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  1. Fourthed. I've followed almost all of the matches on OZ while reading or playing video games. Hopefully after the trial period ends, costs on OZ aren't too much. If it's something reasonable like $20 for a flat fee for Nations League, I'd gladly pay that every year.
  2. I don't know about donuts, but the bakery, actually just a few doors up from the town hall I posted a picture of, has amazing cookies. When downtown Goderich was smashed by a tornado in 2011, I remember that one of the reporters from Winnipeg was a Goderich native and mentioned he had been all across Canada and Goderich still had the best cookies. He preferred the lemon cookies, I'm a chocolate chip man myself.
  3. Oh man, I remember those ads. The dark days of being forced to follow our National Team on an internet stream of a radio station from the Caribbean. People can shit on paid services like Oz and DAZN, but we actually get to watch games. Still haven't heard anything about costs related to Oz after the trial period ends in December.
  4. First real upset of the competition. St. Vincent & Grenadines just beat French Guiana in French Guiana. Additionally, SVG's final two games are vs. Turks and Caicos and Bonaire. There is a very good chance they end up on 9 points and qualify for the Gold Cup and perhaps even League A.
  5. I'm originally from Goderich, that's not town hall, that's the county courthouse. I think the courthouse and/or the entire downtown Square has historical designation which would make building anything like a stadium difficult. I've attached a photo of the actual towh hall. Which, like much of the downtown area, has a historical designation.
  6. One of the posts on Twitter seemed to indication one of his suggestions was replacing the courthouse in the center of town with a stadium.
  7. Yeah, the old jail. Spelled Gaol though. It's actually the site of the last public execution in Canada.
  8. I completely forgot about that. We cap tied him before Sierra Leone could, and he's never played for us since. Fortunately for him, our depth at Centreback is so thin that he still has a small chance of being called again unless Tomori and Ferreira decide to play for Canada.
  9. I don't know what it is, but I just get the feeling that Guadeloupe is going to hold Curacao on Matchday 3. I feel the Dominican Republic will hold Cuba as well. For me, I think the surprise team is going to be Belize. I think they are going to beat both Puerto Rico (who don't look good at all) on Matchday 3 and Guyana on Matchday 4 and take 12 points. I think Canada, Haiti, Jamaica, and Belize all end up on 12 points. Curacao, Dominican Republic and Martinique end up at 10, with Curacao and Dominican Republic going into League A on goal differential.
  10. Dominica isn't much better than USVI. Frankly, unless Dominica parks the bus, I would expect a similar scoreline to the one vs. USVI. I was at that last Dominica game and I seem to recall a 4-5-1 with Marcus Haber as the lone frontman. I would hope our attacking is improved.
  11. We're supposed to be getting QR codes in the e-mail for game tickets, right? Is the same happening for those of us that have already ordered tickets for the Gold Cup game?
  12. Any idea when we should be receiving our tickets in the mail? Or do we just pick them up at Shoeless Joe's before the game?
  13. I ordered a ticket, booked a hotel room and bought a train ticket before first making sure the game was in Toronto. I almost f'd up expensively. All is well though. This will be my second game. First was the Jamaica game in September.
  14. I was there last night, just out of frame of that pic, and the cap had a tattoo on his right arm that included the Greek flag.
  15. That was indeed last night. It seems every game I sit in the supporters section I get engulfed in red smoke. It's actually kind of awesome. Made my throat sore though, so my chanting and dancing died down afterwards.
  16. I was wondering this as well. I don't want to make hotel reservations or buy my train ticket until I got the game ticket. The date is quickly approaching.
  17. I'm sorry, but as a TFC fan the chance to go into Montreal and potentially win a trophy and hoist it on their very own field (like in 2009) is just about the most awesome thing in the world.
  18. Someone want to PM me the password for pre-sale? I'd prefer to get my arrangements made as soon as possible since I'll be coming in from out of town.
  19. So July 7th they go on sale? I'll be buying two tickets. My younger brother is in the Army and he'll be home that weekend and since his birthday is September 16th I'll be taking him to the Peru game as a birthday present.
  20. Because it can in no way effect the outcome of the tournament.
  21. Anyone know when these tickets are supposed to go on sale?
  22. Good god that would've been a pretty goal.
  23. Apparently all three trialists were sent home before TFC left for San Jose. Rumour is they were all Eastern European, one striker, one winger and one midfielder. Speculation is that Bojan Stepanovic was one of them.
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