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  1. I was told to order 2 sizes up from the staff and players.
  2. Agree with this post. I attended a Party that Wade was at (never met him before, we share a mutual friend). He seemed really enthusiastic about The team and the league. He was knowledgeable about the league and was proud of the fact that "we purchased L10". I share some of your concerns about attendance. A big crowd on opening day would be a huge step in winning people over. Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd!
  3. Maybe that's his plan. Great interview, Love him so far.
  4. One was a beauty Bicycle kick too!
  5. I agree to wait until We start playing better competition before praising Herdman, but when was the last time we didn't blow a game against minnows 5 times in a row? I think he has accomplished something, albeit not much. I was honestly expecting at least 1 nil - nil result. who remembers Mauritius twice?
  6. I didn't go through all the signings but pretty sure this is the first 1 year deal I've seen. Seems like everything has been multi year deals until now. He's probably expecting to go to a higher level next year.
  7. I would be shocked if they can pull this off on such short notice. I hope i'm wrong.
  8. Wow, this list just screams why we needed this league. Good luck to them all.
  9. And he gets the full 90 in Orlando's season opening 2-2 tie against NYCFC. Wow, Crazy 24 hours for the kid.
  10. Thanks, sounds like your "cycles" are short compared to here. We have 2 cycles, Indoor (winter) and Outdoor (summer). Might explain some of the cost differences. I pay about $700 per cycle.
  11. Wow, where do your kids play soccer for $100 per cycle? Even Tidbits in Winnipeg is more than double that. My 2 boys cost me about $3000 a year not including Travel and tournaments.
  12. johnyb

    CPL Season Schedule

    I haven't read anywhere about the final host, so i'll pitch an idea. Whoever wins the Fall season should host a one game final. This would still give the spring champions something to play for and reward the winner of the "longer" season.
  13. Had a hard time deciding between Field level or Higher up for a better view. In the end it was hard to pass up Front Row. Mine for life if I choose!
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