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  1. You are correct. Curacao might still slip out of the top 6. But Wikipedia also looks correct when I check https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019–20_CONCACAF_Nations_League_qualifying#Standings - is there another page that's wrong? I don't see any recent edits. That's one of the problems with Wikipedia - anyone can edit it. Though it's also it's strength! Edit - oh, I see. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019–20_CONCACAF_Nations_League#League_A is wrong ... I'll fix.
  2. Good point. I have TSN 1, TSN 3, TSN 4 and TSN 5 with my basic Rogers cable package. TSN 2 (and Sportsnet 1) cost another $7 each a month.
  3. Not sure we can even 100% predict that Qatar won't have been bombed into the stone age by Saudi Arabia by 2022!
  4. nfitz

    CPL bilingualism

    Pragmatically, surely bilingualism is not going to be there significantly until there teams from any French-speaking areas, such as Ottawa, New Brunswick, or Quebec. There's some French speakers elsewhere - particularly in Toronto and around Winnipeg. Though typically if you look at the census data, these speakers also speak English. Personally, I do hear a fair amount of French on the street (or more likely streetcar) in Toronto - perhaps because there's a large French elementary school nearby where I live. More often than not though, it's European French I hear and not Canadian French! Put teams in Quebec and Ottawa, and this will follow naturally. They are the horse - the cart will follow.
  5. TVA is listed as having Euro 2020 rights (and no one else so far). But I don't think that includes qualifiers, which were sold separately for 2016. No one has them as far as I can tell - so presumably like UEFA Nations league, it won't be available legally in Canada.
  6. Only about 10 days away, and still not sure how we are going to watch this. TSN schedules all show tennis and basketball. The game is still listed at oz.com - which is how we watched the away matches. But the last home match was blacked out in Canada. https://www.oz.com/concacafgo/video/9f40ee09-9a55-46d2-b559-d87398a5069b
  7. If the league that's unquestionably number 2 in Concacaf is a pathetic excuse of a soccer league, I hate to think what that says about the leagues that are ranked lower!
  8. Not sure where you are getting 3, 4, or even 5 from .. that's a lot of assumptions not in evidence.
  9. The regulations from 2018 are at https://www.concacafleague.com/en/regulations Really, they don't say much. The Entry Criteria is on page 8. The key bits are:
  10. Surely we know the (official) answer to this question. Because they didn't exist before 2018. If there's a question to be asked, it's something else.
  11. We most certainly don't unanimously think the decision is terrible! The decision seems pragmatic enough to me - and I'm amazed that anyone thinks this even compares to more serious issues - like the dreadful meat pie shortage at some stadiums! I expect most people don't give a shit to be honest. Some Voyageurs don't even care or follow CPL, some don't even follow Canadian club soccer. Don't pretend there's unanimity here!
  12. nfitz

    CPL Season Schedule

    Perhaps ... though given that FC Edmonton (not to mention Ottawa and even Montreal briefly) played in the modern NASL, that seems surprising. And that ignore that the top league in North America also uses this ... If true, perhaps it says more about how little the person commenting knows about soccer ...
  13. nfitz

    CPL Season Schedule

    Perhaps why afterwards, they went to semi's as well, and made sure the top overall team(s) were part of it too. But there's always an exception if you dig far enough back. The question I suppose is why did Atlanta performance lag in fall 2013? And as I said, it can be mitigated (with semi's, etc.).
  14. nfitz

    CPL Season Schedule

    The past is probably the best way to predict the future. Looking at the NASL, Miami FC won the Spring in 2017, and then won the Fall too. In 2016 Indianapolis won the Spring, and finished number 2 in the Fall In 2015 Cosmos won the spring, and were still number 3 in the Fall (which Ottawa won). In 2014 Minnesota won the spring, and then were number 2 in the Fall. Though how one seeds playoffs may help mitigate this as an issue. But hang on - I haven't been following close enough ... I thought someone high-up had said this would be something that's new for North America ... and the split season certainly isn't! Do we know that it's a split season?
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