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  1. Any chance, even as rediculous as scrutinizing a rendering, BBTB gets to bend the narrative to fit his world view, he uses it. I don’t think it’s incorrect to assume it would make him happier to be right than for this league to be successful.
  2. 1200 was the expectation. The allotment would be for how ever many season ticket holders the club has. If Y9 did indeed sell out its entire allotment, that would insinuate all the season seat holders redeemed their ticket by the deadline earlier this week so the question is, how many season seat holders does the club have? That will tell you the allotment.
  3. Macksam

    CPL General

    Wow, they have both now. I wonder what the strategy is.
  4. Macksam

    CPL General

    I think you mean Lamborghini. Ferrari is owned by FIAT's or FIAT's parent company.
  5. Macksam

    CPL General

    I don't think Don Cherry has any significant animus towards soccer other than referencing the sport when directing criticism towards a NHL player that displays behaviors he associates with soccer, "Leave the over the top celebrations to the soccer guys, leave the diving to the soccer guys, etc." but I always found that a little charming to be honest. Anyhow, those people can be converted and you don't need to utilize over the top methods to do it.
  6. Macksam

    CPL General

    Most Canadians that say they dislike/hate soccer utilize diving as their number reason. However, that's not the real reason they dislike soccer, it's just a convenient excuse. Most dislike soccer because they just haven't properly witnessed the sport. That is all. Watching the sport at the highest, most exciting level such as a UEFA Champion's league knockout stage game generally converts even the most ardent soccer hater.
  7. Yes, Cavalry's away top is a little corny.
  8. Hard to choose as judging these kits against each other is near impossible considering they all have colour schemes and themes that are unique to them. If you twist my arm....there's something about Halifax home I just can't get enough of.
  9. I love the kits, all of them, but I do the find the inclusion of tramp stamps on some of the tops slightly amusing.
  10. @BBTB No, Ottawa just doesn't have the ambition to be a division one club and preferred the free handouts/loans from MLS.
  11. Yeah at the event they had a deal, two jersies for 30% off.
  12. And nobody said hi....😒 Was I the only Voyageur in Newmarket? Anyhow, both home and away for York look awesome and had to nab them both with that 30% off deal.
  13. Near the mannequins and camera guy, please come by and say hi fellow Voyageur bros.
  14. Switched around the first York and Forge tops as the former has merchandise available with that "the TV isn't working anymore"/Poltergeist pattern.
  15. Nice, liquor license and everything. What's the name of your establishment?
  16. Alright, so Larin did not get offered the $5 Million USD a year that Altidore got offered to bring him back to MLS.
  17. I mean the original offer that TFC gave to bring him over here. Wasn't that 7 million a year?
  18. Clearly it wasn't the $7,000,000 plus USD a year offer that Altidore got from TFC.
  19. My bad, I mistook the RSVP deadline for the date....😔
  20. Not a single ball kicked and already a transfer?
  21. To BBTB, Is that what caused these owners to partake in this venture? Anthony Totera's loud talking mixed with his fist banging into a table?
  22. Macksam

    CPL General

    We’ll be the first
  23. No, it’s tomorrow now. They probably decided to bump it up last second to make up for today’s April Fool’s shit show lol 😄
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