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  1. I'm with nolando, but think we should try and expand the brand to wet t-shirt contests.
  2. Isn't keeping the name part of the agreement we have with the CSA?
  3. I used to do so, but I'm feeling more and more the VCup is the trophy, and the NCC the competition. It would help if we agreed on an acronym for Vcup: VC?
  4. This. I'd rather pay an annual donation than a straight-up membership, as you don't need to focus on benefits and donations can be more-or-less. Some people might donate $5, others $20.
  5. Couple of comments: - Let's get some bigger pictures in there, make that front page pop! - Look to change the favicon, which is currently a green checkmark. As for French, do we have analytics from the current site/forum to see how many people from, say, QC, are visiting?
  6. Daniel

    Forum Change

    Do it, do it! Can't wait!
  7. Daniel


    Any way to have the site and forum on two different platforms so we can at least have CanSoc as the home page (canadian-soccer.com and thevoyageurs.com and linked to the forum with the Home link)? The current homepage is embarrassing.
  8. Let me demonstrate: [assuming a role to prove a point] What do you get when you put a baby in a box full of razorblades and kick it down the stairs? An erection [}] [/assuming a role to prove a point] Apologies if the example offended anyone.
  9. I'm just posting to see how many I have. It would have been nuts to have the N54 postcount added to these . Edit: Oooh, I have to try and do something memorable for my 7,000th message!
  10. Daniel

    test test

    work work
  11. I've passed on the Tweeting duties to Lord Bob.
  12. Pretty sure it was Winnipeg Fury (and me ).
  13. Name: Daniel Age: 25 City: Montreal Profession: Webmaster / Soon to be student again Voyageur Since: 2000 First match: T&T, Toronto, 2000 Last match: Honduras, Montreal, 2008 Other affiliations: UM02 Guilty of: Believing that every Canadian team we put out there actually has a chance (less and less, though). Reintroducing the pre-semi WCQ cucumber. Reading soccer boards way too often.
  14. Baseball strikes out again in Ottawa http://www.ottawacitizen.com/Baseball+strikes+again+Ottawa/1446393/story.html
  15. [:0] No matter, Prizhbram are still a bunch of wankers. Hope you guys cream 'em in the Cup!
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