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  1. I've never even heard of Patreon. One advantage of Pay Pal, is that it's been around long enough that most people are familiar with it. And seems to be ubiquitous. I know nothing about the financials though. Do we need a paid membership amount? In days of yon, such things generally covered postage and paper. Is it worth the bother to even track? There could be some income from ticket sales and merchandise. Would simply passing the hat occasionally to cover other items such as forum costs and wooden paddles work? Is there enough of us willing to throw $20 in occasionally, rather tha
  2. There'll always be something new. Tough to jump into Twitter or Reddit, and look for a simple discussion on a particular topic. Say the upcoming men's national team game in a few weeks in Puerto Rico against the USVI. The forum is good for this. If people are out of control here - then a little moderation wouldn't hurt. Alternatively, we can go to social media. I can always submit a request to create a new Usenet group - rec.sport.soccer.canada
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    Gold Cup Match - BMO Field

    Gold Cup Match - BMO Field Doubleheader Times TBA
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