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  1. Bertuzzi44

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Also it seems the defending was a bit better than MLS. He was fairly tightly marked, and defenders supported each other in several instances where Davies took it forward.
  2. Bertuzzi44

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    How often did he play on the right in Vancouver? This was his debut, and on a side he didn't usually play (IIRC). I can see why he made the safe play usually. Although it seems like as the game went on he got more adventurous!
  3. Bertuzzi44

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    One thing Davies could definitely improve (and I think he is, slowly) is his weak foot ability. If they had him on the right side and he was crossing with his weaker foot I'd expect the balls to be less accurate and with less pace. Hopefully he improves this, because I'm sure Bayern dream of Davies cutting in with speed and unleashing shots with his strong left foot.
  4. Bertuzzi44

    Ballou Tabla

    If he's technically strong, likes to dribble in tight spaces - but not often at speed - and is good with both feet, maybe he'd be better suited as a withdrawn forward/CAM?
  5. Bertuzzi44

    Manjrekar James

    He's been decent to good on the international level
  6. Bertuzzi44

    Scott Kennedy

    Have we confirmed Herdman is interested in participating in the Gold Cup?
  7. Bertuzzi44

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Great video, very smart of Bayern to pump the tires from a PR perspective. Also great that it has English captions - again, smart move!
  8. Bertuzzi44

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    ...and because of this, the transfer fee was not that big, correct? Does anyone know what Barca ended up paying for Tabla? Davies on the other hand became a star in MLS and ended up commanding a decently large transfer fee. I feel like the larger the fee, the bigger the investment a player's new team has in him, and motivation for him to succeed.
  9. Bertuzzi44

    Marcus Godinho

    Aird > Godihno for me until I see otherwise. I try not to put too much stock in the level a player is playing at (within reason). We've seen players like Di Chiara get minutes at high levels and not pan out. We also see guys like Gerba who never really played at a high level, but was an excellent player, or even Piette, who iirc was playing in the Spanish 3rd tier and stepped up nicely in MLS and the National Team. Heck I even remember people not putting much stock in Cavallini because he was playing in that "backwater" Uruguayan league, but he's now a star in LigaMX.
  10. Bertuzzi44

    Marcus Godinho

    That's putting it nicely! I'd say the consensus is he was the worst player on the pitch for Hearts, and is very suspect defensively.
  11. Bertuzzi44

    Canadians abroad: December 21-27, 2018

    I still remember Aird's MOTM performance against Scotland for us not long ago. Premier league players on the pitch. Frankly, I think Aird could play in the SPL no problem. It seems he is playing in a league below his level. Definitely scratched my head when he couldn't get an SPL contract after that performance and a decent run in MLS.
  12. Bertuzzi44

    Liam Millar

    Take the Junior Hoilett path! B2!
  13. Bertuzzi44

    Octavio Zambrano

    I am speculating, but my guess is OZ was pushing behind the scenes for more games/camps, etc. More action. He gets canned after a very promising start and the CSA hire someone already on the payroll, and without an actual search. Inaction ensues.
  14. Bertuzzi44

    Octavio Zambrano

    I also liked Zambrano's desire to play games, and get the squad together. Herdman has shown no such drive. He isn't pushing for more games, if anything he's fine with no games. To me that smacks of complacency, like he knows his job with the CSA is safe and "no games necessary" is the party line.
  15. Bertuzzi44

    Octavio Zambrano

    Yeah but it was sure nice to be in the quarter finals after 3 straight group stage exits right! And OZ was only just over a year on the job.