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  1. TIL greek men wore skirts in the early 1900s. Edit: Also, congrats and good luck Ilias
  2. 3 caps and 3 goals. I sure hope more than a couple hundred Canadians have heard of him.
  3. Maybe that's why the Fury made such a concerted effort to slight CPLs budget. An apparent gulf in salaries could be used as an argument for exceptional circumstances
  4. This makes the decision to not join CPL in the first place that much more baffling. I just don’t get it
  5. I watch Vancouver, and I’d like to see more of him. I know many worry about players developing in MLS, but I’m selfish and want to watch our players play. Also, I think he’d make a perfect replacement for Davies, and he’d get a real chance to up his stock in Vancouver. I think it would be good for the player, the club, and the fans.
  6. I'd bring him to Vancouver on loan.
  7. It would be great to have Montgomery in Victoria, but I imagine he’ll try his luck in MLS
  8. Aird25

    CPL General

    Surely he’s trolling the board and doesn’t actually believe what he’s saying. He’s incredibly committed, but completely unreasonable. I wish everyone would stop engaging him
  9. Uli Hoeneß: "Alphonso Davies, who we signed for 11 million Dollars and who will be playing from January, looks great in training" [Kicker]
  10. Godinho and Arfield lining up against each other in a match that could see the winner go top of the Scottish Premiership. Godinho sets up the goal to see Hearts go up 1-0
  11. At one point this was proposed. There are estimates for seating numbers for each stand.
  12. Going forward I’m guessing he’ll be played in whatever position he ends up playing with Bayern. It would be bold of Herdman to do otherwise
  13. Aird is having himself a brilliant season btw. Albeit, as a midfielder, in the Scottish Championship.
  14. Everyone seemed surprised by the number of international attendees. I was hoping the coaches might have let more slip behind the scenes.
  15. https://www.cheknews.ca/players-from-near-and-far-take-a-kick-at-pro-soccer-at-canadian-premier-league-open-trials-506105/
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