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  1. Our club formation does not come from "infighting" rather it comes from two sources: a terrible long term management of soccer resources in St. Thomas, and a desire to provide european academy-style soccer education (along with engendering a local soccer ethos). We are based in St. Thomas, so we will train in St. Thomas. We are not an NPO, we are a share corporation. We believe this will give us maximal control over philosophy and corporate decisions, and prevent unwanted influences within the decision-making process and leadership. By-the-by, the current local club (St. Thomas Soccer Club) just changed their own structure to more effectively manage themselves - something both my business partner and I were trying to encourage for the past two years.
  2. I would like to introduce a new soccer club based in St. Thomas, Ontario: Elgin United Soccer Club We are starting as a company offering local regular training sessions over the outdoor and indoor seasons. We have a long term plan to position ourselves for acceptance into a semi-professional league (assuming one still exists in 10 years time). We intend on building a reputation for quality soccer instruction along with offering the quantity needed for attaining professionally skilled levels. As well, we intend on creating a strong local soccer ethos in St. Thomas by offering the ability to play at a semi-professional level. As part of the big picture, we also intend on greatly contributing to the Canadian soccer ethos by providing a Canadian start to professional careers. Why tell all of you? I am a Voyageur. I want other Voyageurs to know that I am intent on helping our Canadian teams reach higher levels. I am sick of sitting and bitching. I am providing my resources (as meagre as they are) to ensure that we Canadians will succeed on the pitch. Oh, and if any design people are out there would you care to take a crack at designing our logo/crest? PM if interested.
  3. If he moves, I hope he goes to Huddersfield. They're a sleeping giant in League 1 and they're poised to fight for promotion this year. Also, they're my team in Europe. That'd mean I'd have to get a new Town jersey with Hume on the back to go with my Jimmy Brennan one (one month loan from Nottm Forest; look it up)
  4. I guess what I forgot to add in my previous post, was that it is just as important to develop the tradition of playing for a Canadian pro team (even if it is for a short period) as it is to develop the skill to play; therefore, hopefully avoiding scenarios a la JDG2 and Whoregreaves, et.c. Instilling more Canadiana into the skill development with the lowest common professional goal being playing for your own home town pro team.
  5. That is bang on BBTB. Currently there are some misleading trends afoot in Ontario with respect to independent youth academies - that they will be responsible for developing the next crop of top Canadian talent. I disagree. I absolutely believe that local clubs need to have youth academies in place to develop players for their own senior sides; and that it is the senior side that should be the ultimate focus of the club (not producing a win-oriented youth structure, but a skill-learning youth structure). The unfortunate trend of having some top local professional soccer coaches run and market independent youth academies will do little to develop Canada's game - these youths will then be marketed off to other countries/leagues where a professional opportunity exists, potentially setting up scenarios a la jonathan deguzman. To get back to the focus of my post: these new leagues offer more opportunity for local sides to compete on a (more) professional stage - and lets not limit it to cities - I can see some smaller communities with the desire to field a semi-pro side. This will then lead to a better grass-roots organization capable of producing an overall higher level of soccer player, because youth will have the tradition of developing towards playing for their own home town at the least.
  6. I am involved with the London City Soccer Club, currently there is an Irishman playing for the squad: Chris Harrington; as well as an Englishman: Tom Beattie If you are interested in settling around the London (Ontario, Canada) area PM me and I can introduce you to the owner of the club. However, I must warn you that London City has never really had any success in their 38 year history.
  7. Redcoats "accusation" of limiting soccer clubs is not baseless, but it may be misplaced. The partial reason for my efforts in starting a new club in St. Thomas is to get the players (youth, senior, masters) out from under the yoke of the few individuals who control the one club in this town. A complete lack of ambition to explore and invest in new infrastructure as well as fostering mistrust and apathy within club is the smoke-screen used, at least circumstantially we believe, to cook the books and essentially embezzle money out of the club. But, I'm not officially accusing any specific person of said activities. Not everyone involved in grass-roots soccer is doing it for all the right reasons, as I've seen here in St. Thomas
  8. Redcoats, I am in St. Thomas and this is exactly what myself and a partner are trying to start. A new local club based on skill dev with a long term plan to field a semi-pro side. PM me if you have an interest.
  9. Thank you all for the information posted so far, I knew I was coming to the right place. I appreciate the web addresses, however, if you have any extra information about the leagues: for instance are they relegation/promotion leagues? how many teams are rel/promo'd? which if any league do promotion candidates feed into? what are the cup competitions and how do the teams qualify for them? does winning a cup competition qualify a team for another higher level cup? I've played in the WOSL myself so I'm fairly familiar with leagues and teams around the London area (most recently played in the Middlesex Masters league). So far haven't found any good info on any New Brunswick senior leagues, or any NFLD senior leagues. As far as actually creating the aforementioned data for FM 2010 for anyone interested I am still in the information compiling mode. Thanks again for your contributions
  10. I am looking to compile information on all the various senior men's soccer leagues in all provinces/territories/cities... this hopefully will include league structures (promo/relegation rules and pathways), all cup competitions and qualification for cups, all club info (colours, players, grounds, etc.). Simply put I need help with all this. Why, you might ask, would anyone want to know all this? I could give you a real pedantic, philosophical answer outlining the need for all Canadian Soccer fans to study and support not only their local leagues but all of the other areas in Canada striving to reach their own heights within the framework of the beautiful game. But my motives are purely recreational: I am looking to create all the amateur/semi-pro leagues at every level in Canada for play in Football Manager 2010... pathetic but true So with that in mind is there anyone lurking these backlit roads of Canadian footy that would be willing to explain the various provincial, regional, and district leagues and their assorted cup competitions (assuming all provinces have them)? Thanks
  11. I don't know why some of us on this board take umbrage with what DeRo and Jimmy are saying regarding the coaching of Dale Mitchell and the CSA's organization of the men's team. I for one applaud what Jimmy Brennan has done because he has chosen to publicly showcase the ineptitude of the CSA - Mitchell is taking the brunt only because he is the CSA's coach and IMO the frontline representative of the CSA. (Now if Stephen Hart had been chosen to coach after the Gold Cup performance I would not refer to the national team coach as the CSA rep because the choice would be based on performance and not a misguided board decision.) The timing of Jimmy's comment, I beleive, is also timely. It is at a point in which all of Canadian soccer supporters are paying attention as well as when non-soccer media are paying attention. Jimmy's truthful and overdue statements give more desperately needed focus on the problems we all know the CSA has been creating for soccer in Canada. And now DeRo has also added a few more correct observations reinforcing again what we as diehard supporters already know - Mitchell is the wrong choice and the CSA cannot expect any Canadian soccer success if they are the ones to guide this magnificent country. And again, the timing is perfect. There is focussed media attention from the non-soccer peoples. I know we are desperate for the team to qualify and represent us at the World Cup. I know these comments made by national team members are not usually conducive to a productive atmosphere, especially when the team still has a chance to advance. However, as a Voyageur - a supporter of Canadian soccer - I am done countenancing the folly of the CSA and the decisions they make in guiding that which I love. I will not villify Jim Brennan or Dwayne DeRosario for attempting to affect change and illustrate the sad state of affairs 'the program' is currently in. Because, at a time of important media focus, they are standing up and outlining the incompetence of the CSA - poor organization, ineffective hiring, and inability to fire poor performers. These players are starting to exercise their power. They are doing what we have wanted, wished, and demanded - they are calling shenanigans on the CSA. And I cannot believe that so many of you are hanging Jimmy and DeRo out to dry. Be careful what you wish for, 'cause you just might get it.
  12. Hey Razcle, I'll be at the game August 20th, so I'll pay and pick-up the shirt there
  13. Just doing a role call of sorts; interested in knowing who I'll be sharing the section with 129 row 3 seats 5,6 also want to see if there is anything we should plan on bringing other than red and white
  14. You are right, seats 5,6 are mine I must be getting old
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