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  1. RS

    CPL General

    You're not wrong, but then CPL could be headed down the same path if they are doing what @Keegan posits and simply allowing players who have been cap-tied for other nations count as domestics because "it’s just probably not worth it making first year 26 year old pros waste international slots in a new league." I'll phrase it a different way. What's more likely? - All Canadian citizens and PR holders are required by law to be counted as domestics by the CPL, lest they risk all sorts of legal challenges? - The CPL, which has repeatedly and publicly stated that one of its main goals is to help the national team, just decided to be nice to SKN-capped Justin Springer by allowing him to take a domestic roster spot on York 9, thus denying a potential Canada-eligible player from a job in the process? If it's the second option, then CPL is making the same mistake as MLS, but in Year One instead of Year Twenty-Four.
  2. RS

    CPL Stadium Thread

    Oh so we're not doing PM's? Cool. I haven't misrepresented anything. I used the quote button to ensure that I was speaking directly to him, and on the previous page I even spelled that out for you, but you had already decided the context of my words despite the posts showing actual evidence to the contrary. But sure. Go ahead and claim Mission Accomplished, George W. Bush style. You do you.
  3. RS

    CPL Stadium Thread

    Only one of us has called into question the other's ability to read, called the other embarrassing, felt the "need" to "lecture" the other, and has now added the word "bully" to the mix, and it ain't me. Now I"m going to heed @Ansem's advice and invite you to continue this via PM. Or continue to bore everyone else on the board with this, your choice.
  4. RS

    CPL General

    Because CPL has an explicit limit on how many internationals it allows, and by counting Canadian citizens (or permanent residents, who have most of the same protections) as internationals they'd be limiting their ability to work in a Canadian league. I'm not a lawyer, but in my (limited) opinion that could open up a can of worms. So yes, they can set whatever rules they want to, but it would be wise not to set rules that could bring about legal challenges off the bat.
  5. RS

    CPL Stadium Thread

    I'm done for now. Not sure why Keegan felt like jumping on me in two separate threads today. Maybe his Valentine's Day didn't go as planned.
  6. RS

    CPL General

    So they are just counting Springer (and eventually Amoebi) as domestic out of the kindness of their hearts? That's real nice of them.
  7. RS

    CPL Stadium Thread

    How about you stop feeling like you have to lecture me or anyone and follow along with the entire conversation intsead? Here, I'll recap it for you since one of us seems to have a problem with reading comprehension: Macksam: "Was just watching a video of FC Midtjylland and was surprised that venue only holds 11,800 people. The noise level trumps anything I have seen in MLS minus a packed Saputo maybe." 1996: "Nice stadium and these are the type of stadiums the CPL needs" (Then proceeds to call Macksam out for shitting on MLS in a long rant.) Macksam: "I do nothing but speak truth and if that sounds like I’m shitting on MLS, that’s just where the chips fall. I am no MLS hater." Me: "So it's the truth that Stade Saputo is the loudest venue in MLS? I'd love to dissect the data you've collected." (Look at the wording I used. It directly references his claim that he has "seen" the noise level, as in decibels, and sarcastically suggests that we go over the numbers). Macksam: (A bunch of backtracking and a personal attack) Me: (I respond in kind) So you see, I read things just fine. Hope this helps.
  8. RS

    CPL General

    Probably on the basis that Springer is being counted as domestic, as will Amoebi when he gets his PR status. I get that people here love to argue with BBTB on everything (I've gotten into it with him myself), but in this case the evidence is on his side, and mounting.
  9. RS

    CPL Stadium Thread

    Thanks for the advice. Maybe you can work on no longer making grandiose statements, confidently passing them off as fact, then getting salty when (mildly) challenged on it. Also...
  10. Not only that — He already posted the attendance for those same 3 matches further up the page.
  11. RS

    CPL Stadium Thread

    So it's the truth that Stade Saputo is the loudest venue in MLS? I'd love to dissect the data you've collected.
  12. RS

    CPL General

    He was responding to @Ansem , who said this: There's no doubt that Canada deserves it due to our strong performance thus far. The above was in regards to Canada getting a second spot in the competition, either in the CCL proper or (more likely) the Concacaf League. The strong performances by Canada in CCL thus far have come from the MLS clubs (and once via Montreal's MLS precursor), so @matty is arguing that the MLS teams have a legitimate claim to challenge for any additional spots Canada receives because they were the ones who performed well enough to justify them. It's not an invalid argument, IMO. The CSA has designated the MLS teams as D1 clubs, equal to CanPL. I'm of the opinion that all D1 teams should be treated equally.
  13. RS

    CPL General

    You do realize that the CSA organizes the Canadian Championship, yes?
  14. RS

    Marcel De Jong

    It wouldn't be a loan. De Jong's out of contract.
  15. RS

    CPL TV Contract

    It actually is, because that's the only game that's scheduled right now. I expanded the argument to include the rest of the season for those two teams, as there is no real conflict elsewhere in the league with an established MLS club (Pacific being the closest, but it's not really that close in comparison). I also said I was fine with the opening game being scheduled as it is, so I actually agreed with most of the rest of your post.