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  1. Chelsea Man U and nothing? This is not good.............
  2. Name: ummm....Joe Age:ummm....40+ City: EDmonton Profession: Narcotics Entrepeneur Voyaguer since last week Fave Canadian Player: Geddy Lee Fave Player: guitar (Trey Spruance) soccer (Michael Essien) Guilty of: Nothing your honour Supported Clubs: Nottingham Forest, Charlton Athletic, Glasgow Rangers, Ross COunty, Zurich Grasshopper, Fiorentina, Barcelona (just because) Hated Clubs: Derby County, Leicester, Liverpool, Man United, Inter (as long as JoMO runs that show), Anderlecht, Celtic, LA Galaxy (as long as uberponce sorta plays for them)
  3. IF there is a team out there that deserves to be become a toy of a richo typa fella (or filla eh?) it is Forest. Like them or no (and I"m guessing you are a D or L fan) they have a certain folklorish quality to their history that your Birminghams and Charltons (whom I do have a soft spot for) just don't. Clough alone is as enigmatic and interesting as they come. His monthly 4-4-2 columns were great...he took shots at SAF constantly. I actually don't have a problem with commies. Especially chinese females. I ripped this nametag off a commie on another board I posted on, except he was a Southampton fan. Anyhoo thanks for the somewhat sporadic welcome. I hope to entertain and be entertained. Question- How much can you swear in here...what is the "line in the sand"? Thanking you in advance for your cooperation ForestCanada
  4. Agreed on T and T. As long as Jack Warner has not been shot, you just can't like 'em. With apologies to Dwight "you know exactly why I always smile" Yorke.
  5. Edmonton. The best soccer city in Canada. Period.
  6. Hi, I am new here. I like Nottingham Forest. I don't like Begovic, or the Scum, or Chelsea. Or Liverpool. Or Celtic. Or Leicester or Derby. Michael Essien is underrated. Someitmes I referee. Other than that, I"m a well rounded guy.
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