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  1. How'd the Canucks do tonight?
  2. My memory is foggy too but I seem to remember Hearts using him as a late match striker pretty regularly. Does that ring a bell?
  3. nolando

    TFC 2019 Season

    If I had a dime for every time....
  4. Concussion, unfortunately: https://www.google.com/amp/s/rp-online.de/sport/fussball/fortuna/amateure/fortuna-ii-gehen-die-innenverteidiger-aus_aid-38083531%3foutput=amp
  5. Update: Has started ten matches for Portimonese's U23 team. He's also 24 now so he may be looking for a new club in the summer, I'm not sure.
  6. If it's the same kid it looks like he was playing U11 in Edmonton this past season. I wonder if the Caps residency is already nibbling? http://eiysa.com/division/411/6782/gamesheet/211124
  7. I love RT more than most in this town, but guts and determination alone aren't going to beat Honduras away. Most experienced Vs know exactly who we have vis-a-vis the national team.
  8. Sounds like another solid performance from Jonas again. His side, VPS, are on their way to the semis of the Finnish Cup. Great praise for him here, saying he is playing strong and is growing in confidence, especially considering some of the more experienced players playing for Inter Turku: (in Finnish from today) http://www.veikkausliiga.com/uutiset/2019/03/30/maalimme-olivat-todella-hienoja-vuorinen-iloitsi-valierapaikasta @pöhelö any thoughts on his development?
  9. VPS came from behind to win 2-1. I think Hakkonen played the full 90 minutes.
  10. Michel Misiewicz is still only 28. Just going to leave this here.
  11. Dancing panda tryouts not doing it for you anymore?
  12. The first rule of GlassCity is that you do not talk about the real identity of GlassCity...
  13. I'm sure it's already been said but isn't it almost incredible to think that we were all over the moon when we managed to convince the likes of Aird, Tesho, Vittoria (and others) to join the fold and that just a short amount of time later none of them realistically have any chance of starting, maybe not even being called into a 23-man squad?
  14. That's almost as confusing for the opposition as starting Drake on your backline.
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