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  1. omg my feed must be slow. #8 mathison 'the commentator word' " Canada nicks a bronze."
  2. some very interesting comments and opinions. my 2 cents. yes it is a rule rarely in-forced. yes she held it for more than 6 seconds. So did Hope Solo. was she warned. I watched the entire game I did not see the Central Referee once approach Erin and go nose to nose and say anything to her. Dose a warning have to occur on the field by the Central Ref and not at half time by the AR? I thought it did. our self warned. The warning should have included " i am going to add one minute for every time you hold the ball over 6 seconds keeper consider yourself warned" do we know if the had ball was Mathison or Nault ? one replay looked like it went off Mathison before it struck Nault. I agree this ref was not up for this game Nor the South African game. Does anyone know if they have to have female ref's? Are there not enough world class refs residing in Manchester? OFF TOPIC are there any good links for the web cast? My work has blocked CTV, TSN but funny enough I could get BBC for the GB game. It would be bad form to spoof an ISP on my work machine. ;-)
  3. very proud of the team. Refing was horible both ways , just more horrible against Canada. if the ref was enforcing the 6 second rule than it should have been enforced both ways. that was clearly ball to hand and not hand on ball. I am going to look at the American sites to see what they say about the game. I don't hold any hostility to the American Players. They are a very good team. We played for the most part better, the first goal against was some poor defending. I think Sinclair may have screend the full back (name escapes me) and the American forward did a very good job of denying teritory. So Ladies hold your head high you won the game in the hearts and minds of a nation. ( well at least mine, my wife and my 12 year lod son and my 10 year old daugter. ps i think my spell check is off. and too lazy to check the old fashion way.
  4. A bit off thread topic. but relevant to the above post. My son is going through this right now. the district team is all about skill development at this point. NO games scheduled, we are down to 25 boys. A major over night weekend camp is scheduled for August. There has been no talks of games, yet. but it has been a good experience for the boys. The coach does not usually speak to the parents. All the info i get is from short emails or through the boy. His reason is he "doesn't want to play politics with parents." Another statement I loved was 'if your son forgets his kit or to tell you something that is his problem not yours, they have to learn to take responsibility for them selves.
  5. i loved the Phillip Bakery comment. I can't remember what game that was but i was listening to that game. i loved how the colour commentator was using colour of skin to describe players. if that happened in Toronto that would would, as the song says, raise a little hell.
  6. thanks for the info. I still thinks it sucks that kids are being messed with on how this was implemented. I will look up the RTD stuff. but I think it may be too late for this year. but still if it is not a miss interpretation of player development program what the hell is the reasoning?
  7. Has anybody heard about this new OSA rule with regards to under aged players. In my small club we had to fold a U9 Boys travel team as it was a mix of U9 and U 8 players. The U11 girls travel team had to kick a girl who has been on the team for 3 years. she was so distraught they she has quite soccer. This sounds like big clubs messing with the smaller clubs. We often only have 15 kids try out, they all make it. we play in a division that best suits their skill. We don't always have a team at each age level because of it. I want to know the reasoning behind it, because from the small club perspective it SUCKS!!!!
  8. 10 Days to go. very excitted. Is Game time 12:00 pm eastern? Just trying to arange my life arround this.
  9. I was dumbfounded. I had to press pause in the 88th minute to put the kids to bed. Came back down after recoding ended and had to fast forward back to the 88th minute and over shot. I couldn't believe the score. As for most of the game I agree with ost of the comments. Not enough quality finish. biggest disappointment for me one on one with the goalie should end in a goal. biggest success they posses the ball in the midfield. I don't know if Panama let them but it looked good.
  10. did they get the last 10 min in? I only recorded to 9:30. What i did see was a better organized game, more attacking, more passing and movement, than against Peru, especially the 2nd half. pleased to see this level. To any body at the game. what was the ratio of away supporters to Canada supporters? I was at the Peru game. At BMO it seamed about 50/50. I was sitting behind a row of # 7 supporters. I think it was Paul's family.
  11. What time is the game on? I want to watch / listen but I need to plan my day around this. Can anybody help me
  12. I was forced out for diner When MNT was playing, WCQ match, and low and behold my local pub had the game on. Woo hoo! WE got seats right in front of the 60" HDTV. Better viewing than my 27" CRT at home The Butcher and Banker in Beamsville, Ont.
  13. I am so annoyed, that I spent the last hour trying to get to watch this game. I can watch King of Quees but t=not theTFC Game. Have I mentioned I hate vista. now down by three there is no point. I think I'll sign off this means until Canada plays there next game. I need A drink!!
  14. I can read just dyslexic. UGGGG I hate VISTA it wont let me watch I need to play with it thanks for the update.
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