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  1. man i should of went to that game instead. ugh congrats to fc london
  2. the bowling and the capo shirt i'd totally do heck even the ringer i think.
  3. shows how much i've been paying attention. i was too distracted with the TFC Academy schedule to car of London City. hopefully i'll have my support local football banner done in time. pretty rough week ahead of me at work so we'll see.
  4. can you get seasons yet? i'll be picking mine up i know that ryan was really trying to bust his ass to make it work, but you can only work with so much. lots of money to lose on the CSL when you don't know what you're doing or care to change.
  5. Yeoman here. same Yeoman on the rpb boards. how i did not notice this forum until now, weird. but yeah TFC is my team Derby County, Arsenal, and Bayern Munich are the other teams that I watch from Europe. uhhhhhh...........not sure what else to put here other than fire mo?
  6. jo; doesn't appear that the RPB's will have many. three or four by the sounds of it. just contact the chicago fo about getting tickets in the away section
  7. i'll be brining red thunder that the red patch boys have. anywhere you boys would like it? or just keep it in 112 where my ticket is?
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