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  1. I know this is the least likely of things to happen but if the CSA were to sign someone of the same polish as Guus Hidink for example, wouldn't players like Hoilett and DeGuzman be easier to attract.
  2. #2 or sure, I have offered my services in a volunteer capacity as a professional in my field many times on this Board. I have yet to get some traction from the Voyageurs. Getting the word out on the west coast prior to the Women's World Cup should be the number 1 priority for the V's now. Its not enough just to fill the stadium with fans on Canadian match days, those fans have to be wearing Voyageurs and Canadian soccer SWAG and waving flags.
  3. deguzman hit the post and rickets missed the rebound. he missed four times today.
  4. April 18, 1993 Vancouver Canada v Honduras July 3, 1993 Edmonton, Canada v Australia June 5, 1994 Edmonton, Canada v Brasil May 22, 1995 Edmonton, Canada v Northern Ireland May 28, 1995 Edmonton, Canada v Chile August 30, 1996 Edmonton, Canada v Panama October 10, 1996 Edmonton, Canada v Cuba October 13, 1996 Edmonton, Canada v Cuba June 1, 1997 Edmonton, Canada v Costa Rica October 12, 1997 Edmonton, Canada v Mexico August 18, 2004 Vancouver, Canada v Guatemala September 4, 2004 Edmonton, Canada v Honduras October 13, 2004 Vancouver, Canada v Costa Rica July 2, 2005, Vancouver, Canada v Honduras October 15, 2008 Edmonton, Canada v Mexico I hope I got those dates right. I have yet to go out to Toronto to see the boys, but my mates and I are doing a road trip to the states if we (and the States of course) make the Hexagonal.
  5. WHy so specific? 3-0 Canada, end of line, dilinger.
  6. No matter what, playing at a higher level in colder weather than you are used too takes its toll physically. Not that our boys don't also play in warm weather most of the time, but the Cubans are def. not used to it and it will affect their game. At least i hope so.
  7. Not really accurate, but then again Im not entirely sure about Harts travels with the senior team. He did however travel with the olympic team so I figured he would have done the same with Dale Mitchell and the like when he was the Technical Director. Anyway its all moot.
  8. You still don't get it. What happened in Panama has nothing to do with your example in Peru. Quite frankly if all the Panamanians did was throw rocks and bags of pee I'd be fine with that and I'm sure the players would be fine too. Who's the one being naive? Have you ever tried to do anything on no sleep? Its not an excuse, its the reality of the situation. Finally, I'm from South America and know full well what happens down there during internationals and WC qualifiers. It still has no bearing on the recent situation with the CANMNT in Panama. I do agree that its Canada that should have better prepared for the fans and the disruption in Panama, but like I said before S. Hart ( who has been to these fixtures many times before) said that the situation was out of the norm, very organized, and very loud. I'm sorry Nolbertos but I will have to conceded to S. Harts experience in these matters as opposed to yours.
  9. Most sensible thing I've read on this thread so far, I've been saying this since JDG came to MLS. He's a CDM always has been always will be. Win the ball, turn quick and distribute. JDG can't be blamed for accepting all that cash. Geez! MoJo still haunts the TFC Faithful. Sad, truly sad.
  10. I say they all bring some sort of watering devices like long hoses with large spray patterns that they can shoot over the balconies and soak the people down below and short out their radios and car stereos systems. At least until they run out of water... HA! Maybe the nats can fill bags of piss and throw them at the peeps below in Honduras.... that would be epic!!
  11. Tino Lettieri Bob Lenarduzzi Bruce Wilson © Randy Ragan Terry Moore Ian Bridge Carl Valentine Gerry Gray Branko Segota Igor Vrablic Mike Sweeney Randy Samuel George Pakos Dale Mitchell Paul James Greg Ion David Norman Jamie Lowery Pasquale De Luca Colin Miller Sven Habermann Paul Dolan
  12. I think a whole host of different things like that could be tried and be quite effective. The point I was trying to make was that I was surprised that Hart was taken aback by the Panamanian supporters. I was under the impression that this was the norm going down to Central America, but Hart stressed that what had transpired in Panama was NOT the norm and really organized (very loud). I just don't buy that the LAds showed up to Panama had a great couple days of training and completely "**** the bed" on game day, not just one or two or even three players, but, everyone. That would tell me that there were other forces at play here and different circumstances, I think it would be naive of us as supporters to actually think that a bunch of professional players would trip all the way to Panama on one of the most important nights of this Canadian Soccer generation and lay an egg like that. But maybe I'm the one being naive
  13. You both obviously DID NOT read my post entirely. He said that he has never seen anything like it. So that would mean most of the guys haven't seen it either. And he stressed that it was not to be used as an excuse, so relax a bit and collect yourselves. Sheesh....
  14. Don't know if this has been mentioned yet so here goes, I just listened to the interview Hart gave to Reed and Iarusci on the Soccer Show Podcast and he said that they were on 2-3 hours sleep and all the players were complaining of heavy legs. Hart also said that the training sessions in Panama were fantastic and the players were very lively and sharp. Hart also stated that although he did not want to make any excuses (because its something they should have prepared for) the raucous behaviour of the Panama fans was unprecedented and something out of the norm and very organized. It would explain that awful performance, I was wondering if the lack of sleep had done anything to the lads. I think they definitely have to address this issue on the return leg to Honduras.
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