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  1. Chants were audible on the broadcast throughout the game as well. Good work guys!
  2. Hoilett for me, on a night where there were lots of chances but difficulty finishing he managed to put one away, and the own goal was off his shot.
  3. There we go, Larin scores to make it 5-0.
  4. Lol, we're +12 in goal differential. I don't think that's a huge concern.
  5. Yep. Subs were Larin for Cavallini and Tabla for David.
  6. It worked for me during the last game and I was in the UK at the time, so I don't think it's geolocked. Anyway, I'm watching a stream of the TSN broadcast that's working pretty well: http://elixx.me/zrealmadrid.html
  7. Yeah, could be better. They looked deadly in the first 20 minutes but there hasn't been much to see since they went up 3-0.
  8. Anyone got a streaming link? I haven't found anything so far.
  9. I'm so excited about this game that I logged into the forum
  10. Dude is cap tied from playing in the Gold Cup so for once we don't have to worry about that nonsense!
  11. Guys, my post was tongue in cheek. The 2007 Gold Cup took place before the U-20 world cup where Begovic was our starter. I was just pointing out something to our seemingly younger posters.
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