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  1. nolando

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    I think it's much more likely that a player like Roger Thompson is approximately the level of third tier Sweden. No foreigner conspiracy need apply.
  2. nolando

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Thing is, once you get them on there, they're hard to get off.
  3. nolando

    Why was the original CSL short-lived?

    ^ Top post...many thanks, WF..I feel much more encouraged now
  4. nolando

    Why was the original CSL short-lived?

    Thanks for this tidbit. This blows my mind and I seriously had never considered the role the Swangard club had at the time in terms CanAm soccer.
  5. nolando

    Why was the original CSL short-lived?

    But is there evidence of this, beyond the types filed under hopes and prayers?
  6. nolando

    Why was the original CSL short-lived?

    This for me is one topic that deserves infinitely more attention on the eve of relaunching a fully national league. One of my earliest and favourite soccer memories was seeing the 86ers open their CSL days at Swangard versus the Edmonton Brickmen. I followed the league regularly and adored guys like Mobilio, Bunbury and Pesch and was beginning my own love affair with the game as a schoolboy. I'm personally not reading or hearing enough reflection on how this new league and these owners are planning to avoid the same pitfalls of the original league. I'm also not seeing enough names that would generate any great excitement outside of a small group of hardcore supporters that would make up in a small fraction of posters on this very knowlegable board. I've read in some sources that early on some of the smaller markets in the original league struggled mightily both financially and at the gate and had to be propped up by the pocketbooks of the bigger markets, Hamilton, Montreal and Vancouver especially. That's not hard to envision happening this time around either, if there is even a mechanism for that in place. Another concern I have is if they have planned sufficiently far ahead, knowing that likely nobody involved will be making any money overall for a number of years. Calgary and Edmonton concern me for this reason given comments in the media, and then the attendance in some of the smaller markets is also potentially a troublesome point if they don't start with a strong season ticket base. And this was a league that had Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal more properly included. And decent TV exposure. And Vic Rauter.
  7. nolando

    Vancouver Whitecaps offseason 2018-2019

    Without cheating and looking it up, now that Hurtado is gone, can anyone answer this one off the top of their head: After Teibert, who is the next longest serving/surviving senior team Whitecap?
  8. nolando

    Vancouver Whitecaps offseason 2018-2019

    It's starting to look like we're going to be the de facto second expansion team alongside Cincinnati next year, it's that dramatic of a housecleaning.
  9. Looks like Haidar Al-Shaibani is a goalkeeping coach in St. Etienne's system: https://www.transfermarkt.com/haidar-al-shaibani/profil/trainer/64599 That's a pretty good gig for a Canadian.
  10. nolando

    Hanson Boakai

    http://fcinter.fi/uutiset/2018/12/07/boakai-ja-louhela-taydentamaan-fc-interin-joukkuetta The Turku move looks official. This club has been pretty good to Canadians in the past, too.
  11. nolando

    CPL TV Contract

    Great point...never thought of this while I was high-fiving myself in excitement earlier today. You are right that the casual fan may not run across much, if any, high quality soccer on tv. The hardcores will be happy but this might seriously hurt the viewing numbers involving those less dedicated soccer fans.
  12. nolando

    CPL General

    I agree. We can be a smaller, cheaper league and still make a go of it and still feel very proud of ourselves. Can we survive for long without our three major clubs/cities, though? What would the Belgian league look like without Brussels, Antwerp, Liege, and Bruges, for example? In that sense, Wales is perhaps the best comparable of what we can realistically expect to attain and, living in one of those major cities, this really tempers my enthusiasm.
  13. nolando

    2018 Voyageurs #CanMNT Player of the Year

    Isn't it great that a Canadian player emerged as a star in our continental league, played well for Canada, and transferred to what is historically the best team in one of the best leagues in the entire world and half of us are trying to decide if he squeaked into Canada's top-three for the year or not. It's truly a magical time to be a Voyageur.
  14. nolando

    CPL TV Contract

    I agree, although I have to admit I do enjoy a good round of cornhole from time-to-time.
  15. nolando

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    https://the11.ca/paulus-things-just-arent-going-to-work-out-between-fce-and-fordyce/ Sandor's article mentioning guys like Fordyce and Ricketts are not manageable budget-wise fir FCE and Paulus saying the roster is almost complete, even though there have been virtually no Canadian players currently outside of Edmonton, let alone Canada, linked to the club has me thinking we should all be prepared to be underwhelmed tomorrow and over the coming weeks. Reading this, I'm thinking those tryouts (and a mix of local amateurs) might form a lot more of some rosters than many V's would have initially expected or hoped. Maybe Porter will turn out to be a big name signing in this league after all. Geez, I sure hope not.