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  1. johnyb

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Oh man, He's wearing gloves! I just lost all respect for him. Lol
  2. It's not over yet. I think we get him...Damn, where is this optimism coming from?
  3. johnyb

    Ballou Tabla

    I was optimistic he was going to join us but am stunned it happened so soon. Great piece of news on a day where I needed it.
  4. johnyb

    Milan Borjan

    Forrest Dolan Borjan
  5. I haven't seen an update on Valour FC in a while but I think this puts Forge in the lead.
  6. johnyb

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    How would it work for foreigners playing in Canada? They wouldn't be covered by our healthcare system would they?
  7. johnyb

    CPL TV Contract

    The only way I see that working is if the Major markets have more than 1 team perhaps sharing stadia in some cases. Might explain the absence of city names in the teams.
  8. johnyb

    Canada Video Archive

    Good to know the gym membership is paying off. lol
  9. johnyb

    Brian Wright

    Look what Jonathon David did in under 90 mins!☺️....Yes, that was sarcasm.
  10. johnyb

    Canada Video Archive

    The app is Shazzam. Just tried it and it comes up as "Future" by Ryukyudisko Feat. Kotomi. It had an Asian symbol in the song name which might make finding it more difficult. BTW i'm 46.☺️
  11. johnyb

    Jonathan David

    Why mess with this! let him come on as a super sub and keep banging them in.
  12. johnyb

    Jonathan David

    Nice shout out on the tweet from Gent. My guess is " What a week for the Canadian!!!" I would agree
  13. Man, this kid is making the most of his PT!! Bodes well
  14. johnyb

    Doneil Henry

    Agree, but he broke his nose last night. Not sure how long that keeps him out.
  15. johnyb

    Calgary launch/2019 offseason thread

    Rob Gale never mentioned names but said there are a few Winnipegers playing in the PDL that will probably be in the CPL next year. Musse and Danto are the 2 that came to my mind. This discussion was before Farago left Ireland, I would add him to the list.