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  1. Kovacs is a highly conservative, defensive coach... there was no way he was going to sub in a young, unproven player in this game. I’m more disappointed that he hasn’t seen any meaningful time in a Bundesliga game (you could debate about getting 15 mins when Bayern was trailing Leverkusen). But again, Bayern is in a title battle with Dortmund so I doubt Kovacs would “trust” Davies enough to start him or any other young / unproven player until the title is sewn up.
  2. I agree with this post. I doubt he’s jumping into a decision in the near future. Canada just needs to be diligent in selling themselves to Tabla. I think CAF is a much more challenging confederation than CONCACAF from which to qualify for the World Cup, and Ivory Coast has been trending downwards lately, so I’d say if his goal is to play in the 2022 World Cup, his chances are better with Canada.
  3. Agreed on both counts. I really hope we give other options (over James) a real go at CB moving forward.
  4. I'm cheering for Australia... tired of result fixing by the Latin American countries that hurt US / Canada. Honduras only made it to the Hex because Mexico gave them a tie in the final game of the previous round.
  5. I'd be OK with this if it wasn't because of two blatant fixes from the other games. We so easily forget that Mexico let Honduras tie them on the final game to eliminate Canada in the previous round. They need to get rid of the Hex and go to a more head-to-head format that can eliminate the match fixing.
  6. Not that the players' efforts or dedication to our program is embarrassing... just that this is the best that Canada can produce. There is no chance that we will be worse off 4 years down the road (...we could be, and I sure hope we won't be, in a similar state) There will always be a best of a shotty lot.
  7. Hahahaha... other than Hutchinson, the rest of the list is embarrassing - OK, JDG was quality but that was over 7 years ago, and Johnson is a heart-and-soul warrior, but we can only hope some quality comes through the system.
  8. That was nowhere near the US 'A' team - they didn't have any of their European based players either.
  9. I think it's interesting that the 3 smaller nations mentioned in this thread have all qualified for a major tournament in 3 very different fashions. Northern Ireland seemed to have everything fall the right way for them, including a favourable draw, and showed that a hardworking, cohesive unit on good form could get the results required. Wales are benefitting from a sort of "golden generation" with Bale, Ramsey and others playing for top EPL teams - on paper, these guys should be qualifying for Euro. Both NI and Wales have an established league system in their backyard. Iceland threw huge amounts of money into facilities and improving coaching from grassroots to the top and implemented a development system that is now starting to produce players with high technical abilities - I guess being a small nation it's easier to be patient and get everyone on the same page in terms of a plan. I really don't think any of these "minnow" success stories provide Canada with a model that could be adopted here, except for recognizing the importance of improving coaching at all levels that was paramount to Iceland's turn around.
  10. The Mexican commentators would probably be better candidates to lead our national team. Floro continues to fail at squad selection and implementing successful game tactics. I hold no hope now that our senior side will progress past the next round with this geezer in charge.
  11. Henry is an extremely raw talent who needs a lot of work improving his technique and positional awareness. I think his development would be best served by playing a complete season for the West Ham development / reserve squad where he can receive the coaching / training he needs to bring up his football skill closer to his physical talents. Here, he will also get game experience at a level where he can gain confidence and improve his "soccer awareness". Sitting on the bench at West Ham or even getting some playing time on a Championship team where the emphasis is still on results rather than development, and mistakes by young players will still be punished by long stints on the bench would just hurt his confidence.
  12. Another vote to pull Issey... This guy who couldn't make it in MLS just isn't at the level of some other MLS-based players who are warming the bench and who could play out wide. Just a severe lack of quality, composure and creativeness from him tonight - he killed too many build ups with poor passes, crosses or just plain losing the ball... not to mention several weak, weak shot attempts.
  13. A number of things need to happen to make these defections a thing of the past. There needs to be hope that the program is on its way to producing a team that will reach the world cup. There needs to be "star" players of past national teams involved in policy and technical decisions who recruit and cheer-lead the program at youth level. There is a similar parallel to be made with Canadian Basketball. There is a swell of talent now at the youth level that see hope for the future in a program that has Steve Nash's hands and influence all over it - a man who has been at odds with the national program and its previous incompetencies. Unfortunately, Canada soccer doesn't have a Steve Nash to pave the way, nor a Vince Carter to inspire local youth that has now produced the talent pool. And its player pool does not really have options to switch allegiances (with the exceptions of Wiggins perhaps). The CSA can however, continue to get their shit in order and use whatever "star power" they have to instill a sense of hope and national pride with the youth teams. The national program will always be fighting personal greed and bloodlines. It's a matter of making convincing arguments and having a competent program with visions of realistic success to have our young talent choose us over them.
  14. I hope some sort of protest is made by Voyageurs who support the Caps via letters / calls and signs at the game. And what can we do about it? If the Voyageurs leadership could draw up a letter that could be electronically signed (put on the board for all viewers to e-sign) and sent to the CSA that demands some action. It sounds like this punk could be the perfect example of what happens when you betray your national program (as it sounds like he fits somewhere in the middle of our youth depth in skill / talent). Accept the call up from another team and be banned for life, funding stopped immediately and although probably not enforceable, send an "invoice" for all the funding he's received so far.
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