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  1. when you troll lord bob, because you can
  2. I acknowledge it for what it is...hilarious. PS: I cast my vote for the Pitchfork Party if we get an election in this undemocartic society.
  3. You realize it's always been run by Sportsnet in this country right? Or are you that uninformed?
  4. Again, just PM socceronly about it...also BigBird said he'd talk to them (his son is Julian Uccello).
  5. Socceronly is probably the best bet.
  6. TFCRegina


    I believe I know you McGuire. Welcome to the boards. - LL
  7. TFCRegina


    Welcome to the boards.
  8. There are no stolen Canadians. Just Non-Canadians.
  9. Yeah, in the past week it's taking 30 seconds to a minute to load. I thought it was just my provider crapping out.
  10. I had a lot of beer last night lol. 8(ish) team pitchers (66 fl oz each) between 6 people. My trivia team won a keg's worth of beer.
  11. Sorry I was drunk and got the names confused.
  12. They're having problems with it. We get it Trillium. Btw, what ever happened to your anti-Toronto V's group?
  13. Meh. Doesn't bother me. Makes it so I don't have to go and search out the articles.
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