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  1. On 2/2/2019 at 3:45 PM, MrsC said:

    I participated in a Valour fan photo shoot this afternoon and I wore my Voyageurs dinner jacket along with my Red River Rising scarf.  I thought I'd at least subtly rep the Voyageurs 😉 

    You are a trend setter as always:)

  2. Yet again. Maybe if people stayed on topic. Don’t ban for being negative. Just remove posts that are off topic (ironically just like this one)

    so frustrating to want to read a topic I’m interested in and see one relevant post then 10 pissing and moaning back and forth posts. 

    Also. You don’t have to reply to someone that’s a dick or makes posts that are off topic. 

    Self police yourself and reply with on topic posts ffs

    7 posts since the last relevant one. 7


  3. Oh Robert  you were so close.

    over a page of somewhat relevant coherent discussion on a topic that made sense . 

    now it’s looking like you are trying to change the topic from canpl attendance to just another anti csa conspiracy .

    Although it’s always fun to see a ROBERT post (especially one that is almost coherent and logical) I think you would get more interaction if you stayed on topic  


  4. I’m Trevor. If you don’t know me I’m sorry we haven’t met. I organized the Mexico trip. The Cuba trip. The Belize trip. Plus buses to Montreal. Hamilton. Etc etc. 

    I can assure you it wasn’t done as a money making endeavour. Jamie made 0$ on those trips. Any profit was used on the trip to pay for extra tours or exclusive events.  The trips themselves were built as low cost break even events to get voyageuers together  

    Im always available to help plan trips for V’s games. 

    Youve probably seen me helping Jamie with flyers or merchandise as well. 

    Just sayin. 

  5. Just in case anyone cares..here some potential records that could fall today.



    Biggest win
    7–0 vs 23px-Flag_of_Saint_Lucia.svg.png Saint Lucia October 7, 2011

    Most goals scored in one game
    7 – vs 23px-Flag_of_Saint_Lucia.svg.png Saint Lucia on October 7, 2011


    Most goals in one game
    3 – John Catliff vs 23px-Flag_of_Jamaica.svg.png Jamaica in 1988, Alex Bunbury vs 23px-Flag_of_Bermuda.svg.png Bermuda in 1992 and Simeon Jackson vs 23px-Flag_of_Saint_Lucia.svg.png Saint Lucia in 2011

    Most goals in a debut
    2 – Art Hughes, Dale Mitchell, Nick Papadakis, Tom Kouzmanis

  6. 54 minutes ago, yellowsweatygorilla said:

    I am a little disappointed in the price. It's only $30 cheaper than my TFC season tickets. 

    Sure. If you’re in the south end and have been renewing since day 1. But try being a new fan and getting anything like that. I think it’s fair-ish. 20 bucks or so a game. 

  7. 26 minutes ago, SuperCanuck said:

    Is there some way of blocking people who are here just to be rude and obnoxious?

    Why would you want to block Robert. His input and comments are always spot on and I personally enjoy his threads. 

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