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  1. I am guessing this is the format to allow friendlies to be played outside of CONCACAF during the "off window"
  2. the Cuba game at a smaller CPL venue would be super cool......Halifax to me would be awesome....a friendly would be ok too though....
  3. The only program in CONCACAF that has the luxury of calling games "training sessions" is Mexico....they are far and away superior to everyone in the region....the US is in transition so if they view Canada in that regard they will get a dose of reality quickly... Watched both the US friendlies this week and they looked dangerous at times but its clear they are still figuring out the system....Chile, especially exposed a few things in the US team, but that's to be expected as they are a more than competent team
  4. ahh I forgot about the WCQ seeding that is a valid point....if Canada can improve seeding and maybe avoid early round qualifying games that could give more chances for higher quality friendlies in those windows
  5. There's actually two....they are quite amusing...
  6. For me an intriguing subplot is what kind of team Canada calls for the Cuba fixtures...its not long after the Gold Cup, do you still call a full "A" squad or do you work in more North American players and then bring in the Europe based guys for the fixtures vs the US......
  7. I agree on the Toronto/Montreal options for the friendly and the Cuba home match....although a summer friendly in Winnipeg or Vancouver would be a good option IMO just to grow the base and piggyback off the CPL I think if the Canada-USA home-away is in October weather is still decent enough to play outside if needed...but I think BC Place would probably be the choice.... I cant see the US home game being in Seattle...not sure either team would want back to back games on turf.....since it'd be the middle of football season it'd almost certainly be in a MLS stadium and not one of the big stadiums
  8. I'm not sure there's a facility in Buffalo capable of hosting?? UB Stadium?? Man that place is a dump lol (and its turf)
  9. To me the biggest thing is playing a decent side to get geared up.....playing the US in DC would fit that bill for sure...I'm interested to see if the CSA can pony up and actually get a respectable side to come to Canada to play
  10. just saying if they aren't in the same GC group it'd be a good friendly....
  11. I dont think the US has announced a pre-Gold Cup friendly opponent....would love for Canada to be that opponent provided they aren't in the same GC Group
  12. My guess would be American into DFW then to McAllen....maybe there's another airline that would into Houston Intercontinental then McAllen.... You could also technically go into Brownsville if there's a better deal...Brownsville is about an hour and 15 min drive to Edinburg.... I guess Southwest out of Seattle is an option flying into Harlingen?? But probably not worth it unless you score a great deal....
  13. If anyone is going down for the group stage you can fly into McAllen (American connect in DFW) or Harlingen (Southwest Airlines out of Buffalo connecting in Houston) You'll need to rent a car but hotels are relatively cheap down in the Rio Grande Valley and food is super cheap...awesome Mexican food down there..also depending on where you are you are only 30 min to an hour from the beach on South Padre Island
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