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  1. Bertuzzi44

    Ballou Tabla

    I don't really think they are related. If OZ was still in charge, Ballou may still have committed to Canada, who knows. Remember it was under OZ that Davies had his coming out party at the Gold Cup, which garnered him a tonne of attention and may have been the first "domino". OZ also brought back Cavallini, etc. This decision does obviously look good on Herdman, but honestly I'm still suspicious/wary of his appointment. Results will help that, but if I could I'd go back to OZ. (I'm probably in the minority here lol)
  2. Bertuzzi44

    Ballou Tabla

  3. Bertuzzi44

    Ballou Tabla

  4. Bertuzzi44

    Atiba Hutchinson

    Besiktas winning streak incoming
  5. Bertuzzi44

    Milan Borjan

    You mis-read his post
  6. Let's not get too over-confident, remember Canada hasn't accomplished sh!t all in nearly 20 years lol
  7. So... Canada fail to qualify for the U20 WORLD CUP for a decade, and then when it finally seems like there is the talent to make some real noise, the players are too good to call up? F#%k that. Call up everyone. Dominate. And most of all, for the love of god, QUALIFY!!!
  8. Awesome he seems committed, but someone please get him a Canadian dictionary
  9. Fingers crossed they Canada call him up. If they do, I doubt he rejects.
  10. Bertuzzi44

    Lucas Cavallini

    His last goal for Puebla - that 90+min game winner I think - was the same way. He went all in to get that shot off, keeper or defender be dammed lol
  11. Fernandes me one, shame on Daniel, Begovic me twice, shame on Canada...
  12. Come on @Jith12, Thomas is right and you totally misconstrued his statement. He didn't say they had to be soccer players.
  13. Bertuzzi44

    US Virgin Islands-Canada match thread (R)

    Terrible could be kind:
  14. Bertuzzi44

    US Virgin Islands-Canada match thread (R)

    I've seen those called penalties. Would have given Borjan something to do at least
  15. Bertuzzi44

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Despite the sharply divided political views expressed here, I'd say it is a testament to the Voyageurs and the shared passion for Canadian soccer we have that this thread appears to be getting back on track. Almost unheard of in the realm of the internets. Hopefully we can have a match vs Honduras soon, so we can remember who the real enemy is