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  1. 3-1 win in my mind! Now it could be that I hit my head, but I like the influx of younger talent, perhaps a younger and cocky swag is what we need. Playing with an edge or chip on the shoulder could be the missing answer to alot of questions surrounding this team.
  2. I might have to join ya, even though it might be tough to watch
  3. After watching this game, I have to ask if this is the best Canada has to put forth, I mean I think we could go to each major city in Canada pluck a great kid or guy from a team and honestly put together a better team than this!!!!!
  4. Toronto Viewing at Scallywags is confirmed for showing the game today! 11 St Clair Ave W, Toronto And The Duke of Gloucester at 649 Yonge St
  5. Im heading to Scallywags tonight to watch the Whitecaps vs Sounders game, I can find out if they carry sportsnet world.
  6. pretty good reads I must say!!! oh how I miss Being home in Vancouver
  7. Over or Under for attendance for this game, do they get more then the 8500 people that showed up for the men's national team game vs Costa Rica????? I'd say over
  8. Vancouver is missing Teibert so I assume that TFC players would be on leave as well
  9. It's nice to see all 3 Canadian teams in action on Wednesday night, I pretty much have my night planned out, Go Caps
  10. just a shocking result, but can we make an excuse as saying they haven't played together In a long time, I'm a bit worried by this results considering two teams in our group have been play WCQ this last month in Mexico and Panama. So with this teams I would see a lot more chemistry, especially with Mexico in the confederations cup awell. I just hope we can close the deal vs Panama this time around, not like that last Gold Cup against them......Still here's to a great tourney for canada
  11. these have to been thrown in the discussion
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