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  1. Yes, my verb tense was carefully selected. Thanks for checking though! His death hasn't changed the cringe factor when watching something from the 1970s.
  2. They did? Did you time travel back to 2010 to post it to a different thread? http://www.thevoyageurs.org/index.php?/topic/20934-capos-for-upcoming-canada-games-need-your-list-of-preferred-songs/page-2 It would appear it dates to at least 2008 from other sources. I'm curious to what "new" chant you've got lined up next ... LOL. You're happy that some feckless idiot smoked out our own keeper? You're not even certain it could have been lit off at a better time?
  3. I stand corrected then. What a bunch of idiots ... smoking your own keeper.
  4. I thought the comment implied a permanent move away from BMO. Not just a 1-year (or 10-month) gap. Though I thought that was clear from the context of what I wrote. It's not like a year between matches at BMO is unusual. We had 11 months from 2007 to 2008. 24 months from 2008 to 2010 (when the only national team loss at BMO occurred). 23 months from 2012 to 2014. But not an unusual thing! Montreal isn't an option in March - unless they play at Olympic Stadium. Saputo isn't usable until sometime in May, with no underpitch heating system. Toronto is touch-and-go in late March with the milder climate and heating system. I'm not sure they'd play in this day and age again in Edmonton on artificial. I'd assume that they'd end up at Swangard or Centennial in Victoria in March, unless CSA strongarms them into playing at BC Place on artificial.
  5. I'm not even sure what PBP stands for .... Play by post?
  6. Guess it was supporters then. I'm surprised given the quantity of the red. Hopefully someone impressed on them that doing it to our own keeper isn't really the best timing. I've heard no reports of a move away from BMO. There's been a statement that there'll have to be a couple of games elsewhere given that the March 21-29 2016 fourth round dates are during the next phase of construction at BMO. And also November 9-17 2015 being iffy (though BMO will have to be available through early December for playoffs - so I don't know why it's a real problem). But presumably the August 29 to September 2016 games would be back at BMO. And games after that.
  7. Not sure you point. He said he liked it in the first half too. Yes I read the post. I've no idea what this is in response to.
  8. It was the same stuff that management usually uses. Oh, that's even worse ... management letting it off to smoke out our own keeper doesn't surprise me ... but one of us? FFS ... On the other hand ... I didn't see security go apeshit like they usually do when there's something like that - and the extreme quantity would be hard to pull off if it wasn't professional.
  9. So he believes. So are Reed and Dobson. But for some reason Rauter seems to get a free pass, despite being far worse than the other two (I've always been fine with both of them - I'd sooner have either of them than Fox. And I really can't see Fox coming out to cover our World Cup Qualifiers and home friendlies.
  10. You liked smoking out our own keeper on a corner kick!?!? I didn't see any flares - but the smoke was provided by management, not supporters. I expect after they saw which way the smoke was going to travel (the wind had changed directions from the first match), they put an end to it.
  11. Wait, we're trashing Dobson and Reed, but want to push TSN after some of the crap on-air personalities they have used? Vic Rauter has to be the most annoying commentator yet ... I've never figured out what his bizarre accent is either ... something American ... but perhaps it's put on ... sometimes he seems to be trying to sound like Howard Cosell - who also grates on me.
  12. Good grief, Sportsnet used Fox coverage in Toronto!?!?
  13. The pitch looked quite impressive for a 44-hour turnaround! At field level, if you looked carefully, you could see where the lines had been. But if you weren't looking for it, you probably wouldn't notice. And despite 48 Rugby sevens matches, the pitch itself looked in good shape!
  14. It's only regular security. They must have moved the Pan Am checkpoints back. So in-and-out and no real lines. Both the upper east and west stands are open, though mostly empty. Huge El Salvador support. They've managed to out-number the Jamaicans. Hard to guess attendance without a lot of Canadians. Probably over 15K on paper I'd guess; but I figure a lot of the Salvador and Jamaica fans will leave for the Canada match.
  15. In the the middle of the Pan Am Games, with 18 Pan-Am soccer events on sale? And just after the Women's World Cup? Easy to only have 10,000. It's completely lost in the noise. And the first time it's rained in over a week? (though forecast looks now, it's sucked for some time).
  16. Yes, both matches. Good question. Normally yes, but being in the Pan-Am security zone ... who knows ...
  17. Edwards, who I'm not familiar with, seemed to do well when he came in.
  18. I was at centre of the west stand. You guys were quite audible from both the south end AND the northeast corner during the second half. (which probably says a lot about how quiet the place was much of the time). Hamilton is ... unique. I hadn't realized that anyone in this century actually shouted "hoser" at people as insults. Can't even recall it happening last century ... Given that we were given no opportunity to collectively sit anywhere, it's not really possible to organize anything, and I thought the south end thing was genius. There were a few of us at Touchdown and we left just in time for the Panama match (well 5 minutes late). I guess the rest of you went straight to game. There was plenty of space for future pre-games ... though with 5:30 weekday kickoffs, I guess most will go directly to the stadium.
  19. Aleman isn't s sub either, unless I missed something.
  20. HSR posted some photos of the shuttle buses. So this is what one is looking for at West Harbour GO. Seems to be plenty of buses waiting.
  21. The Women's game against Ecuador is on Sportsnet Ontario (and Pacific, East, and West) tonight at 9 pm, after the Gold Cup Canada/Jamaica game (at 6:30 pm).
  22. That's the Saturday schedule for the women's match (kick-off at 9 pm). The men's match on Sunday (and the mid-week matches) are 30 minutes earlier. And so are all the GO departures. http://www.gotransit.com/timetables/en/schedules/schedules_window.aspx?tableid=01&dir=E&date=2015-07-12&parentid=1
  23. The women's tournament isn't U23. They could have played the same squad as the Women's World Cup if they'd wanted too. Perhaps the should of, given the long break they've had since Canada's last game ...
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