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  1. michaeltfc91

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    Manny Aparcio to York is official https://york9fc.canpl.ca/article/york9-fc-signs-midfielder-manuel-aparicio
  2. michaeltfc91

    CPL General

    I know what you mean but I am drawing a line... If they stretch just a little more and agree they can take on an extra million per year in expenses, then put that million towards player salary and the quality of the league will go up significantly. Not to mention you might get that back in revenue due to higher attendance etc.
  3. michaeltfc91

    CPL General

    What I can never wrap my head around is them cheaping out on player quality (or quantity). Which is what it seems like they are doing. For example, let's say expenses are $6,000,000 including a cap of $1,000,000. Why not have you expenses be $7,000,000 and have a cap of $2,000,000? Your expenses increase 16.7%, but player quality will double..... Such a small increase in total expenses would really increase the quality of the league, it is just mind boggling they aren't thinking this
  4. michaeltfc91

    CPL General

    that's what i said on the last page....... and what probably 99% of people agree with
  5. michaeltfc91

    CPL General

    Could have and should have easily been the 7 cpl teams with Ottawa and the two Div. 3 teams playing to get 5 winners joining the 3 MLS teams... This is too complicated, some CPL teams will need 10 games to win the Championship!
  6. michaeltfc91

    Jonathan David

    when i saw a reply on this thread i instantly knew it was a goal..... because Jonathan David is THE MAN
  7. michaeltfc91

    Suggested 2022 WCQ Formats

    Round 1 and 2... Get it down to 16 teams knock out style 2 legs (should take 4 match days) Round 3 .... 4 groups of 4... top 2 advance (6 match days) Round 4 ... 2 groups of 4... winners go to world cup, 2nd place teams play in a playoff (6 match days) Playoff ... winner advances, loser goes to intercontinental playoff (2 match days) Intercontinental playoff (2 match days) Teams will get it done in 14/16/18 match days and it leaves more teams in for longer and more fair
  8. michaeltfc91

    Vancouver Whitecaps 2018

    Good hire. Are there other Canadians that are the head coach of a professional soccer team? Or is Dos Santos the only one right now?
  9. No matter what the excuse is or why it happened, not qualifying for a World Cup tournament is embarrassing for this country. Haven't qualified for the U-20 tournament since 2007 (6 tournaments) and the U-17 since 2013 (2 tournaments so far) is absurd. Qualifying for these tournaments is bigger than doing well in a Gold Cup or making it into Nations League in my opinion. World Cup is bread and butter and we fail to qualify every time, no matter how good we think our team is on paper no one will care unless we make tournaments
  10. michaeltfc91

    Best XI

    Borjan ZBJ James Cornelius Davies Hoilett Hutchinson Arfield Osorio Cavallini David Bench - Larin, Tabla, Millar, Piette, De Jong, Henry, Busti
  11. michaeltfc91

    CNL - Canada vs Dominica - October 16th Toronto

    game is earlier than i thought... 7pm game time. i'll be lucky to make it to shoeless by 6-6:15
  12. michaeltfc91

    CNL - Canada vs Dominica - October 16th Toronto

    I think we're a little too good for Tesho Akindele, we need to create a standard of selecting only players that are full time starters in first division leagues or highly rated prospects under 21 or you're booted.......... Okay fine I am exaggerating, but in terms of midfielders and strikers, Canada is well past the days of selecting MLS bench players (Ricketts, Morgan, Chapman probably shouldn't be there in Gold Cup 2019)
  13. michaeltfc91

    CNL - Canada vs Dominica - October 16th Toronto

    bought my tickets......... obviously
  14. michaeltfc91

    Ballou Tabla

    Well done David, Tabla, Davies, Busti, Millar, and Guillard are all teenagers still.... 6 teenagers playing for the biggest clubs in the world. Tomori next please, we need a CB, he can be the answer to 2022 qualification