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  1. so why call on having only 1 section 'returned' to the Voyageurs? Why not all 3?
  2. Sebastian Cabrera - Union Espanola (Chile)
  3. Emmett O'Connor has an Irish passport Believe Anthony Osorio is with TFC Acadmey now; saw him playing for them in November
  4. is it a 1 year membership needing renewal every year (sorry if i missed this somewhere)?
  5. How is this possible? When the Keven Aleman thing happened, it was because he wouldn't committ his future with the academy and sign with the academy. That is why he was dropped from Toronto FC Academy. Wouldn't this have meant that Carreiro and Petrasso would have been contract bound with TFC Academy?
  6. the one's that should be getting the biggest stick of all is concacaf...i thought there was a policy that all WCQ had to be broadcasted...UEFA, I know there is; seen Faroe Islands (home game) on TSN or sportsnet or setanta or goal or fox soccer or somewhere before
  7. i remember helping make that and then parading it in front of the americans and the camera crews...fun times! Things that ticked me off about this all. 1. Teal lied to Canadian fans after bringing their hopes up about wanting to play for Canada 2. If Alex is telling the truth, then Teal lied to the American media about it being his better option to play in the WC 3. Alex is apologizing for Teal, when his still toddler acting son should be apologizing for himself 4. Teal still has Canadian citizenship, which means he has the same rights to the health care that I receive and between me and him, i am the only patriotic one of the two Thing that will make the most happy. In 2018, when the US and Canada are at the World Cup and Teal is sitting on his couch watching it. Let the twitter bombardment from Canadian fans BEGIN!
  8. this isn't just for soccer, but all sport in canada when the aussie didn't win 1 gold in the 76 olympics in montreal, it was thought to be a national embarassment...this led to the development and creation of the Australian Institute of Sport...the simple answer is Canada needs to create one of their own in a centralized location
  9. wouldn't it be great if canada had already qualified for the next round by the end of the october games St. kitts and nevis would have to have only 1 win and a maximum of 2 draws and puerto rico and st. lucia would have to lose and/or draw one of their games outside of their (hopefully) 2 losses to Canada Stephen Hart could turn around and use the November date as an extra u23 camp and make the remainding 2 games "meaningless" and concentrate on building the team experience and combatability during the last 2 games the best kicker is those that are called up for this 'u23' camp and are played would then get cap tied for Canada...imagine Cordon, Morgan, Aleman etc...who have other opportunities if they got cap tied for a u23 camp in some meaningless world cup qualifying games! would be great!
  10. so does Robert admit that TFC were robbed of a perflectly legitimate goal and will actively take up the cause to get this fixed?
  11. i believe the US Open Cup MLS extra qualifier is seeded and in the 3rd round, no MLS team has to play another i believe in Spain, if you finish in the top 6, in the 4th round of the Spanish Cup you avoid having to play a la liga side or a segunda division side here's an idea Robert...if you really don't like it, why don't you just move to a country that suits your tastes
  12. I wonder how DiChiara likes play for a club where its fans are openly racist?
  13. well if i am early enough, coffee (double-double) to the person lets me sit beside them
  14. planning on going to the oakville/sauga pick up...if the bus is early, it won't be leaving until 8:30 correct? i plan on leaving lots of time, but traffic is a ***** sometimes btw...super stoked...should i bring my teal bunbury 2-stick (if anyone saw it at the TFC game?)
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