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  1. And the timing was horrid. It was about 8:45 pm on a Tuesday night, in the middle of the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games. Two days earlier the Canadian Men's Pan Am team played Brazil, and 2 days later then played Panama. And the day before the senior women's team had played Ecuador! The media was very pre-occupied ... and if that wasn't enough, the game was at the same time as the Baseball all-star game in Cincinnati! I'm amazed that they got 17K out anyways!
  2. It used to be ... it was part of even the most basic cable package. But lately I've noticed a couple of months ago that my very basic digitial cable package (which has TSN1 and Sportsnet Ontario, but not much else) no longer has TLN. Which is a shame, as they had started carrying beautifully restored to HD M*A*S*H in the late evening after the kids went to bed! They did a great pan-and-scan job to make them widescreen - normally I shudder at such things, but it looked very good!
  3. Well it is if you quote it now, because I've since fixed it.
  4. nfitz

    CPL General

    You know what else I like in Rugby? If the injury doesn't look serious, they just let medics come on and deal with it, while they play on. That would end the flip-flopping in the corner of the pitch, that is simply trying to delay the game.
  5. With the beginning of the season approaching, and being about to leave for a couple of weeks vacation, I thought I'd pop in and find out the update on how I'll actually be watching these games. Is there any actual information buried in all the bickering?
  6. While there are plans to sew about 3% artificial fibres into the 100% grass pitch, BMO has never had a hybrid pitch yet - unless it's been done in the last few days. TFC posted this image today.
  7. If the Cuba games are indeed home and away, I'm not sure why anyone thinks we'd do differently than play where Canada always plays similar home games. Bradenton Florida. ... I'll get my coat ...
  8. I'm pretty sure it's 10pm EDT not 10pm EST. It's 7 pm local time isn't it ... and Nevada is on PDT currently. Or is it on MST like Arizona? Though either way, that's a 3-hour difference to EDT rather than the 2-hour difference to EST.
  9. You are correct. Curacao might still slip out of the top 6. But Wikipedia also looks correct when I check https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019–20_CONCACAF_Nations_League_qualifying#Standings - is there another page that's wrong? I don't see any recent edits. That's one of the problems with Wikipedia - anyone can edit it. Though it's also it's strength! Edit - oh, I see. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019–20_CONCACAF_Nations_League#League_A is wrong ... I'll fix.
  10. Good point. I have TSN 1, TSN 3, TSN 4 and TSN 5 with my basic Rogers cable package. TSN 2 (and Sportsnet 1) cost another $7 each a month.
  11. Not sure we can even 100% predict that Qatar won't have been bombed into the stone age by Saudi Arabia by 2022!
  12. nfitz

    CPL bilingualism

    Pragmatically, surely bilingualism is not going to be there significantly until there teams from any French-speaking areas, such as Ottawa, New Brunswick, or Quebec. There's some French speakers elsewhere - particularly in Toronto and around Winnipeg. Though typically if you look at the census data, these speakers also speak English. Personally, I do hear a fair amount of French on the street (or more likely streetcar) in Toronto - perhaps because there's a large French elementary school nearby where I live. More often than not though, it's European French I hear and not Canadian French! Put teams in Quebec and Ottawa, and this will follow naturally. They are the horse - the cart will follow.
  13. TVA is listed as having Euro 2020 rights (and no one else so far). But I don't think that includes qualifiers, which were sold separately for 2016. No one has them as far as I can tell - so presumably like UEFA Nations league, it won't be available legally in Canada.
  14. Only about 10 days away, and still not sure how we are going to watch this. TSN schedules all show tennis and basketball. The game is still listed at oz.com - which is how we watched the away matches. But the last home match was blacked out in Canada. https://www.oz.com/concacafgo/video/9f40ee09-9a55-46d2-b559-d87398a5069b
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