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    I am from Calgary, and write for a TFC blog. Yeah, I know.
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    Calgary, Alberta
  1. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get out of work that day, so I won't be there...ditto Tuesday, when I have other commitments. Send me a PM, and we'll make up a time next week!
  2. Hey folks, I'm currently working on a big project on Calgary's pro soccer history for Waking the Red (and potentially for other sources) -- and I'm looking to talk to any Vs who were supporters of the Storm or the Mustangs when they were around, and any current Vs who are active in the city to interview for this story. If you are available, and interested -- please let me know! (Also, I'm looking for a bloke by the name of Ed Swain...one of my interview subjects mentioned him, and said he was a V.)
  3. Is there a watch party at Fiddler's Court in Calgary for this game? If I can get out of work for this game, and there's a wifi connection so I can do a Waking the Red Live text comms, I may be there...
  4. John Leung


    I'm based in Calgary, but am big in Toronto as part of the RPB and Waking the Red (on SBNation), for those of you there, you may already know me as Twisted Chinaman. I'm a Mackem in the EPL, will die hard for Guangzhou in the Chinese league, and TFC for life in MLS (no matter how bad) -- but I'm all Calgary still. Also, I don't bite (much)!
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