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  1. At 25 both James and Henry should be coming into their primes as CBs, no?
  2. I'm considering Pasadena, Denver, or Houston...
  3. Eustaquio comes with a more pedigree than Kaye, as he came up through the Portuguese leagues as opposed to USL, as well as a big transfer, but I'm not so sure he's better. He very well could be, but I have to see him play. Kaye has impressed me every time he's played. I remember when OZ included him in the Men's team early and people (including me) were like who the hell is this guy? But OZ was definitely on to something as Kaye has just kept progressing, and is now an everyday starter on a good MLS side. I think the Atiba comparisons are valid. His football IQ seems very high, and he keeps on progressing. He's versitile like Atiba as well. Will be interesting to see if he tries Europe out in the future. He should just fulfill his Atiba legacy and go to FCK or PSV
  4. Can you blame Vancouver fans for wanting something to cheer for? 😄
  5. They also play way more often and against better competition
  6. A young Tiebert was actually much more creative and bold offensively, but I think that was coached out of him. He used to love doing 1-2s all the time.
  7. Posted my thoughts in the wrong thread, so:
  8. Cavallini was MOTM for me. What a beast. David a close runner-up. Such a smart, versatile player. HM to Hoilett who was our most dangerous player in the 1st half (other than Borjan 😶). He faded in the 2nd though. Not sure why Teibert was subbed on. The guy has seen little to no action this season. He also lives in Vancouver... why not give a run out to a kid like Millar or even Tabla. Both have higher upside that Teibert and came from halfway across the world. That said, Teibert was fine and again showed he is a very capable sub. Backline is scary = truth. Atiba jumping in with the supporters at the end of the game was amazing. Much respect for him. Honestly, he's not the Atiba of old, but god damn would I love for him to retire from the National team on the heels of a Gold Cup victory! Finally, great job by the Vs! And the stadium looked fairly full all things considered. Good job Vancity 😉 ps- we need more games
  9. Nice ovation when they introduced him! I was also there
  10. It's been released. I think a link was posted in this thread.
  11. Not sure this is the match the 'put your foot down' versus Bayern Munich on...
  12. That was a stronger FG team, which included Privat and Baal, who are not going to be in Vancouver.
  13. He could have picked up a knock, but even if not, If it helps him solidify a spot at Bayern I am not too worried. We are playing French Guiana at home after all, and should get a result. Again, when you play so few games and stuff like this happens (injuries, club situations), you will literally never get to see some players. Playing more (any) friendlies would give more chances to get the team together, and mitigate when a player can't make it for whatever reason. Bolded b/c I feel strongly about this sh!t.
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