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  1. It was his first professional game at right back.
  2. That's certainly a fair assessment. My point was that AJH wasn't simply allowing himself to stagnate as @Shakmur suggested. He was playing quite regularly in MLS at the same time that MAK was establishing himself in the USL at Louisville. Not everyone is going to be able to take the same path to success. MAK's done a great job getting where he is, but I don't see how it takes away from anyone else.
  3. Look at these dickheads with their flags out during the game.
  4. Thankfully I don't measure the entirety of world football fandom against the Kop. There are several ways to support. Liverpool is not the be-all and end-all. You said flags and banners should only be out pre-match, which may be fine for you, but having them out during the game has proven to work right here in Canada (with this very group). There's a middle ground between waving flags all game long and only using them before the match has started. I'm not surprised that the nuance is lost on you, though.
  5. Except MAK didn't leave Toronto on his own, he was deemed excess after being a middling LB on a USL contract for TFC 2. Meanwhile, AJH was on the IMFC first team and scoring goals in MLS. It wasn't until last year that he stagnated. Kudos to Kaye for forging a path elsewhere, but let's not compare apples to oranges.
  6. The nephew who hasn't even made the 18 the past two games? That would be a surprise.
  7. As a RB, Ciman's adventurousness wouldn't cost the team (and would likely be a positive attribute). I believe that's where he played for Belgium.
  8. This is a discussion forum. Simply asking legitimate questions about the challenges that will face the league doesn't mean that people want to see it fail.
  9. MLS doesn't exactly hide this info. https://www.mlssoccer.com/league/official-rules/mls-roster-rules-and-regulations
  10. RS

    CPL Jersey Outfitter

    Sure, and Juventus got their famous shirts from Notts County but no one thinks of the lower-league English team when they see black and white stripes on a soccer jersey.
  11. RS

    CPL TV Contract

    But that's not just for the US and Canada. That cost is spread out over several countries worldwide. Regardless, NFL and Champions League are bigger drivers for subscriptions than boxing/MMA in Canada, and I'd be willing to bet EPL will be as well. So Meltzer's numbers are missing a huge chunk of the subscriber base. EPL is just the latest in a growing line of big European soccer rights they've gobbled up. It doesn't really have too much to do with the NFL off-season "drought" but is another step toward being the main home of soccer in Canada.
  12. RS

    CPL TV Contract

    Do these reports actually have numbers for Canada or are you coming up with those on your own?
  13. RS

    CPL TV Contract

    Yes I know how much stock you've put into a couple of reports about boxing. There's absolutely zero chance a CPL platform will have more subscribers than one that has NFL, Champs Lg, EPL, Serie A, La Liga etc. One Soccer, if run properly, won't have high expectations for the short term IMO. Like the CPL itself, there is a ton of room to grow, but I hope they are realistic to begin with and expect growing pains.
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