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  1. Ivanovski94

    Canada's Future Captain

    To be honest I agree with Lucas, culture and values are different there and for people like us(latin americans, more spicifically Uruguayans and Argentinians) that lifestyle and culture is very pleasing and more what we would like to indulge in.
  2. Ivanovski94

    General Discussion on CMNT

    as a VFB fan, Hannes Wolf(manager) isn't a fan of disrupting the first and second teams. As Elva wasnt added to the first team in pre season, I dont expect him to get any first team minutes(or bench) until the winter break then maybe he might get some bench appearances.
  3. Its a good thing I live a 5 minute walk from BMO.(when you plan your life to be close to the stadium....jk jk)
  4. Ivanovski94

    Lucas Cavallini

    TBH I dont really think Cavallini will make a jump to europe, he seems like those player who will make a career out of Mexican, argentinian, brazilian, colombian leagues etc
  5. Ivanovski94

    Canadians abroad: August 11-17, 2017

    Before Krasnodar's 3rd goal they had a shot go over the line and not called. Zvezda is lucky they only conceded 3 times could have been 4 or 5 easily. They are going home now so advantage is on their side.
  6. Ivanovski94

    Octavio Zambrano

    What is a female???
  7. Ivanovski94

    Octavio Zambrano

    You're a funny cunt, Love it.
  8. Ivanovski94

    Octavio Zambrano

    What type of bias did/do you have on Latino managers that seeing him act like a normal person makes you have hope for the man? Are you surprise the man goes down swinging? Do you not realize that most Latin Americans have the idea that in a game, battle, etc that even if you are losing you go down battling to the end, trying to win even if its impossible. Having a Latin American coach will teach this fighting spirit that eludes Canadian players.
  9. Ivanovski94

    CPL Stadium Thread

    Damn all these gorgeous stadiums from Spain has me embarrassed to share these 2 Stadion Rujevica (Rijeka's home) http://stadiumdb.com/stadiums/cro/stadion_rujevica_rijeka Stadionul Viitorul (Viitoral Constanta, uefa 3 star) http://fcviitorul.ro/despre-club
  10. Ivanovski94

    Canadians abroad: July 21-27, 2017

    Borjan is starting for Zvezda v Sparta Prague europa league 3rd round qualifying round
  11. Ivanovski94

    Canada vs Jamaica Match Thread

    If Im a dumbass then youre a worthless piece of shit, cunt. I like to be forcefull. Also lets leave this and forget about it.
  12. Ivanovski94

    Canada vs Jamaica Match Thread

    Really? I dont want to sound too forceful but how retarded are ya? Stopped many plays in the middle, tough in the tackles, good tracking back, did the job he was supposed to do. We lose one game and the majority of the people here want the heads of any players who they personally dont like. I personally dont like Larin but I still think he deserve another chance, given he shouldnt have started today. Atleast the Spaniards from Bein sport seems to like our performance, they talked about many of the talking points we have, ex. the CBs should have been a fast cb with a slow cb, that Cavallini added more connection to the team and game play than larin, Piette's holding play was solid, Manjrekar was brilliant after coming on.... some of you people need to relax when we lose, imagine if you guys were the manager, the amount of players you idiots would axe after one non-perfect game, Canada would be at the level of Timor-leste.
  13. Ivanovski94

    2017 Gold Cup Opponents

    Money, AFC has money(Oil money, china money etc) Concacaf has???? other than USA and Mexico. Fifa only care about the dollar bills ya'll.
  14. Ivanovski94

    Canadian S.C.

    Count me in
  15. Ivanovski94

    2017 Gold Cup Opponents

    Puto isn't homophobic. No spanish speaker will say its homophobic because its not. I support the mexican fans and while i think the puto chant is dumb because of fifa and the social justice overreaching I want to hear more of the puto chant, I hope the mexican fans wont bow down to stupidity and continue to shout it loud and proud.