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  1. I was wondering about the 'closer to Greece' part until I noticed you are in Barcelona. That being said, I don't think this is a 419 scam as it doesn't seem to be asking for you to give bank account numbers. It is still fishy though, why would an official of the Nigerian Football Association have a Yahoo e-mail address. Also, in such a situation, the Nigerian FA would probably contact the Spanish FA to help with such logistics.
  2. I play an on-line soccer sim called Hattrick, and on the forums a lot of the Italian users are fuming alleging collusion between Denmark and Sweden. Some of them were getting really nasty (especially to the users from Denmark and Sweden) and many, many suspension are imminent. A lot of them are claiming that Sorensen intentionally pushed the ball in front of the Swedish guy who scored the second goal. The fact that Denmark had many, many opportunities to go up 3-1, and that they truly looked despondant after the second Sweden goal seems to be inconsequential to the Italians. Some are even angry that after Sweden's second goal that both teams seemed to stop playing. When others bring up the Mexico-Italy game from the WC, they claim it is 'different'. It is all quite funny. What they don't seem to grasp is that Denmark didn't intentionally let Sweden tie them, think about it, why on earth would Denmark let Sweden tie them thereby leaving themselves in 2nd in their group and having to play the Czechs in the Quarters.
  3. I was just reading that Liquid Crystal is better, so I may go that route.
  4. The only thing I find really insane about those predictions is that you have Canada only giving up 2 goals in this group. If Canada has it's full team together we are more than able to beat any of these three teams (even Costa Rica), but I think they all have the quality to score more than 2 goals against Canada in the 6 games.
  5. I think if our Midfielders can force Guatemala's attackers towards the wings and allow Stalteri and Jazic to deal with them it would be a lot better than trusting de Vos and whomever else Yallop plays in CD to have to defend them. I'm not as worried about de Vos as I am about Watson and McKenna.
  6. I'll be going if I have the extra money, but I'm saving to go to Germany for the World Cup. I could be getting up to $50,000 from an insurance company for a car accident, if I get it before September I'll be going to Costa Rica, and every Canadian qualifier in this World Cup cycle thereafter. I might just use the $50,000 for going to Germany and use my saved-up money to go out and buy that 50" Plama screen TV I've been coveting.
  7. Wow!!! Angola is now the unofficial World Champion http://www.ufwc.co.uk/
  8. Groups 1 & 2 will be competitive, while in group 3 Mexico and Trinidad were given a free pass to the qualification finals. There needs to be some tweaking of the system.
  9. That group is going to be the equivilant of a shoot-around for Mexico and Trinidad. Obviously congrats go out to both St-Kitts & Nevis and St-Vincent & Grenadines for qualifying, but something sure did go screwy. The groups should be more balanced. As earlier mentioned the strikers of some of the teams in our group will/may give our Central Defenders fits, but I think the same is true the other way too. With the possible exception of Landon Donovan, Radzinski may be the best striker in CONCACAF, so as long as our midfielder can win the ball and make clean passes going Forward we should be okay. Those doubting Canada's ability to beat the teams in our group because of FIFA rankings, keep this in mind: FIFA has the USA ranked higher than both Italy and England. While the US is really good, there is no way they are better than either Italy or England.
  10. Turks and Caicos played their 'home' qualifier in the US. Somewhere called Hialeah.
  11. Try http://www.fieldturf.com
  12. Frankly, thus far in the tournament I'm rather surprised and impressed by the Swedes.
  13. If you go to the Post Office, I believe there is a way to send it so that the reciever pays all the costs.
  14. ...there are only so many billionaires in Canada. Since most of The National Team games are on Sportsnet, maybe pressure Ted Rogers a bit.
  15. I actually think it may have been beneficial to Hume to get that 2nd yellow. Now his Yellow Card for bitching to the ref won't be carried over. Watching the game tonight, he really seemed like a hothead.
  16. That 'rule' still applies. But the professional leagues in Europe just ignore it because they can. FIFA has no power over Club Football, and UEFA isn't actually going to punish Serie A. Think about it, if the Italian teams didn't play in the Champions League and the UEFA Cup, UEFA's television partners would sue to recover most of their money. It would be the same if they took action against the top leagues in France, Germany, Spain or England.
  17. The Netherlands Antilles have also been unofficial World Champions before too. http://www.ufwc.co.uk/
  18. I think Stalteri plays left back at Werder Bremen.
  19. Panama probably put it on cruise control after awhile. There are on 164,000 in St Lucia and their national sport is cricket, so I don't think their level of talent in soccer is very high.
  20. I wouldn't be too concerned with Refs from the US, Mexico, Trinidad, or Jamaica. But after that you have to assume they have first-hand knowledge of extreme crowd violence and as such are more likely to cave to crowd intimidation. Personally I think Jack Warner should ask FIFA for money to hire and train full-time professional refs for CONCACAF. Also volunteer our refs and linesmen for International friendlies to get them more International experience.
  21. Hello everyone, this is my first post as I just joined the Forum today. Despite wanting to make the trip to Kingston (I live a bit north of London) I just had ankle surgery a couple of weeks ago and things aren't going as well as they should've, hence my inability to make it. I watched the game on Sportsnet and these were my impressions of the game: -Radzinski probably should've had at least 5 goals, and McKenna a hattrick. But they can be forgiven because it was quite obvious the field was in terrible condition and the weather really wasn't helpful eiter. Heavy rain in the 1st half, rain and wind in the second. -I hope this was the last time they play a game at Richardson stadium. People need to ask some of the Universities in Canada to put grass down at their stadiums. I myself wish they had grass down at TD Watershouse in London. -Iain Hume looked more like an attacking Midfielder than a winger. Yallop can get away with that against Belize, but both Cuba and Costa Rica are a big step up and our boys won't have it as easy. -As long as the weather co-operates, I honestly believe Canada will score at will on Wednesday and 10 goals or more aren't out of the question. -Belize owe the modest scoreline to their keeper. Shane Orio looked pretty good despite allowing 4 goals. -de Rosario is a striker, not a winger. The sooner Frank accepts that, the better for everyone. -Deion Flowers of Belize has some anger management issues. -Mark Watson isn't the answer in CD alongside de Vos -Radzinski was rushing his shots and that is why he only scored the one goal, if he calms down he should easily get a hattrick on Wednesday -Onstad looked a little shaky in goal. I for one hope he was just playing down to the opposition. -At times it looked like de Guzman could take on Belize's entire Midfield by himself and come out on top. -Canada spaced really well and their short passes in the offensive end were crisp and on target, even higher levelled teams will have problems defending Canada if we can keep that up. -Atiba Hutchinson should at least get a run out on Wednesday. See if his play from the U-20 last year translates to the senior team. -The 4-4-2 needs to be modified. Canada was basically playing a 3-1-6 the entire game. Stalteri should be moved into a defensive/holding Midfield role. -People that get Sportsnet on TV also get Fox. Sportsnet shouldn't pre-empt National Team games for NASCAR. My views on CONCACAF in general -Costa Rica has slipped since 2002, I don't see them qualifying for Germany. -Most of the World Cup qualifying games so far have been really close, Jamaica and Guatemala don't look very strong this time around. Trindad & Tobago will probably be Canada's main competition for the 3rd WC berth. -I agree with what Craig Forrest said near the end of the broadcast, if the Central American countries want to schedule their games at midday to gain an advantage in Canada. We should play some qualifiers in November somewhere like Edmonton so we can claim a similar advantage. That is all, for now.
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