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  1. Dub Narcotic

    CPL General

    I generally agree with you, but it's the timing that's the issue. If CONCACAF was going to do this, which they are in their rights to do, give the Fury one year's notice to move, don't do it when both they and their respective leagues have starting preparing seriously for their respective seasons.
  2. Dub Narcotic

    TFC 2 2018 season

    CPL has really lost out on some exciting Canadian players to USL. Not just these two but Riggi to Phoenix as well.
  3. Dub Narcotic

    2019 FIBA World Cup Qualifying

    As many as four Canadians might go in the first round of the draft this year: Ignas Brazdeikis (Michigan) R.J. Barrett (Duke) Lugentz Dort (Arizona State) Nickeil Alexander-Walker (Virginia Tech)
  4. Dub Narcotic

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Didn't realize all three of those players were released. They would all be top tier talents in the CPL given the rosters we've seen so far (well, Reid is a question mark).
  5. Dub Narcotic

    Gold Cup 2019

    Berhalter is a good selection, I was hoping the Whitecaps would have gone after him if things would have fell differently with his job and dos Santos.
  6. Dub Narcotic

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    It would be an interesting mini-documentary to follow Emery Welshman around these games. Be fun to see this corner of world soccer.
  7. Dub Narcotic

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Hopefully one in which the old players are being removed and there will be lots of playing time open.
  8. The Besiktas fans on reddit have already turned against him. The sample size seems impossibly small to me but it's a relatively big club and he has no pedigree.
  9. Dub Narcotic

    Forge FC (Hamilton) launch/2019 offseason thread

    Hamilton is a major city in the Canadian context. Basically tied with Quebec City and Winnipeg in pure CMA population and not counting the rest of the GTA within an hour or two.
  10. Dub Narcotic

    TFC 2018

    Dealing with oft-injured but good players is the hardest part of squad management in some ways. For Toronto, Vazquez, Moor, Mavinga and Altidore all fit that bill. Moor is an easy cut, he's just too old, and Altidore is unlikely to go anywhere on that salary, plus he's still one of the best strikers in North America when he's on his game. I would give Vazquez and Mavinga one more year but those two have to stay on the pitch to actually be positive contributors. If Vazquez is out-of-contract this year they can probably live with Jansen, Osorio and Chapman in some combination. They need to sign two starting-quality CBs and I would take a run at David Ousted to give Bono competition. I would also think about selling high on Morrow, he's 30 and the injuries are starting to take a toll. CM is fine with Bradley, Fraser, Osorio, Delgado and Chapman. For me, the most difficult decision for Toronto is that number 9 position. Altidore is hurt too much but Hamilton and Ricketts didn't take their chances this year as starters. Do you sign another striker DP and tie up half of your payroll in one position? Do you hope Hamilton gets better (I don't really see it)? Out: Moor Zavaleta Irvin Maybe Out: Vazquez Hamilton Ricketts Morrow Domestic Targets In: Endoh (a real talisman for the treble team) Ousted (TAM player but TFC can afford him) Jackson-Hamel (a better version of Hamilton and just hitting his peak years) One domestic CB Raheem Edwards if Morrow goes (Chicago should be ripe for pillaging this year)
  11. Dub Narcotic

    about those open tryouts......

  12. Dub Narcotic

    Looking for Voyageurs IT nerd - Small Project

    I may be able to help but I'm out of the country right away and won't be back until early October. I'll try and remember to check back when I get back into town.
  13. Dub Narcotic


    Got it this year for the ECL. Stream was mediocre throughout on my Apple TV app, and I lost it entirely after a while. The built-in WebOS app worked consistently but the picture quality was still below what I see on the TSN/Sportsnet apps on my Apple TV. Meh.
  14. Dub Narcotic

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Thought he was moving too slowly tonight. Often would stand with the ball at his feet for long stretches in the attacking area even when he had a favourable situation. Teams are focusing on him now as well.
  15. Dub Narcotic

    Malik Johnson

    Use this: