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  1. I have also been told that some of the U15 OPDL teams that have versed their U15 Regional teams during training sessions, and actual scrimmages, have either tied or lost to their Clubs Regional Team. Also many boys that were in OPDL have left for their Regional squads.
  2. Considering the price to participate in Ontario Soccer has gone up, what option or path should a young player take. I don't think there is a major difference as there once was. They all attend some type of tournaments, they all crown a champion, they all put many hours training and fitness, and they all have games that may take a couple of hours to get too. I think it depends on the coach and not the League they play in. What at do you think?
  3. mmd

    Your Favourite Cdn MLS Jersey

    Of the three MLS teams what is your order of favourites 1. Vancouver, 2 Montreal, 3 Toronto
  4. Rumour has it that a couple of teams have folded, both on the girls side as well as the boys, reasons unknown. I will take a guess that cost was a factor. Second guess would be parents are not buying into what the OSA is trying to sell. On the other hand, TFC Academy has rejoined. Does TFC being involved legitamize the OPDL? And will this open up the door for Private Academies?
  5. I don't know what SAAC charges. I did go on a couple of the OPDL team sites. There doesn't seem to be any consistency with club fees. They are as low as $2700 and as high as $4400, why the big difference I am not aware of.
  6. Of course I do. Just letting you know what the OSA tells parents. They want the best in the OPDL which many can not afford, and have the clubs pay enormous fees to be in their Provincial League. Yet they take players from all over, which is what we want. How do you explain this to a parent who have spent a lot of money that was told their child will ONLY BE SCOUTED IN THE OPDL? That is a legitimate question that the OSA will have to explain to these parents, do you not think so?
  7. The OSA has stated that no players will be selected in the Provincial a tryouts unless they are on an OPDL. Looks like that is all a lie. From the OPDL TWITTER....Nona verita made a comment that was interesting and putting out the question to the OSA....9 NON OPDL Players were selected, should they not be kicked off? What are your thoughts. Are rules rules, or does the OSA change them when it suits them?
  8. mmd

    Canadian Premier League

    This is how you will increase the awareness and the growth of a Canadian League, by allowing lower Division teams, L1O & the Quebec D3 teams and hopefully other Provincial Teams a chance to beat the MLS/NASL. You will create Dreams, Rivalries, and NATURAL growth and creation of a Canadian League, coast to coast.
  9. mmd


    It's the OSA, that would make too much sense!!
  10. mmd


    I have been reading many OPDL forums and what was suppose to be the solution to our constant fragmented youth system , has itself become fragmented. Aside from the cost, which we all know is a cash grab for the OSA, it has moved away from a development league in the U14 age group to a competitive league which is playing your best players to win which is not allowing all players to use what they learn during a week of practise in a game situation. How is this any different then the out going , Yet affordable OYSL. Unfortunately the OSA looks to have dropped the ball once again. Many parents have posted comments under the........ OPDLRESULTS FORUM on the web. Very interesting to see that many will be pulling their kids out after the season and putting them into Regional Leagues OR Academies. When will soccer in this country run smoothly and have a clear and unified path as we do with hockey. How difficult is it to mimic a system that has won us countless Hockey Championships at ALL levels!!!
  11. mmd


    Four new teams enter the OPDL. Oakville(makes sense) SC Toronto(finally a non York Region Team), Athletic? and a Mississauga team(about time). The catch is they can only enter a U13 team. The U14 teams already involved will stay at 16 Clubs as they move to U15 and this applies to the U13's moving to U14. The problem with this is that MANY parents from the existing clubs are not satisfied with OPDL and what it promised. It's becoming financially out of reach meaning the rich will play, and the product will only get worse. There have been rumors that a few of the Clubs want out after the year season is complete. Cubs are struggling to sell the product to the parents and justify the cost. So its great that a few more Clubs have entered the League to give more opportunity, but it's an opportunity for the rich kids to brag that they are OPDL....no different then when a parent is willing to pay $5000-$9000 for their child to ride the bench on a AA or AAA Hockey team so they can tell their friends they are on that team. Rather then play for a Rep team and actually develop and play against real talent, and have FUN!
  12. mmd


    I believe that the OYSL was the was to go....and a cheaper root. The OSA could have tweeked it, make all current OYSL team coaches and those being promoted to OYSL have a minimum of their Pre-B. And stipulate that players are not allowed to join another club for a period of 2 years to allow development. Only those that are cut from the team or move too far from their current club are allowed to tryout for another club. Any thoughts or any ideas. And as lpf75 meantion, where are the Peel Region teams. Some of the best players in the province come from that area. There is no way that York Region have the best players, and deserve the current 8 teams. They definetly have a higher population with money that can afford to play, but their not the best.
  13. mmd


    Looked at the OPDL site. If NewMarket enters the League, they will be the 9th team from York Region from the current 16 team league. Does it Make sense for York Region Teams to be in this league. Should so many from one District be allowed. Hamilton United is an OPDL team made up of 3 Clubs in Co-operation with each other to have the best represent. Why can't York Region do the same, and designate 2 or 4 Clubs to represent York Region and the other clubs supply their best players for tryouts.
  14. mmd


    Anyone hear what people had to say about the 2014 year. 2015 has already completed 4 games. Are people who's kids were involved last year still in? Are there more Clubs Interested? Are current Clubs done after this year due to the cost and difficulty in recruiting players due to cost? All I know is NewMarket is looking at Joining for the 2016. TFC Academy pulled out their program after only its first year. Was Jason DeVos correct in saying that the best won't be involved due to the cost. Another Writer, and I can't remember which sports writer it was, said the OPDL will be for the rich not the Best. Can someone confirm if that is true or not. The OPDL is to eventually take over once OYSL is phased out. That leaves the kids/families that can't join or won't joing only District or Regional Leagues. I think these 2 Leagues will be where the Talent will be, and if Provincial, College and Universities want real talent, that's where they will go.
  15. If Kingston left CSL, maybe others will follow (Niagara SC or London)?