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  1. Yup. Really reminds me of the days when we had Josh Simpson's father and brother (cousin?) posting from time-to-time. Adds such value to the forum and much appreciated.
  2. They'll be some pissed middle-of-the-road fans, I bet, as all of the previously-produced radio spots and print ads still feature him prominently even today. They should be able to watch some decent footy at least.
  3. I have a feeling that Sam Adekugbe is going to impress if he starts at LB. Remember, he'll be fired up and with something to prove at BC Place. Could be the silver lining to the Davies disappointment. Also, it might be a dramatic option, but why not Atiba at RB and leave Piette as the DM? I seem to recall a young and skinny Atiba breaking into the MNT at RB many moons ago; it might be a fitting place to finish off, a big contributor while easing the transition in the centre of the park.
  4. No news on training?? Edit: UBC?? https://mobile.twitter.com/b_and_gmedia/status/1108438578562924544
  5. I'm only going Sunday if McKenna promises not to give up at halftime (again). Also, any word of practice days/times/locations? I'd love to take my elementary-aged boys to see the stars up close, and Saturday night is probably out of the realm of reasonable from the point of view of the missus.
  6. To be fair he played at a comparively low tier for so long that no media source (and few Vs) would give his story the time of day, despite those in the know like Jeff alerting us to his slow but distinguishable rise. He's a rare example of a Canadian returning to his country and gaining heaps of (albeit hard-earned) respect, the kind that guys like Edgar and and Issey rightfully thought they might be returning to as well.
  7. Agreed. While we toy with minnows, others are preparing for lions. And...only fourteen men, at most, will play in Vancouver. With so many really decent footballers in the mix now, it will be harder and harder to keep the benched satisfied and still a legitimately contributing part of the squad. Playing only a bare-minimum number of matches hurts us a lot in the long run.
  8. I think I read due to concussion precaution/protocol.
  9. If we ever have a Voyageurs Spelling Bee this guy's name might just be the final round answer.
  10. The goal: https://tv.kilmarnockfc.co.uk/tv/video/vod/3111
  11. Spent a lot of his development next to Henry too, which is part of my suggestion. Might enjoy a change of scenery if if he ended up second choice in Vancouver as well.
  12. nolando

    Jaime Peters

    Can you believe that JP is still only 31? http://dutchconnectionsfc.com/founders/jaime-peters/
  13. How bad of an idea would it be to try and get Ashtone Morgan to play beside Henry at LB as a cheap short-medium range solution?
  14. In this conservative climate, I'm glad someone's standing up for the LBG community. 🌈
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