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  1. I tried calling that number earlier and It was redirected to a voicemail that was full, I will try again tonight though hopefully I can get through, thanks again
  2. I find it a bit odd that it seems like the voyageurs have essentially "given up" selling the tickets online a week before the game, typically as the date gets closer people begin to get more urgent about buying tickets, in my case Ive had to wait until now to finally get some confirmations so I can go ahead and make my purchase so I had to wait until now, this needs to be organised better in the future I think
  3. yes but is there no way I can reserve a set, I would hate to bring a group of 5 down and we cant get tickets by some odd chance, not a risk im in the mood take, is there a contact or anyone I can even speak to?
  4. Ive sent a few emails trying to get some info on how I can purchase 2 sets of 4-5 tickets for the games vs usa and honduras but have yet to receive a response, as gameday is approaching I would like to wrap this up today if possible, I see that you must pick up at maro which is fine but I would like to purchase these in advance, can anyone provide me with a bit of info on how would be able to do this or a link to direct contact etc? any help would go a long way thanks in advance
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