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  1. Hi Ashley, Welcome aboard! I am from Surrey and I am also interested in international sporting events. I have watched some games such as 2010 Olympic winter games, 2015 Women's World Cup and Men's Russia 2018 Qualifiers. This is a great forum to bring all Canadian soccer supporters together. I love the atmosphere here from day one I joined. Hopefully you will enjoy here as well. Cheers, James
  2. No Expo86, no 2010 Winter Games, no 2026 world cup. NDP would like to say No to all events and Yes to all taxes. I know who I am not going to vote for now.
  3. I will say China would bid alone one day (maybe 2034 or 2038). Talking about money, FIFA would be more than happy to hand over the tournament to a single country again since 2022. Please remember to check my post here 10 years from now on.
  4. 2030 Uruguay 2034 back to Europe or Oceania 2038 China or Europe (if they did not get it in 2034)
  5. If there was a chance for Canada to host WC solo, it is coming now! Keep away with USA, they are poisonous if we bid together with them. Mexico are more than welcome for co-hosting, but it is not feasible since we are not direct neighbors. So, let's do it by ourselves! Short of stadium is nothing comparing the huge revenue WC gonna to generate. All bills/debts would be soon paid off and the whole country would find more money in pockets after a carnival style month. Just imagine that Canada won't have a chance again before 2042..... Sorry, English is my second language
  6. Yes, the official time is confirmed: http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/preliminaries/nccamerica/all-matches.html
  7. When Canada lost to Honduras, it seems like we only have a mathematical chance to advance. And it feels like the winter is coming sooo early. BUT, for guys who can not sleep tonight and those who are thinking about jumping out of the bandwagon, I have a real magic story that happened in real soccer world to pump you up! In Asia qualifier, 8 groups of five countries compete for last qualifying round (12 byes). First of every group clinches for one bye automatically, and the four best second rank teams will advance as well (points, goal difference, goals scored). Before the last group match, China need to get 3 more points for second spot in the group when they host Qatar who has already locked the 1st position. Beside beating the mighty Qatar, they need SOME help from at least 3 out of 5 other group matches. 1. Jordan lose or draw in Australia 2. North Korea lost or draw in Philippines 3. Omen can not win in Iran by 5 goal difference. 4. UAE lose the home game to Saudi Arabia 5. Iraq draw or lose to Vietnam at a neutral game venue It turns out that Chinese helped themselves and got all the help they needed. Results: China 2:0 Qatar, Jordan 1:5 Australia, N.Korea 2:3 Philippines, Oman 0:2 Iran, UAE 1:1 Saudi Arabia, Iraq 1:0 Vietnam China advanced as the forth (and the last) best second rank team! (March 2016) So......is it doable for Canada? (I am borrowing the post from "Cansuffer" Thanks ) ***4-0 WIN at Vancouver and 1-0 Honduras loss would see us through!!!*** Correct. In this scenario. We'd still be tied with Honduras on GD at -1 and we would end up winning all the way down at tie-breaker #7 away goals (James' header in the first half!). However, change the above scenario to 4-0 win and 2-1 Honduras loss, and Honduras goes thru on tie-breaker #3 goals scored At least that's the way I read it .... Tie Breakers (from Wikipedia) Points (3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss) Goal difference Goals scored Points in matches between tied teams Goal difference in matches between tied teams Goals scored in matches between tied teams Away goals scored in matches between tied teams (if the tie is only between two teams) Play-off match(es) on neutral ground (if approved by FIFA Organizing Committee), with extra time and penalty shoot-out if necessary GO CANADA GO!
  8. +1 The only mistake Borjan has made in this game is that he did not kick away the ball when the injury happened in our own box. Wait for them to throw the ball back? At that moment, we really can not count on Honduass' sportsmanship.
  9. A result we wanted to have: Mexico 3:1 El Salvador But, we only have a mathematical possibility to advance, aren't we?
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