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  1. It was just over 3,800, but in regards to humans actually present it was a better crowd then ones we had that were over 4,300. At least it felt that way.
  2. When do our tickets get mailed? I am getting rather impatient waiting for mine.
  3. I will there. Half the ESG are V's, so that adds a few professional drunks.
  4. I disagree about the Voyageurs Cup. The smaller clubs would get huge crowds (for them).
  5. We should probably leave the Pint at 4:30. I hate cutting my time too close to the start of a sporting event. I like watching the warm ups while having a stadium crack beer.
  6. Hey, I am going to need at least two for now, and we can meet anywhere before the game.
  7. So what happened to these players? If the goal is to develop players, then somehow letting this team finish the year for the players before divorcing would be a good thing no? I want this league to succeed. I like watching the games that I can online, and I do like the level of play. Hopefully this can be Canada wide with this kind of model for each region that chooses to be a league. It also makes me wonder what is happening with the CSL. Will teams from that league ever leave?
  8. I am all fired up for this. How about section N for the supporters section?
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