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  1. LAK

    CPL TV Contract

    I do live south of the Fraser. Not to be antagonistic but here are a few of the metrics I would go by..... The Lions have a longer tradition, better brand recognition, way bigger fan base, amazing TV ratings, way better TV money, way more Lions merch being worn and recognized, bigger online presence, higher attendance, more prominent league, team known nationally, bigger footprint in province (training camp in Kamloops, training facility in Surrey), way better facility, better location, longer season... I'm not saying the Sportsnet deal isn't a great thing for the Canadians, and that they aren't gaining momentum. I've heard it's a great game day experience.
  2. LAK

    CPL TV Contract

    That would be an extremely poor argument by so many metrics.
  3. LAK

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    Important to note is that the Argos have been called a disaster by the media for decades in Toronto (even when they were getting a little less than 30,000). It was almost like a self fulfilling prophecy. They said it long enough and people started to believe it. After a while people stopped showing up to games...the media piled on and said "see". It snowballed. I've followed the CFL for years and years, a problem that it has always had, and I think the CPL might be in danger of (especially in York) is the Canadian inferiority complex...it's our own league, so it can't be as good. They will have to fight that mindset throughout their existence unless they can figure out how to overcome it...the CFL still struggles with that.
  4. LAK

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    That argument makes sense, but I feel like people treat the CFL differently. They don't talk about Saskatchewan or Edmonton, they continually talk about the woes of Toronto and most recently of all three of the MLS cities where attendance is down for those CFL teams.
  5. LAK

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    Stephen Baldwin however is a fan of Cavalry FC because he thought it was Calvary FC.
  6. LAK

    CPL USports Draft Results

    I guess I'm a little surprised that some teams like HFX weren't grabbing all the Canadians that they could. They only grabbed one. I just assumed everyone would load up with Canadians from the draft since, especially in the first year, that would be the hardest part of assembling the team. I understand there will be development of Canadians and that's the whole point of the league. I just thought it would take some time and that in the first few years they'd get as much help as they could.
  7. LAK

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    The website won't even load for me. I was literally on it 2 minutes before the draft...now it just keeps timing out.
  8. LAK

    CPL General

    I can see giving a day to day operations employee that kind of attention, but PA announcers are not the same thing. Herbie Kuhn is the PA announcer for the Raptors and for much of his time doing it, he was a volunteer.
  9. LAK

    CPL General

    The PA announcer? Even if that was credible, I'm still not convinced that only giving the Fury one transition year is enough for them to bow out. How long are the contracts with the current roster? I also don't believe the $500K reports from Fanatic. I think it's a little higher than that and there are other reasons for them not joining this year. Time will tell I guess. FYI I don't think the salary cap is super high, I think it's under $1mil, I just don't think it's as low as $500k. There just isn't enough evidence other than some fan speculation.
  10. LAK

    CPL General

    Except Clanachan in the statement regarding the Fury said that the league told them they could move over the roster unchanged. That problem therefore was alleviated by the league in their negotiations. The Fury could've come into the league and had the head start. There seems to have been another reason for not joining. They've never actually stated a specific reason for not joining this year, just vague suggestions that make it impossible to know.
  11. LAK

    CPL General

    Yeah, those valuations are pretty low. I've heard talk of Edmonton and Saskatchewan being worth $40 million plus. I don't know if this is true but on some message board someone claimed that Braley (BC Lions owner) was asking $80 million for the Lions Although, he has not yet sold it, so maybe he did ask and no one was willing to pay that. Also, the last expansion team Ottawa had to pay $7 million which I believe was set in 2012 and they entered the league in 2014. The talk of an Atlantic team expansion fee is minimum $10 million...which I means to me that no team is worth less than that. They still aren't up to MLS valuations but that is based on potential US tv contracts and the pyramid scheme of crazy expansion fees. But...like @ansem says it's only worth what someone is willing to pay...so as long as people fork over huge expansion fees to get into that league, they are at least worth that. It might stabilize once they run out of expansion cities, but that's a big country and they've convinced so many people already to buy in.
  12. LAK

    CPL General

    I know I was agreeing with you.
  13. LAK

    CPL General

    Toronto FC are valued at $280Million USD by forbes.
  14. LAK

    CPL General

    Valuations are the biggest factor in this scenario though. Montreal in the MLS is valued at $175 Million and Vancouver at $150 million. They are both near the bottom of the MLS in terms of valuations, but I don't think CPL teams are catching them in value in the next 10 - 20 years.
  15. LAK

    CPL Stadium Thread

    I thought that this stadium was to be a legacy of the pan am games...a track and field legacy. I would be really surprised if they were allowed to remove the track in any kind of permanent way.