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  1. nolando

    Voyageurs doing awesome stuff - Soju in China

    Yes. They have Panamanian announcers and have secured exclusive rights to broadcast all Canadian MNT matches until 2024.
  2. nolando

    CPL Season Schedule

    No need for it, especially if there is a domestic cup, imo. Lots to play for. Traditional sports here don't have half the fun of a proper footy match, including all of the energy created by the supporters groups, which hockey and football can only dream of. Besides we shouldn't be in the business of trying to convert hockey and football fans; there are enough people in this country who properly understand the game to have stadiums full the country over as long as the product and the promotion of it is correct.
  3. Maybe it's Bunbury and they just wanted to confirm his credentials by seeing him train and evaluate at the tryouts?
  4. I see a distant cousin of mine made the provisional roster. May have to check out this tournament.
  5. nolando

    CSL (any and all info/memories)

    I was at that first 86ers game at Swangard vs Edmonton. Great memories from those days as a soccer-loving kid.
  6. Begovic me once, shame on Asmir, Begovic me twice, shame on Canada.
  7. nolando

    US Virgin Islands-Canada match thread (R)

    Jeopardy final round: What is not commonly heard while watching the Canadian MNT play soccer?
  8. nolando

    US Virgin Islands-Canada match thread (R)

    Was having the same trouble on an old tablet but not on my desktop (remember those?)
  9. nolando

    US Virgin Islands-Canada match thread (R)

    Nice to see Kid n Play make an appearance.
  10. nolando

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Don't be sore just because you didn't make the shortlist 😉
  11. nolando

    TFC 2 2018 season

    Sounds fun...thanks for the flavour.
  12. nolando

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Speaking of optics for the casual footy fan missing Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal was already looking bad. Not even having Ottawa makes it harder and harder to sell regular folk on this being a serious National league.
  13. Sigh...I remember when I was a wanna-be member of the axis of evil. Seems like just yesterday.
  14. http://www.vif-fotball.no/nyheter/sam-johnson-tilbake-fra-start#cookie-line-accept. This makes it sound like he was just ill.