college showcase tournaments. WHY? "Club teams are not responsible for getting opportunities for higher level soccer. The Prov Association will do this for its most elite players, those on the provincial teams." (paraphrased, but entirely accurate quote) The following year, the NTC Atlantic players attended the Texas Shootout...They say mimicry is the greatest form of flattery, right?
  8. Kocic and Johnson to Portland for Bendik and 3rd overall pick in 2013 draft. Link
  9. This is exactly what I was thinking. This has gone way off topic, into a discussion that belongs in WORLD SOCCER forum and NOT in CMNT forum.
  10. Might be worth mentionning that Ezurike (Michigan) whom I pointed to earlier in this topic scored 1 G (15th this season) and 2 A in the 2nd round to lead Michigan past Portland. Michigan followed the win with a loss to Penn St in the quarterfinals. (as you pointed out, Penn went on to the championship match) The match went into PK's, finishing 1-1 after 120 minutes. Ezurike played all 120 minutes and scored her PK. Penn St won 3-2 in penalties.
  11. I like this idea, as long as your only limiting number of clubs for elite level only (OYSL). I like the idea, for example, that Soccer NS has taken by making regional clubs only eligible to play in NSSL (OYSL equivalent in NS). However, I disagree with the pathway CSA is taking by discouraging or not allowing players to transfer between regions. I think the best players benefit from playing together. If the number of regions/clubs was reduced to say 4 or 5, rather than 7 or 8, then this might allow for every club to be strong enough and would make player transfer a mute point.
  12. +100000000000000 Man I would hate to be a senior coworker of some of the people on this site. A coworker: "This guy has put in countless hours and never missed a day - regardless of his personal situation. He was a work horse who should be commended for all of his efforts to make this company better" Me: "Thank you for attending my retirement party..." Interrupting loudmouth: "You have no heart! Remember that time the market crashed! You were one of our veterans and we lost a lot of money!" A coworker: "We lost a lot of money because the market crashed while we were all taking our afternoon nap. His work record is impeccable and he should be commended for it!" Interrupting loudmouth: "Nope. No heart. I will ruin your reputation." Just saying...People need to chill. If he decides to step down, even if you don't like him, don't be a douche. He is not the enemy. He is one of our most loyal and hard-working soldiers. Why would you make a distasteful effort to blemish his career? If we followed some your guys' mindset on this, not one of our current players can be remembered as loyal hard-working CMNT players when they retire, because they sucked in the Honduras game.
  13. Sorry. I missed that part of the post. Cheers to the development leagues idea. Agreed.
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