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  1. Have got a pair if anyone needs any last minute pickups. PM me for EMT info
  2. I may have a pair, waiting on a last minute confirmation tonight. Will know in the next half hour or so
  3. Just sent you a PM as I have an extra single
  4. I'll be coming back from Kentucky that day, but hopefully will be back in the city around 7-8pm.. I'm down for meeting at your place Jamie (i'm sure i'll be hungry enough for a BBQ after a 9+ hr drive), or at the bar... Cheers.
  5. They have that for group sales listed here http://canadasoccer.com/?gid=1247&t=csa_match
  6. No. Face Value on TM is $20 also for same seats.. the $3.75 is the service charge that TM has.
  7. Game is a week away. Pregame party information yet?? Shoeless?
  8. This 2013 Gold Cup doesn't have bearing on the other 4 Concacaf teams who qualify for the 2016 Copa America. They will use the standings from the 2015 Gold Cup..
  9. Wow, Some Great prices (less then $700 from Toronto).. Very tempted now...
  10. You are correct, they did. The problem I see with the owners is that they don't want to supply any more staff for us. They have one guy taking money, and another pouring the beer, which just isn't enough. 2 people on staff for a crowd of 500+?! That is what's unexceptable!
  11. Stream is working perfectly on www.vipbox.tv
  12. Hey Everyone, I spoke with Jamie/Socceronly on Monday just before he left for Cuba. He let me know that tickets will still be available to purchase through the main voyageur page, thru paypal right up until Sunday.. Tickets will be in the supporters section. By the sounds of things, there are still many available You will have to pick them up at Maro at the pre-game party on Tuesday. Hope this helps..
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