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    Life long soccer fan. Very pssionate about the Canadian National side.
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    Yellowknife, Northwest Territories,Canada
  1. Up here in Yellowknife we would welcome with open arms. The visitors won't even get off the plane.....
  2. My 83 year old mother (who knows nothing of our sport) watched tuesday nights game with me. I said a few seconds before our first corner kick "If this is a short pass I'm freakin' losing it". A minute later she went to bed........... Sorry about that. Another new fan lost....
  3. I'm flying down from Yellowknife on Friday morning. Where are the pub goers having their pre-game pints at? Dusting off my '86 Canada World Cup scarf for this one.
  4. Earlier this month I was in London and saw two matches at the Boleyn Grounds where Doneil dressed for both matches but unfortunately didn't see any minutes. At the pub pre-match the West Ham locals were quite high on his future.
  5. I have it at 4 or 5 minutes of extra time. Cmon boys. Pot one at least....
  6. Will be in Florence late September and would like to go this game. Is anyone familiar with the stadium? Seating preferences? Where is the visitors section? I have no allegience to either team just want to have an enjoyable experience for my wife and I. Any suggestions would be grateful.
  7. A couple of outdoor fields but the indoor fields at the "Fieldhouse" are very good. Typical indoor soccer-size fields but at least you can play when it's -40C outside. Come to think of it, if we hosted a qualifier here in Yellowknife, the Hondurans probably wouldn't even get off the plane......
  8. Thanks. Actually had a dozen or so at the pub that were getting right into the Canada-Honduras game. Were pretty disappointed when I told them it would be a couple of months before the next one. And slowly momentum builds......
  9. Watched the game yesterday (in uniform) by myself at the Monkey Tree. Realized that perhaps there were a few others "North of 60" that may be followers, but we don't know each other. They show the games on the big screens and we can make it loud (all 3 of us?). Time to get behind the journey to Brazil. My 1986 Canada-World Cup Scarf needs some company. Cheers......hiccup!
  10. VICTORIA Finchster piltdownman FootieFool gwallace76 Paddy gardencity Ted VANCOUVER Masster RJB Johnnie Monster Blue and White Army Tractor Boy morbital Vancouversoccerman snake Krammerhead chantingcraig Footy pulsar Markus vancouverfan Lord Bob ST. JOHN'S Trident. Hottoddy7 Obinna KELOWNA team.bates KITCHENER-WATERLOO &CAMBRIDGE RAZCLE EDMONTON River City Carl_Valentine strobe_z Reza alberta white rico jedinathan STONY PLAIN foreverthursday CALGARY tarnado StrandOne closetboostie Crazy_Canuck Stuart MEDICINE HAT Med_Hat_FC REGINA mcaout Kcisoul TFCRegina SASKATOON Tuscan jojoflow (Regina born in Saskatoon for school) stevieeatworld WINNIPEG dsqpr Cheeta redhat Winnipeg Fury shaku_bert KINGSTON leafdolfan OTTAWA S├ębastien grizzlys brother Lennie (Mon-Thurs) gwsmith63 JamboAl clobban mserson ST CATHARINES Spungi NIAGARA FALLS Alex D TORONTO squizz I_AM_CANADIAN VPjr Rudi BrennanFan Duane Rollins theaub 442_lover Metro mulliganl Karam Luciana_melo yomurphy1 (Markham) killgod HAMILTON Dare431 hamiltonfan Tybalt Hard Canadian MONTREAL MTL_4_LIFE Grizzly Trident Jeremy mtl-supporter23 Veva MONCTON S├ębastien (summer time) SHERBROOKE Lennie QUEBEC CITY Olgier SAINT JOHN Jhazon WHITEHORSE Varsity Tyler ABBOTSFORD bettermirror Martyr LONDON devioustrevor (Hensall, Ont.) HALIFAX thescottc WINDSOR SAN JOSE, California/ MONTREAL(summer) montrealVs BRAMPTON Macksam CHATHAM-KENT zeelaw YELLOWKNIFE Ofuzz (only one from NWT so far)
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