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  1. The somewhat disappointing numbers in Toronto I feel are proof enough that the crossover between TFC and Canada fans is rather limited.
  2. Probably perfect size for the Cuba game though.
  3. I think our group is one where the host city is irrelevant. Not really a large Cuban ex-pat community in Canada, and Cuban-Americans, much like all Americans, won't have any more trouble travelling to Vancouver or Edmonton than they would travelling to Toronto.
  4. I agree, Group D looks like the closest thing to a Group of Death, IMHO.
  5. I was reading elsewhere that part of the confusion was based around the fact that the player in question wore #2 in one game and #5 in the other.
  6. French Guiana's goal was scored by Kevin Rimane, the PSG guy on loan in Croatia. 11' - Hoilett 26' - Rimane 39' - Cavallini 41' - David 50' - Cavallini
  7. Wasn't Bailey unlikely to play unless his brother was given a pity spot on the team anyways?
  8. Grenada scores on a howler by Puerto Rico's keeper. If Grenada wins, Guadeloupe falls to League C. We could end up with Guadeloupe and Guatemala in League C. That seems absolutely unfair to the rest of League C.
  9. I've seen many games so far played at this stadium in Anguilla because of the Nations League, and I am always shocked just how poor the condition is. When we hosted two WCQ games vs. Belize (I think it was 2004) at Richardson Stadium in Kingston I thought that the condition of the field then was unworthy, but compared to this field in Anguilla, Richardson is Wembley.
  10. Hey, I hope Montserrat qualify, I'm just pessimistic since Jamaica's loss last night makes it very unlikely for Montserrat to qualify.
  11. Theoretically each subsequent generation could continue filling in the paperwork for Monserrat citizenship and keep that eligibility train rolling along.
  12. How would Hirving Lozano playing for Mexico help them?
  13. ...and now Darron Mattocks with a Red Card for getting his cleats up on a challenge. Everything going wrong for Jamaica in the second half.
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