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  1. andddd moments after i said that they just released a block of tickets near the back of one of the sections. Edit: all the sections now
  2. That is the current situation with mexico away section after typing in the code for mexico supporters. Still a decent number of seats but they have 6 sections it look likes. However, the back halves either sold out or not released yet since since there isnt any singles available there.
  3. In hope to the heavens its majority canadians who have bought so far
  4. I saw on a facebook post(not sure where this poster got info from) saying mexico away section has 200 tickets left. I wonder if thats true. Did the Whitecaps end up pushing this game onto season seat holders somehow or did that not happen?
  5. I am applying for tickets for the upcoming euros. The team specific ticket window just opened and I am trying to get tickets to italy games in group stage. You need to be italian national or living in italy to apply for these specific tickets which I am. After putting in your italian or whatever european countrys passport info you have two options. The follow your team option or single ticket option. The follow your team option only sells category 1(most expensive) and 3(2nd cheapest) tickets as options and u have to buy all three group stage games with option of knock out games(conditional on teams placement naturally). The "single ticket option" allows you to apply in all 4 price ranges for each game individually. I want to watch every Italy game in group stage and possibly more while being in the italy fan section but am afraid the "single ticket options" which include the cheap level 4 price ticket might place me somewhere else away from italy fans since the cheap tickets wasnt an original option with "follow your team section". Anyone have any experience with this? Does it really matter which option I chose? Afterall I did have to out my italian passport info to get into this portal in the first place so maybe all the people applying for ticks in this round will be placed in same corner of stadium. who knows. I wanna add a picture but i forgot how to add a pic without a url
  6. Man 60 percent of lower bowl sold out already. There is gonna be a lot of mexicans. I truly hope those are mostly canadan fans buying all those
  7. Scary stuff. I also remember when TFC were looking at him.
  8. Nice to see him getting two starts in which they won both games.
  9. Ya im assuming a lot of seats are still blocked off but it looks like ticket sales are great. Upper level will definitely be open is my guess
  10. I feel like I like every one of Jamie's posts. This has to stop lol
  11. lol second class citizens? you must be a real party pooper. I hope you find a place in the stadium that fits your needs.
  12. Rendezvous is great other than it not being really unique but I like it.
  13. I like CSA social but without the CSA part lol as to remove any connection to the association. Has a nice ring to it though
  14. especially will all the roster space due to the new teams popping up.
  15. lol. This sort of reminds of me the "I've been here since day 1" TFC fans in the south end. It blows me away that the Voyageurs can continue to grow, in numbers, and become an increasingly bigger part of the Canadian soccer landscape and the hearts of Canadian soccer fans yet a tiny % of people will look for a way to tear them down over non-issues. I am sure many people have been going to Canada games from the "80's" who have been praying for a dedicated supporters section that we have finally managed to create, mostly in thanks to dedicated people like socceronly who lose money all in the name of creating a positive home experience. These section only truly work when the vast majority of the members inside the supports section have like mined ideas. If the percentage of these people are significantly reduced or fans of the opposing team then naturally the intended positive effect of the group will whither away. If you are buying tickets in the section which encourages everyone to sing and jump, great. If you need to rest for a bit because you have a condition or tired, great you can do so. But if you plan on sitting the whole time in a section that prides itself on involvement and participation it might be the wrong section for you. On top of that, if you miss any of the game because you are sitting, you have no right to complain. 1 person might seem like nothing, but when the number becomes a couple hundred just because people want dirt cheap tickets, or to be in "that section" it dilutes the goal we are trying to achieve(it has happened before). Due to your small number of posts, I will also assume you don't understand 1 tenth of the problems that the leaders of this movement have to face in general or on game day to provide a positive pro canadian environment(I am not claiming I do). As a fan following from the "80's" you know very well that many "home games" have been anything but home games and the voyageurs have finally established a consistent home field advantage in recent years. Every part of your post is either taking someones words out of context or going to an unnecessary extreme. You will not find tickets anywhere in Canada for professional sports for 20 dollars a ticket. It is dirt cheap so if this isnt for you but still want to be part of the singing just buy a seat one section over. People who are financially struggling and don't want to join this group can sit in other sections for dirt cheap as well. Disgust for 99% of canadian soccer fans? We looooove canadian soccer fans. If there is anyone who loves canadian soccer fans it is the leaders of this group. They are just advised to sit in a section that would be ideal for their game day experience, weather its joining us or sitting somewhere else. Who said this was the only path to support the national team? Allez les rouges
  16. Excellent idea. Id gladly do it and just having that option there will be enough for some people to feel generous.
  17. bahahahahahaha tell him he can buy tickets at shoeless joes for pregame
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