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  1. I was very happy to see this thread this morning, as I feel almost exactly the same as waytogoeh does. Allow me to elaborate: I truly fell in love with the game around 5 years ago. When I moved here to Spain just over 3 years ago I thought that there was no where to go but up. I got season tickets for Zaragoza, found this website, and watched as many games as I could. Perfect, right? 3 years later, and I'm pretty much finished with soccer. I still love playing it (preferably not with Spanish people.... sorry but it's true), but everything about the game has lost so much value for me, the cons completely outweight any love I previously had. I don't really need to go into too much detail(but I will) as waytogoeh really hits on all of the points, and I feel pretty much the same. I will however highlight a few personal experiences and perspectives. TECHNOLOGY: It's a joke really. The utter refusal to introduce it is laughable. "oh we can't do it because... blah blah" BS. Case in point, spanish soccer (all soccer really) is all about not the highlights of matches, technique, or great goals, but by the controversy. It's all anyone talks about. "That wasn't offside, not a goal, should have been a red, that ball went out of bounds, etc". You all wouldn't believe the amount of BS that pervades every aspect of the media here after a Clasico (Barca-Madrid). It's all about the BS. What calls were wrong. Not how was the game? THE MONEY: Another joke. What the hell is the definition of sport anyhow? Competition? Barca vs. Zaragoza is a competition? Seriously? That's fun? Interesting? I don't really even need to go into this. Leagues need some form of equality. Otherwise, it's boring, predictable, BS. Want boxing to be like soccer? Take the leading world heavyweight and put him up against, oh I don't know... Justin Bieber. Stupid comparison? Go check out Barcelona and Zaragoza's starting lineups. VIOLENCE: Again, waytogoeh really hits the nail here, but I'll again take a look from a spanish perspective. I went to just about every game for two seasons, and I've attended games at the Bernabeau, Andfield, and Hampden Park. Make no mistake, racism and fear rule in every european soccer stadium, but I'll keep it specific. Week after week, in every single spanish stadium, there is racism. Without exception. Sometimes it's worse than others, but it's ALWAYS there. I dare anyone to challenge me on that. Fans (and I mean a LOT of them, sometimes thousands and thousands/majority) scream MONO (monkey, or the N-Bomb in Spain, still widely used btw.) at any black player if he so much as farts. I remember wanting to knock out everyone in my general vicinity when almost the entire stadium screamed it at Marcelo after he tackled Eliseu in a Zaragoza-Madrid game. The icing on the cake... they're BOTH black. It goes so much deeper. I remember 4 teenagers (maybe 15 years old) having to be escorted out by the spanish "police" (term used loosely) after cheering for a goal by the visiting team. That's in Zaragoza, in a "family" part of the stadium, against Racing, not a rival or enemy team even. Women and old men being surrounded and screamed at if they support Madrid or Barcelona when they're in town, and we inevitably get scored on. Men taking their 7 year old sons to the stadium to give the finger to the visiting fans, and calling them names that would be blocked on this forum if it recognized spanish. You call that passion? Love? Respect? Integrity? Get a ****ing grip. SCANDAL: The game is covered in it. Google Declan Hill. Look at how many players in the top leagues don't get paid. Look at Fifa. Look at Jose Mourinho pooking a man in the eye from behind and getting a one match ban. Look at everything about the game in countries like Spain. It's pathetic. I watched Zaragoza survive relagation last year in the final game because Levante didn't even try. They didn't even try. Why would they, when they're been paid, and they're already safe. DIVING: This for me, this is just too much. I could have lived with most of the things in this rant because I loved the game. But the diving? And here in Spain, it's sooooo bad. It's pathetic. Call me ignorant, north american, biased. I don't give a ****. It's pathetic. And it's as an important part of this pathetic sport as free kicks, dribbling, or celebrating a goal. Nuff said. This part is hard to write, because I do truly love Spain (it man not sound like it, but I do), and I respect other cultures, but so much of the time (NO, not always), I absolutely hate playing soccer with spaniards (NO, not all of them). It's part of the culture here to bitch, complain, whine, and debate at serious lengths any time anything happens. In a beer league (I played for two years), in the park, at school, and you bet your ass in every single competitive match no matter what the age group is, they stop the game and start arguing. Spanish style (ie. all at once, using their arms to try achieve some sort of flight). We all did it when we were young. That debateable "goal" in your neighborhood street hockey game, that out of bounds ball when you're trying to beat your friend at tennis. We all still do it sometimes, but I doubt that many of you have truely seen the extent of which it is part of the fabric of this country. It's too much to bear. What's more, the racism in the kids games. I attended a game of my young brother in law when a french school was in town to play his team. We're talking 12 year old kids here. The french team was very multi-ethnic, and as soon as they started winning, the fathers of our boys were screaming racist things like you wouldn't believe. Swearing at them for being black, brown, muslim. I'm not exaggerating. These are well-to-do fathers of kids in an expensive private school mind you. This goes on at any hockey rink in Ontario? BS it does. Not like this. So that's about it. I don't think that we're perfect in Canada/America, that corruption, racism, inequality (see baseball), and problems exsist in every sport. They do. But not like this. The state of soccer is quite pathetic, but I really think that at least the MLS IS headed in the right direction. Salary caps (there are many different types and ways to implement them) create actual sports leagues. Yes, they come with their own problems, but again, it's way better than what passes for competition in Europe and South American soccer leagues. Implemented saftey in stadiums actually creates a fun day, somewhere I'd actually go with my wife and kids. Racism is inexcusable, and while it happens EVERYWHERE, at least in Canada we do something about it. Something more than putting the world "respect" near our logo. You can't take it lying down. If I have kids here, I sure as hell won't watch my son holding his face and faking/lying/cheating just to get an advantage. Where I come from, you get your ass kicked for that. In soccer, you get a free kick. I haven't really posted anything in months, but I wish all the best for all of you guys and I hope that Canada, the three Canadian teams, all do well. There's some great passion and love in this group, and most of the time, from what I see, some actual respect. I'll always support Canada in sports and when I'm home I usually check out a TFC game, but for the most part.... I'm done. I also accept that many of you will disagree with some of what I've said, but before you go crazy, look at my points, and ask yourself, do you really disagree? I'm not saying that any of you should stop loving the game like I have, but seriously, there's some nasty and pathetic stuff that comes along with it.
  2. Agree and agree, but you guys are missing my point. They all do it. It's disgusting and I'm sick of it. What's worse, I'm sick of all of it. The time wasting, the ***** slapping and eye poking, the complete BS leagues that have no completition or integrity. The BS security in stadiums and ultra groups that threaten women and kids. The racism and monkey chants at black players that happens every week here in Spain and all over europe. The propeganda that passes as the press all over this continent. I've seen it all and it makes me sick. This sport is a disgrace to pretty much everything that I like about sports, and it's not just Spain, it's everywhere. Well... the MLS has the right idea. I'm not too proud to admit that the quality is an issue with me, but one day I'll be tuning into the MLS and europe and south america can go F themselves.
  3. I don't find any of the spanish national team players too bad at diving aside from Busquets and Pedro. But as Avro has pointed out they all do it. All of them. Ultimately, we all love a sport where diving, faking, timewasting (the thread on that a few above this one), and purchasing victories with vastly superior budgets is the reality. At the end of the day, we're all enablers for not doing enough to try and change it. Living in Spain the last few years, I've had my love of the game all but vanish. I arrived with great expectations and initially I was in heaven, but it's all smoke and mirrors. The truth is that the game is absolutely ruined by this bull****. I still watch the odd game so yes, I'm being hypocritical, but if you really don't like diving, do something about it. Like stop watching it. That state of soccer makes me sick. When I hear guys go on about how it's a sport for women and pansies, I've all but lost the will to even argue with them.
  4. Some international publicity on one of our many problems: http://www.goal.com/en/news/1884/north-america/2010/12/08/2251133/north-america-special-the-ones-that-got-away-canadas-lost Unsurprisingly short on solutions.
  5. earlimus


    That's a valid point ^^, but again if you look at their bid the majority of their stadiums will be some crazy "temporary" lego situation, where they will either dissasemble the entire thing or just the upper bowls, then ship it out to countries that can use new ones. Who knows... maybe it won't work, but it's a great idea and it could be the first attempt at solving the "white elephant" issue. One another note, while I do feel the need to defend Russia and Qatar, I also have nothing but contempt for Fifa. The whole system and electoral process needs reworking. Fifa is corrupt. Bottom line. I'd be 100% behind all of the federations taking a step towards demanding change. Fifa does some great things, such as using the profits from World Cup's to fund all of the youth and women's tournaments (none of which are profitable to my knowledge), however they're rotten top to bottom, and the bidding process is a joke.
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    These are all good points, but I think you're missing the point. Fifa and Blatter (who are corrupt, self-serving A holes, no doubt about it) wanted the bring the world cup where it has never been before. Every single cup in Europe has gone to the west, and Russia had a great bid, and the tenacity to see it through. I've no doubt they'll put on a great show, and having seen just about every country in the west of Europe and a few in the east, it's somewhere I'd personally love to go. Qatar is small, but their bid was amazing and actually very logical. They'll have all of the infrastructure built long before the cup comes around, their stadiums will be green/powered by the sun, and then taken down and shipped to poor countries (ie. Africa). We'll be allowed to drink, suntan, and do whatever the hell we can do in any of the other places. And we'll be able to go between each stadium with relative ease. Who cares if it's a small nation? I'm sure the germans, english, spanish, french... and so on *****ed and complained when Sweden and Swizterland got their world cups, but so what? Fifa is making a point that you don't have to be a soccer superpower and a huge country in order to host the tournament. You guys can go on about our Gold Cup win, our top 10 victory, and our appearance in 86 when we couldn't muster a shot on net, but ultimately we're seen as tiny little soccer nation ourselves by the rest of the world, and in the big picture, we are. That doesn't diminish our passion or love for the game, nor our relevance. We'll never put the kind of funding that Qatar and Russia can and will (ableit for two different reasons) into their tournaments. It's not the way that we do things. And it's probably why in my opinion, we're a much better country in to live.
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    So in other words they are the Canada of the middle east??? There bid was excellent if you look at all of the facts, and while there may be other middle eastern countries that "could" be better choices, they didn't present bids. It's a global game, and the middle east deserves it's turn, as does eastern europe (russia). Plus, look above to see TFC07's post on how the ingredients are there for an amazing world cup.
  8. earlimus

    El Clasico

    I find it interesting that Mourinho came out to play this way. It was counter attacking soccer, but nowhere near the complete-defensive approach he used with Inter-Barca last year in the CL semis. Had he been too defensive and "ugly" and won the match, the madristas would still not have been completely happy. For proof, just look back to Pellegrini last year. A great coach, but in the wrong team. Even the mighty Mou might not make it out of the contradictory cauldron that is Real Madrid. Nothing less than complete perfection is good enough for Madrid, and even the great one isn't that. For my part, I'm fairly neautral, but watching Crissy, Mou, and Madrid suffer is ALWAYS a pleasure. Now he's been slapped with 2 game ban (should be 5) for manipulating their last CL game in the dirty way that he did. I'm loving it.
  9. earlimus

    El Clasico

    Don't know how many of you guys got to see Barca-Madrid live yesterday, but the 5-0 thrashing aside, it was an absolute powerhouse performance from Barca. Madrid looked hungry and had some moments where they showed that they could hurt Barca on the counter, but Barca absolutely dominated. The second half in particular was pure soccer magic. It's one thing to watch these teams beat up the rest of the league week after week (no disrespect to them, they don't really stand a chance), however against actual competition watching Barca pass an in-form Madrid off of the park is something else. If you want as close to an answer that you can have as to the Messi-Ronaldo debate, you need not look further. Messi was magic, Ronaldo a grumpy douche after not scoring in his impressive first 20 minutes.
  10. It stand corrected (and dissapointed). At least the name of said ^ stadium will be KC Soccer Stadium. The name has actually grown on me as well.
  11. While Sporting is usually associated with spanish or portuguese speaking clubs (Sporting Finigal of Ireland being an exception), it's easily less lame than Real Salt Lake. However, we're completely missing the point that the folks in Kansas actually paid more homage to the game here in North America than those of us in Toronto and Vancouver managed. That SC on the crest... that stands for Soccer Club baby. I believe they already have a football team in Kansas. The chiefs or something like that
  12. I was there ^^^. Our first win of the season for what is looking to be yet another relegation battle. My luck as a Torontonian I suppose, as they've had some really good sides in the past. De Guz had a really good game. Not a killer one, but he has no trouble fitting into La Liga and he's the heart of the attack for Mallorca. He's building a name for himself here in Spain now so we might all end up dissapointed yet again.
  13. That's a bit petty of you all isn't it??? Mind you, I did log on just to see if this thread existed as well. I suppose that only thing is to say is... move on fellas. I don't think his knees would be any better if he was playing for us anyhow, so there's not too much to gripe over. Those economy class flights over the atlantic for Peru friendlies would likely make his fragile condition that much worse
  14. I always use this site: http://www.atdhe.net/ although I'm not sure if it will work in Canada.
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