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  1. stevieeatworld

    2018 Voyageurs Cup

    This. I'm rather embarrassed about the Voyageurs twitter statement.
  2. stevieeatworld

    MLS Cup Viewing Parties

    Halifax - HFX Sports Bar and Grill Montreal - Ottawa - Toronto - Official Toronto FC Viewing Party Windsor - The Manchester Pub Kitchener/Waterloo - Grand River Union Winnipeg - Regina - Edmonton - Urban Tavern Calgary - Vancouver - Black Frog Eatery Victoria - Yates St Taphouse
  3. What happened at the Mexico game? I don't remember any problems?
  4. stevieeatworld

    GC - QF Viewing Parties - Confirm Locations ASAP

    Vancouver will most likely be Doolins again. just confirming now..
  5. stevieeatworld

    Gold Cup Viewing Parties

    Yeah, sorry. Was just a few people on the east side of Vancouver that needed something closer that day. Was just a last minute heads up for anyone wanting to join. Talked to the Doolins crew and they will be showing the remainder of Canada's games. So yes official Vancouver viewing party is Doolins.
  6. stevieeatworld

    Gold Cup Viewing Parties

    Partially due to the poor showing at Doolins last week, a few of us (Voyageurs & Swanguardians) are going to setup a viewing for Friday's game vs Honduras at The Dirty Penny on Commercial Drive in Vancouver.
  7. stevieeatworld

    TSS FC Rovers (Vancouver) join PDL for 2017

    https://twitter.com/swanguardians theswanguardians@gmail.com
  8. stevieeatworld

    MLS Cup Viewing Parties

    Join us at The Black Frog then. We almost got kicked out of Toby's on Commercial after the last game for "cheering and celebrating too loud" and upsetting the hockey fans, haha.
  9. stevieeatworld

    MLS Cup Viewing Parties

    Thought we might as well start a thread for viewing parties across the country Vancouver - Black Frog Eatery (TFC Supporters & Voyageurs, open to everyone) - The Red Card (Hosted by Curva Collective, Whitecap supporters only) Edmonton - Tavern on Whyte (Hosted by the ESG) Regina - The Lobby Winnipeg - Toronto - BMO FIELD!! Kitchener/Waterloo - Shoeless Joe's Sports Grill Windsor - The Manchester Montreal - Frappe (Impact supporters) Ottawa - Georgetown Pub (Hosted by The Bytown Boys) Calgary - Victoria - Lake Side Buoys Viewing Party
  10. stevieeatworld

    WCQ - September Viewing Parties

  11. stevieeatworld


    Likewise dude. I'll bring more in March if you make it out. Hope Victoria was a blast! Get @ me on any social media @stevieeatworld
  12. stevieeatworld


    Always a good time when the prairie boys show up! Hopefully Jeff, Lars, Sergio and Justin can join us in March! Vancouver did great. I might just stay here Edit* just gonna post a lost connection. I cannot recall the name of the dude I shared multiple BC doobies with that night. If you're out there buddy, hit me up.
  13. I'm sure if you bring them by Doolins tomorrow afternoon a few people including myself could by some off you.
  14. I still need a ticket, possibly 2!!