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  1. It's been released. I think a link was posted in this thread.
  2. Not sure this is the match the 'put your foot down' versus Bayern Munich on...
  3. That was a stronger FG team, which included Privat and Baal, who are not going to be in Vancouver.
  4. He could have picked up a knock, but even if not, If it helps him solidify a spot at Bayern I am not too worried. We are playing French Guiana at home after all, and should get a result. Again, when you play so few games and stuff like this happens (injuries, club situations), you will literally never get to see some players. Playing more (any) friendlies would give more chances to get the team together, and mitigate when a player can't make it for whatever reason. Bolded b/c I feel strongly about this sh!t.
  5. Bottom line is I bet Davies was chomping at the bit to get into that game. Throwing the dice on a young, skilled, highly motivated offensive player in a desperate situation for the team might not have been the worst thing for Bayern.
  6. I mean, you need goals desperately may as well through on the wildcard Davies. Young, skilled, and Liverpool probably haven't seen much of him. Would have been a gamble, but still smarter than putting Sanches in when you need offence!
  7. Unless it's a Canada match I don't usually go out of my way to watch soccer, and so having the games on cable was easy/accessible for me, and was how I would usually catch EPL/CL/MLS games. Sucks that content seems to be moving. Also, I may be dating myself here, but I used to watch this show RELIGIOUSLY! ---->
  8. Killie had 2 very legit penalty shouts as well.
  9. Playing some friendlies in between official matches would have helped
  10. I'd feel a lot better if Herdman was actively pushing the CSA for more games/camps. I mean, what kind of NT coach isn't interested in playing games or at least getting the squad together during international windows? Especially with so many changes/new options for the National team with regards to the player pool? Just comes across as a CSA hack, getting OZ fired despite positive results and actually playing games.
  11. If Canada gets bounced in the group stage of the Gold Cup, does Herdman get canned? Especially with such a strong squad and raised expectations, maybe there is a chance? I mean, I would. But I'm suspicious of him and also I liked OZ. I want Canada to do well obviously, just curious. A group stage exit would be a massive failure in my opinion. OZ would be laughing his ass off somewhere...
  12. I actually love the fact he's doing this as a CAM. I think that is a position which could be utilized in several different formations for Canada, as as a way to get our best XI on the field. Canada doesn't really have a CAM; Arfield can but I'm not sure he has the offensive acumen David does. And I think Oso, Esqui, Hutch, etc are more central midfielders.
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