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  1. As others have said, 2nd in the group stage will give you a quarterfinal (most likely) with Costa Rica. Thanks for the perspective, Kent, on the rankings. I'm glad they may not affect anything for a few years, but it still bugs me that we're playing another match for no ranking points. It's disappointing that for the group stage at a major tournament, we're looking at a match with Cuba as probably our only point-earning opportunity. (I'm done with non-FIFA members.) ­čśé Going to see our QF match would be tempting, but knowing we're still on Mexico's side of the draw kind of dampens that a little bit. If I was going to go somewhere to watch us play 1 match, I'd much rather go wherever our home Nations League match is against the US.
  2. It will be interesting to see what they decide for the match order within the groups. While playing Costa Rica in Costa Rica or Jamaica in Jamaica would be really good WCQ preparation, there's a chance that our first match might not even be against the hosts. We might be the other match that day, making it a bit more neutral than hostile.
  3. Yes, soon we'll know what the powers that be have decided behind closed doors. Even though it may not be likely, I'm still hoping for Group C or D. I like staying on the US side of the elimination round draw. Honduras and Jamaica would be good competition for us, but I doubt they put 3 countries from the top 7/top 8 (depending on which rankings you look at) in the same group. A group with the US would be fun, but we'll see if they go that route since we're in the same Nations League group. If we're placed in Group B, we've taken points off Costa Rica at the last 2 Gold Cups (1-1 in 2017, 0-0 in 2015) so that might not be so bad. The only drawback there is that once the group stage is over, B2 plays A1 (Mexico presumably) in the quarterfinals, so that's not ideal. If you won Group B, you'd potentially prolong a matchup with Mexico until the semis. From a ranking perspective, I don't want to be in a group with Martinique. We took that hit recently against French Guiana in Nations League qualifying, as well as at the Gold Cup 2 years ago. Let someone else earn no ranking points against a non-FIFA member this time, preferably someone we're close to catching in the rankings.
  4. I wouldn't mind Group C for us actually. Good competition and it would keep us on the US side of the draw for the elimination rounds. Based on the Nations League draw, I'd assume we won't be put into a group here with the US, so if they don't give us C, we'll be on Mexico's side of the draw for the elimination rounds.
  5. So we know 2 of the Group C teams then, Honduras and Jamaica.
  6. Since we don't know which group winners will be placed into which semifinals, I wonder if what they've decided for the Gold Cup knockout stage will influence the CNL semifinals. In the GC, Mexico's group and Costa Rica's group are on the same side of the draw. If they didn't want to have a repeat of that for the CNL, and the desired final for the GC was what they also wanted to try and plan for here, they could have Mexico's group play the winner of the group Honduras is in, and have our group winner play the winner of Costa Rica's group in the semis.
  7. I was just about to post that, wondering if the GC groups get influenced by tonight's CNL draw. There's probably a good chance Panama doesn't get placed into Group A with Mexico now.
  8. Glad we avoided Mexico and Martinique. Nice to see 2 of Honduras' 4 group stage matches won't earn FIFA ranking points. ­čśâ Interesting to see that the groups almost ended up exactly the way the teams were seeded in each pot. Our group was a perfect match (the 2nd seed from each pot ended up together), Costa Rica's group was a perfect match (3rd seed in each pot ended up together), 2 of the top seeds from their pots ended up together (Mexico, Panama), and 2 of the bottom seeds from their pots ended up together (Honduras, T&T).
  9. The worst combo for me is Mexico and Martinique. You'd be lucky not to lose both against Mexico and even if you won both against Martinique, you'd still end up with no ranking points as Martinique isn't a FIFA member. If we avoid Mexico, I don't mind any of the other 3 choices. I wouldn't mind seeing how we fare against the US. If we want experience with an away game in Central America before it really matters in WCQ, Honduras or CR fit the bill. If we want to close the FIFA ranking gap faster between us and Panama/Honduras, I'm hoping one of them gets Martinique so that they play 2 pointless matches with a non-FIFA member. We've taken that no-point hit twice in the last few years (French Guiana 2017 Gold Cup, French Guiana a couple days ago), so let someone else who we're close to catching in the rankings have a turn with that. ­čśâ
  10. I wouldn't mind at all if Honduras or Panama had to play Martinique in their CNL group stage. Since we have both of them in our sights as we move up the FIFA rankings, let one of them (or both of them if they're in the same group) play 2 matches with a non-FIFA member that don't earn you any ranking points. Would help us close the gap even faster. ­čśâ
  11. I'm not sure how they will allocate who is A, B, and C in each group, but if it's pot 1 teams taking the A position in each group, pot 2 teams taking the B position, and pot 3 taking the C position, that seems like it would be least desirable considering we're a pot 2 team.
  12. It's a home and away with each team in your group. Nicaragua has scored, so if they hold on for the last 20+ minutes, they're in the GC.
  13. Definitely agree with both of you on being in a group with the US. I'd prefer not to get Mexico or Honduras, but I really don't want Martinique. After not getting any FIFA points against FG in the 2017 GC or tonight's qualifier, boy would it ever suck to have that happen again. I'll be ticked if 2 of our 4 group stage matches don't count for ranking points. Anyone but Martinique from pot 3 please.
  14. Assuming Nicaragua doesn't pull off something incredible, I think these will be the pots for Wednesday's League A draw. November 2018 CONCACAF ranking in brackets: Pot 1 - Mexico (1), USA (2), Costa Rica (3), Honduras (4)Pot 2 - Panama (5), Canada (7), Haiti (10), Trinidad and Tobago (11)Pot 3 - Martinique (12), Cuba (13), Cura├žao (15), Bermuda (23)
  15. Unless Nicaragua wins by 7, the 6 countries qualifying for League A will be: Haiti Canada Martinique Cura├žao Bermuda Cuba
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