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  1. I was fine with the smoke itself in the second half. Not quite sure in the first, given our own keeper, though the wind was mostly to the east. The smoke itself had a very bitter taste to it compared to usual. Saw security carry out one small child who seemed overcome by it. Not sure it was the right product - can someone provide the MSDS? And throwing it on the pitch. How can anyone be that stupid. Up 3-0 in a world cup qualifier, and someone wants to give the ref an excuse to do something?
  2. My (Rogers) PVR is showing that the Jamaica-Nicaragua game is playing at 9:20 to 11:30 pm on beIN Sports Canada (Rogers Cable 391). Though that's neither on beIN's website (though I've never found their Canadian schedule on their website) or on zap2it.com. But they've got the right time for the match, and they did show the first leg. It certainly seems to be the most interesting match going (unless Belize makes a sudden comeback).
  3. I suspect CSA isn't applying enough force. There's no reason they can't use the stadium, given that they have to hold it open for TFC playoffs well into November. If they want to start an early demolition of the north and south stands, there's still more than enough seats available in the east and west to exceed the attendance at any men's game I can think of. Then we'd be playing Honduras in November cold in Toronto. March 25th though is another issue. Stadium will be well under construction by then for the Mexico game.
  4. Good grief ... again? At the last TFC game, on the second concourse, they stopped anyone heading north towards the stairs to Gate 1, and pushed them out the side. This created a massive traffic jam of people, at the NW corner of BMO field, where there's too many concessions and not enough space to walk. We literally spent about 20-25 minutes to go 40 metres. It was getting pretty ugly, people were starting to panic.When we hit the wall of people, I commented to my friend that he was going to be out of luck to catch the GO Train in 5 minutes. In the end, he had to hustle to catch the one in 35 minutes. If BMO thinks this is the thing to do, then perhaps a complaint is in order about what happened at the last TFC game. I'm not sure security are aware the dangerous situation they created. I think they were trying to deal with crowding issues around Gate 1 - but what they created was far worse and more dangerous. For future reference, the fastest way out seemed to be out the south gates, and then head along the east side of BMO Field and the Food building. Oh well ... CNE over for another year. Thank god ...
  5. Putting aside geography, there are other issues. One is the grass. Unless they are playing at Swangard (and I'm fine if they do), then they are playing on astroturf. The other is the results. Canada has played 10 World Cup Qualifiers in Toronto since BMO opened, without a single loss. In the last 12 matches at BMO, there hasn't been a loss. Clearly the national team performs well there. Why would we want to upset that?
  6. I don't think anyone but Rogers, or the cable company in Manitoba carry Euroworld Sport. But I was looking up TLN on Shaw in Vancouver the other day. You can subscribe to it by itself for only $3 a month. I think it may only be TLN West though ... so 7:30 pm Pacific not 7:30 Eastern. It's showing up at Zap2it.com and my PVR as 7:30 PM Eastern on TLN East and 7:30 PM Pacific on TLN West. And it's on the front page of TLN's website - and also on http://tlntv.com//soccer-on-tln I guess they don't bother changing their daily listings. It does look like the beIN 12:30 AM airing is cancelled BTW.
  7. It's something like that. CSA can fulfill the contract by having 0 games at BMO. The contract is on the Exhibition Place website for all to read, if they want. But where's the fun in that!
  8. Perhaps that they are playing on astroturf. Maybe someone should sue CONCACAF and CSA.
  9. zap2it.com is showing the game now in the TV listings. BUT: It shows the game at 7:30 pm Eastern on TLN East. And 7:30 pm Pacific on TLN West. Rogers in Toronto carries both (east is 35, 599 and 782; west is 783), - but I don't think that's true nation-wide. So perhaps a 3-hour tape delay in the west
  10. LOL, you couldn't pay me enough to take kids in traffic that close to the Ex! Not sure how cellphones got banned while driving, but kids weren't ...
  11. Far simpler to use the free parking at a GO station in 905 or Scarborough, and jump on the GO Train. Though if you must park, I'd suspect the best lots would be those near Dufferin/Liberty and Mowat/Liberty - particularly on the south end of Mowat near the tracks. But remember that Dufferin is closed at the tracks because of the Ex. Though the signs there on Saturday was $20 for parking - so the GO is likely cheaper!
  12. Wow, has Euroworld Sport ever had a live match before? I've flicked past it many a time, to see canned programming, and replays of the same handful of very old matches. (the channel is free with Rogers VIP - which seemed to be the most cost-effective way of getting TSN2).
  13. That's better than Sportsnet One or Sportsnet World! Rogers Cable 35 (in Toronto) in HD! Though their website still says it's "Let's Make a Deal" and "The Price is Right". So I guess they made a deal with CSA and the price was right!
  14. My PVR has since Saturday shown that the Friday game being shown on Rogers Cable 391 beIN Sport Canada at 12:30 AM Eastern, on tape delay. Unfortunately, they can't show it live, because they are showing the El Salvador-Curacao and the Jamaica-Nicarauga games live. A win for those in BC - can watch the game at 9:30 pm, and pretend it's live. Anyone in the GTA should be at the game anyway.
  15. If we beat Belize we are "Third round winner 2". No guarantees, but the schedule says home against Honduras November 13, away against "Third round winner 1 (probably El Salvador, maybe Curacao) November 17, home against Mexico March 25, away against Mexico March 29. Away against Honduras (yikes) September 2, and home against Third round winner 1 on September 6. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_FIFA_World_Cup_qualification_%E2%80%93_CONCACAF_Fourth_Round It's always subject to change though. But where are we playing? One would guess BC somewhere on March 25. But what about November 13th? The story is BMO Field will be closed for renovations by then - but at the rate TFC are going, they'll be playing a home play-off match on October 28/29. But if they get up to the 2nd place spot, they'd be playing November 7 to 9 just before the international break. It's quite possible that TFC will be playing at BMO as late as November 22 (well December 6th if MLS cup ends up there - but that seems unlikely, even if TFC does make it). I wouldn't be surprised if the November 13 match is at BMO, even if the north and south stands are closed for renovations. But rumours are it will be elsewhere. Ottawa? Who knows.
  16. It's not so much the not calling Osorio. It's the calling of Bekker for a similar position that's shocking, and raises questions. Bekker can't even make the bench these days. There's no way he's game-fit.
  17. Is Bekker injured? He didn't even make the bench today for the Impact's loss to TFC. Osorio looked good, setting up the first goal against the Impact.
  18. Anyone want a free pair for today's semis? I can't be bothered dragging my ass to Hamilton ...
  19. where's the delete button - redundant post.
  20. What's the basis for that? Aleman is the only player on their current roster who has ever been called up to a senior international squad, as far as I know.
  21. Verifiable written evidence. Generally a media report on the salary ranges in the league would cover it. Probably doesn't matter in many ways. In terms of Wikipedia (which is where I've been seeking it for), it relates to whether you delete articles for individual players or not. Given that Flores has put every other player except Aleman (and the backup keeper) on the pitch; I do have to think that there's an issue; unless he gets an appearance on Monday. What about Edwards? He's looked interesting to me in his brief appearances.
  22. If it is fully professional, the evidence is yet to be found. I've been hunting for it for years. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia_talk:WikiProject_Football/Archive_96#Costa_Rican_League and http://forums.bigsoccer.com/threads/fully-professional-leagues-in-central-america.2003225/ Now, a top team like Herediano is likely fully professional. But Aleman has a single appearance with them, and only appearances with Belén near the bottom of the table. There aren't any Belén players on the Costa Rican national squad. If you look at the national squad (for the Gold Cup) at least, the players are only from 3 Costa Rican sides; Saprissa, Herediano, and Alajuelense. I'd expect that they, and Cartaginés are all fully professional. But there's little evidence that the team that Aleman is playing on is; unlike USL. At best it's no better. I was hoping to see Aleman play, finally. My suspicion is though that we are not seeing him for a reason.
  23. Higher level? He's not even playing in a fully-professional league. I'm not saying that the tweet was evidence of an attitude problem. I'm asking if there was an attitude problem. It would be a lot more than frustration coming off (perhaps Osorio was frustrated about result or performance, not Floro). I've stormed out of BMO post-match not talking to anyone ... it in itself doesn't mean much.
  24. Perhaps there's issues we don't see. Perhaps there's an attitude problem? After all - should a player be tweeting criticism of selections during the tournament? (the retweet I see has been deleted).
  25. Just in time to smoke our keeper defending a corner was the right time? Your priorities are clearly in the wrong place, if you think that was anywhere close to the right time! You let off smoke just south of our keepers net, with the breeze heading slightly to the north, in heavy rain and who couldn't have predicted what would happen? You seem more interested in spectacle than the result of the game.Your supposed to support the team, not become the spectacle. It's like the refs who become the centre of the game themselves. I'm amazed anyone is defending smoking our own keeper. A simple "oops, we were complete idiots and should never have release the smoke on our own keeper - I guess the person checking the wind direction had had a few too many" would have been a much better response.
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