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  1. It's just a bone I like to pick, the fact that the country's capital hasn't hosted the men's team in almost 30 years. Not a dig at the Fury or OSEG (for once), but at the CSA. Also very off topic, sorry to those who care about posts staying on topic
  2. You should specify Canadian women or youth games, Ottawa hasn't hosted the men's team for a game since 1989.
  3. That's debatable.
  4. You're right, I mean, the fury leadership decided they didn't want to attract more fans anyway, they probably don't care if they lose more.
  5. The fury cannot afford to ban anyone from their games, they're already losing money despite being (or perhaps because they are) a farm team.
  6. You are right that they went through each team in alphabetical order, but...
  7. This may be true for you but is in no way representative of my experience as a fan in Ottawa. Might as well just change two letters in the team name to Ottawa Farm.
  8. So what you're saying is the teams are going to travel from city to city in VW Westfalias? 😛 Paul Beirne's dream come true!
  9. I fully acknowledge there are issues with having a second level that has regional divisions with respect to pro/rel, but I also admit I wouldn't want it to be the way you describe it - I mean, it would be entirely possible that the 5th best team in a league of 15 would get relegated because it's the lowest in its region. Sure, the odds might be slim, but it could happen, and the odds are less slim that the team might be, say, 10th. I can't imagine it would look great to have a team relegated while 3 teams below it are not. You are suggesting that CPL-1 would have an odd number of teams, so personally I don't see why it's not an option for a regional CPL-2 to have an odd number that fluctuates at times? Let's say CPL-1 has 15 teams, as you suggest. Whether it's 1, 2, or 3 teams being relegated, it's still workable. I mean, the German 3rd tier relegates three teams to four divisions, with the three teams automatically being demoted and the 4th tier promoting through a set of playoffs, so it's clearly doable. So let's say we have 15 at the top and, say, 12 teams in each CPL-2 region. The top in each region get promoted and the bottom 3 in CPL-1 get demoted, leading to, for instance, 11/13/12. So what? It might even be possible to adjust what league specific teams play in (for instance, it's probably not that different for Thunder Bay to be in a Western Canada division compared to an Ontario/Central division. Similarly, Ottawa or Gatineau could be in an Ontario/Central or Eastern Canada division) if needed to keep things at 12 (or whatever) teams in each.
  10. I hadn't even thought of that aspect of things, but I am 100% down. It's too bad that they couldn't replicate the number of 8 or 9 games in ~10 days side of the memorial cup! But more seriously, could take the last place team in CPL-1 and the top teams from each CPL-2 division, random draw to do "semi-finals" and then the winners play for the spot in CPL-1. (I should add that I'm well aware this is a little ways off and that other countries do this, I'm just used to it being farther down the pyramid than the 2nd tier, considering in England at least it's not until the 6th tier)
  11. Assuming CPL goes towards pro/rel at some point, I think we would ideally have a national top level and then a CHL-like three region second level, in order to reduce those travel costs but also enable the league to fill markets that might not otherwise get filled, like a Thunder Bay, Medicine Hat, or even a Corner Brook.
  12. I continue to disagree that this was a good business decision. Short term maybe, but long term? I can't see it. The Fury aren't going anywhere in USL - I've said it before, just look at the Fury's attendance. Even if they stopped giving away free tickets to youth teams, they still dropped average attendance by close to 1,000 people after 3 seasons with no growth year on year, including a year where they almost won the league they were in. So they stay in USL and see little to no improvement outside of whatever they *might* get from the league. Meanwhile there's the CPL. It is high risk, yes, but it also offers potential that the USL doesn't. Again, because no one cares about Birmingham (ah yes, the legendary rivalry we have with Alabama?), Charleston (where?), Loudoun (what?), Saint Louis (is that the same as St. Louis, where the Blues play? Why is Saint spelled out in one but not the other?), Bethlehem (I mean it's great that USL has a team in Palestine, but I'm not sure that makes sense geographically), Memphis 901 FC (I will admit that I'm really impressed that the USL includes a more than 1,000 year old Egyptian team), Swope Park (I'm sorry, what's a Swope?), and, of course, NYRB-II and Atlanta-II. When I look at the Fury schedule I see 0 games that rouse any interest in me. At the end of the day there were/are essentially 4 possibilities - Fury join or don't and the CPL thrives or fails. By not joining the Fury choose the low-risk, low-reward option of staying in the USL. But also by not joining they increase the odds that CPL fails, which in turn hurts the Fury's potential for long term success. Sure, they might have joined and then the CPL failed, and that would suck. On the other hand everything I've read and seen from the Fury suggests they're not exactly making money right now, so... I fail to see the business case for sticking with a money-losing venture that has little hope of improvement.
  13. There's a massive difference in the importance of international play in baseball, basketball, or regional play in hockey, versus the World Cup. How many people watch the gold medal game in Olympic basketball? How many people watch whatever the baseball tournament is (is there even one anymore?)? And how many people watch international soccer.
  14. So as others have pointed out, there's a bit of a difference when Swansea and Cardiff had around 70 years before the Welsh League came around, but I'd also like to add that there's also a difference in quality of leagues. Right now the Premier League is the most popular league in the world and one of the top 3 or 4 for quality (arguably #1, but there's obviously plenty of debate on that). To try and erode support from the Premier League would be nearly impossible for a country of just 3 million people. MLS is clearly not on the level of the Premier League, so to erode support from it would be significantly easier. Hell, it's entirely possible (though obviously unlikely) that CanPL could eventually be at the same level as MLS. I mean, there's a reason why many countries use pyramid league structures - the teams at the top are far above the middle, but the teams at the middle are all roughly the same. How much of a quality difference is there between, for instance, Ghana's top league and Australia's? Russia's and Uruguay's? etc. MLS teams can't beat Mexican ones, and Mexican teams are not as good as Brazilian or Argentinian teams, who in turn aren't as good as Spanish or British teams. So MLS is what, level 5 on a pyramid? If we can get to level 6, why wouldn't fans switch to the CanPL more?
  15. Another Ottawa resident hoisting the Wanderers flag, in part due to family who live down east. Though reading the other responses, it kind of feels like Halifax will be everyone's main or second team (at least at the start).
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