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  1. Ooh, that will be a tough one to do. What is the capacity going to be? I think it's between 5-6000. These historical anecdotes are actually kind of cool in that context. It will be interesting to see those comparisons. I think long term is where we'll see the biggest difference.
  2. LAK

    Calgary FC launch/2019 offseason thread

    Are you thinking of Cloverdale? Aldergrove borders Abbotsford to the east and is in Langley Township...although not Langley City. That's probably why they said he moved...but even so, it's the tiniest of distances and in the story it makes it sound like it was some big thing. It just struck me as funny.
  3. LAK

    Calgary FC launch/2019 offseason thread

    I love that...he moved from Aldergrove to Langley. Aldergrove is in Langley.
  4. Yep and I also thought for sure that Ottawa would join year one. Are we going through the times that we were wrong about the league? I want to find out how far down the rabbit hole this thing goes. Honestly though, I really should post about other things more relevant to what's actually happening with the league and no a $500,000 salary cap is not one of them.
  5. Congrats on finding a new angle to disparage the league! I was worried that you would have to actually concede that what has been built so far is above your expectations. However now that I see your new approach, I think you'll have lots of legs to slam the league for the first few years. Added to that any new mistakes the league will make in marketing and structure etc, you should be able to continue your condescending barbs for well into the first five years. Just a quick reminder however, make sure you discount anything that doesn't fit your narrative and make take ridiculous leaps with info you get from REDDIT as fact just so long as it reinforces what you think.
  6. LAK

    CPL TV Contract

    I just don't think this is accurate. CFL routinely beats NFL ratings. They will take the ratings for the whole day of NFL games and compare one game on cable to the CFL in the middle of summer and still the overall numbers are better for the CFL. CTV has been pushing the NFL games almost as hard as TSN has been pushing their CFL coverage. That seems to have been Bell Media's plans when they doubled down on on CFL and started paying big money to the league. Maybe that's trending the other way right now, but even if it is, that probably has to do more with the mess that Commissioner Orridge left behind. He was useless and the league has been picking up the pieces after he left. Also, as far as inferior/superior, that's not entirely accurate either. They are two different games because of the rule differences. Look at how everyone started bringing up the differences after the lame over time games in the playoffs last week. It's more like the difference between rugby league and rugby union to me. Obviously however, the bigger deal is the NFL, but regionally in Canada it's not. As far as team merchandise sales go....Toronto Maple Leafs are number one, followed by the Montreal Canadiens, and in third is the Saskatchewan Roughriders.
  7. LAK

    CPL TV Contract

    CFL is on cable. NFL is on broadcast television and it has way more audience to draw from. Although the TSN has done a great job of promoting the CFL and giving it a real polished big time feel, if it was on mainstream media it would be killing the NFL. TSN also pushed CFL to Friday night games of the week and now Thursday nights and they no longer do many Sunday games because they are trying not to take from both audiences. Even with all of that the Grey Cup only fell behind the Super Bowl in viewership in the last few years, The grey cup was dominant up until that time. Also, CFL viewership is a little cyclical, it seems to be on a downward trend right now, but it will gain once again. I feel like CPL needs network mainstream exposure like the CBC to begin with and then when it gets some traction to a TSN/sportsnet type of channel with dedicated coverage that will take the coverage to another level and bring in much needed revenue.
  8. LAK

    CPL TV Contract

    I'm not sure I'd say typically. I don't know of them ever hitting those numbers on a regular season game. TFC got a ton of momentum from the playoffs and championship two years ago, but the momentum didn't carry to the next season tv ratings wise. I thought they hit a million against Montreal in the playoffs that one year...I think that's the peak though.
  9. LAK

    CPL TV Contract

    Also, live switching is an art form. The director/switcher has to know the sport in order to make the right cuts. All this is happening live so the decision making is crazy fast. Unless, you turn on two cameras and put it on youtube...
  10. LAK

    CPL General

    I find that one of the fun and interesting aspects of the CFL is Canadian content that has to be maintained on the field at all times. So, when key domestic players go down, there usually is a real shuffle trying to keep the quota giving guys new opportunities to get game time and develop.
  11. LAK

    Valour FC - Launch / 2019 Pre-Season

    I must have misunderstood. I thought the question also involved what makes it legal aside from league rules and more about the Government's view of it. Since there is no problem with non-canadians working in Canada as is the case with the NHL, NBA, MLB etc. that's why I included them(I do think they are getting special status immigration to play in Canada). The best comparison from all points of view is the CFL, a completely Canadian league with foreigners playing in it. Bob Young would have a great idea of how that all works and is still clearly involved in shaping this league.
  12. LAK

    Valour FC - Launch / 2019 Pre-Season

    The best example would be what the CFL, MLS, NHL, NBA, and MLB currently do in Canada. Does anyone have any insight into that?
  13. LAK

    Ottawa CPL Club

    This is what I was thinking too. They were never going to deny them this late and totally screw the team...but, it's only a year, and it's an exception being made. The message is very clear.
  14. LAK

    CPL TV Contract

    I do live south of the Fraser. Not to be antagonistic but here are a few of the metrics I would go by..... The Lions have a longer tradition, better brand recognition, way bigger fan base, amazing TV ratings, way better TV money, way more Lions merch being worn and recognized, bigger online presence, higher attendance, more prominent league, team known nationally, bigger footprint in province (training camp in Kamloops, training facility in Surrey), way better facility, better location, longer season... I'm not saying the Sportsnet deal isn't a great thing for the Canadians, and that they aren't gaining momentum. I've heard it's a great game day experience.