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  1. frankly, i don't have a problem with slinging of some mud....it is needed....too many people in Canadian soccer are content with current mediocrity and lie to themselves that the work they are currently doing is sufficient when it is isnt.

    Tony is being honest....truth hurts. I'm tired of people wanting the truth to be delivered candy coated.

    If, a few years down the road, Tony has failed to deliver on some or all of his vision, some of the blame will be pinned on him but I am very confident that alot of the blame will be due to the fact that too many people in Canadian soccer do not want to embrace the huge and fundamentally transformative changes needed to address our many shortfalls.

    As for the 10K hours being achieved in many countries by early teen years, this number has been used by many people, not just Tony....because they count non-organized play. By and large, our kids only play soccer in an organized environment as we all know too well. This is not the case in many parts of the world, although that is starting to change.

  2. I spoke to Paul a bit on the weekend at an event in Vaughan. He looks to still be in great shape. I think that if he opts to continue playing, it needs to be in a good situation for him and his family. It would be nice for him to finish up his playing career on his terms, rather than because of injury. always was one of my fav MNT players because of his leadership and winning mentality.

  3. ^ good piece from Davidson.....Nolando, don't fret so much about having a few fill ins for a scrimmage. that's all they are....fill ins....no need to spend tens of thousands to bring in Canadian fill ins who stand approximately zero chance of contributing to the national team just to make up the numbers in a scrimmage.

    the part of that piece that stood out for me right came right at the end when that 18 year old local boy sums up one of the major problems with football in North America....how are you an 18 years old "elite" player (good enough to play for a USL side) and you've never having played against a competitive game against "fully grown men" before. shocking to me.

  4. clubs can offer invitation letters to help a player get a visa to come to Canada for a trial if they are so inclined to do so.

    As long as the player has no criminal record, getting the travel visa should not be too tough.

    If a club likes him and are prepared to offer him a contract, then he would need to cross the border to secure a special work visa for athletes/entertainers.

  5. A colleague of mine is in Indiana and, after speaking to Payne, filed a great story on TFC's big day at the draft:


    Key points:

    - Toronto would have taken Kyle Bekker at No. 1 if they kept the pick.

    - TFC feels that Gale Agbossoumonde and Doneil Henry are already better than any defender available at today's draft, plus they are younger.

    - It was important to select the two local players because "the crest means something to them before they even put the shirt on."

    I tend to agree with Payne that both Henry and Agbossoumonde are both ahead in their development than any of the college defenders they could have drafted. If TFC were to add another defender before the start of the season, it should be someone with experience....this team is way too young already. Young teams rarely win things. You need a balance. Going too young in hopes of developing for the future is an even less valid strategy in a league like MLS where it is almost impossible (up to this point) for young players to get meaningful playing time if they don't play regularly for the first team. My view on that changes dramatically if/when they find a solution for the reserve team issue.

  6. Them having good players coming up in their U-21 strikes me as the strongest argument here, as I'm simply wondering at this point who their 3rd Canadian player is. That's why I sort of expected them to fill a spot there, although Ashton Bennett would not count at this point, of course. What's the word on the street, are they going to bring anyone in particular up to the first squad?

    they had a few of their U21's play lights out while in Italy so I'm sure there will be a ton of competition among those kids to win a roster spot. it is a nice situation to have. I can't speculate who the front runners are but if my memory serves, the kids that did best on the italy trip were Messoudi and Ilcu. If the USL/MLS deal goes through and the Impact put a reserve team in that league, I could see Crepeau scoring a contract too and being the starting GK for that program....he should not be rotting on the bench just to fill a roster spot

  7. Three trades, actually. They flipped the #1 overall to New England yesterday for #4 and allocation.

    You could even count last month's swap with Portland as a fourth trade, as they got allocation from the Timbers as part of that deal.

    In other words, TFC has stockpiled allocation. A lot of that will be put to use buying down big cap hits (O'Dea, Eckersley), but Payne also said today that some will be used for incoming players.

    it is close to $300K of allocation that he secured from what i've been told so Payne did a nice piece of business today. clearly he knows how to play the trade floor very well.....i'm still shaking my head about his coaching decision but today he showed his worth to the club. masterful job and got one excellent player and one guy with alot of upside to boot

  8. I personally rate Doniel Henry and Ouimete as better central defenders in terms of potential/upside/growth but also technically with and without the ball.

    I agree with you....I'm very high on Ouimette. I would not be shocked if he plays more than Henry this year

  9. I'm really quite surprised Montreal didn't try to pick up either one of these or Ashton Bennett.

    Montreal doesn't really need someone with Beckie's skillset (and he has a US passport so he could be picked by any club in MLS)

    Opare and Bennett aren't going to fit into the Montreal system. good Athletes, not great technical players. Montreal has better players coming up in their U21 program.

    IMHO Bekker was the one guy that would have made the most sense for Montreal to pick but he was too good to slide that far

  10. Kofi Opare to LA. I hope his papers are in order and he can come into the January camp for Canada.

    Honestly, i don't see this kid as an international player, not even for a depleted Canadian NT roster. fantastic athlete, not really a footballer and not young enough where you can project that the skills gap will be bridged sufficiently. i know he had a run with the US U20 but I don't think that we should be holding our breath on this one. Time will tell i guess....I hope i'm wrong

  11. I'd rather see TFC develop four or five Canadians on the starting lineup into solid MLS players who link up well. Look at Spain's recently successful team; they built the spine of their team using Barcelona. It'd be nice to have the same thing going, and TFC could be the best place for that. I'd love for Bekker to become an MLS superstar.

    that would be lovely....it won't happen anytime soon but who knows. right now they have a few players on the roster that look to be CMNT contributors over the next decade (Morgan, Bekker, Henry, maybe Welshman, maybe Q Roberts)....that's a lot riding on TFC's technical department. As a CMNT diehard, I sure hope they have things on the right track and turn the ship around

  12. TFC pass up the two top consensus choices in the draft - Farrell and Zimmerman. This draft will define Kevin Payne and can make or break the rebuilding process.

    neither Farrell or Zimmerman are as talented or as mentally ready to be a pro as Bekker....TFC made a very good pick. I just hope that the club gets its stuff together so he (and Welshman) are actually going to a place that nurtures them... All i care about is the CMNT and i want these boys in an environment that develops them as pros and maybe readies them to make the jump to a better level in the future. I definitely see Bekker in Europe sooner than later.

  13. ohhh I don't know about that, let's see who we've called here and how they do first. USA and Denmark probably aren't sending the 'A' squads but judging from the players we've seen so far, this is going to be a tough challenge.

    We can basically do two positive things with a young roster: We can draw attention to guys who have the talent but aren't getting PT at club level *or* We can train player with the talent to fit into roles within the national team for the future. Either way they have to be ready and competitive. I don't want to be fed some sap story afterwords about how we were dominated but it was a great experience for the players. That simply doesn't make any sense...

    So I hope the CSA realizes what it's doing here, but I'm kind of watching this through my fingers to be honest.

    We have to be prepared for some difficult results over the next few friendlies....This is a rebuilding project, no doubt about it.

    I'll be watching through my fingers at times too but i feel it is important to throw our young boys into the deep end a bit and see which ones have the fighting spirit we are going to need in order to be competitive in the short run while we build for 2016.

    BTW, Roberto Stillo was on Anthony Totera's "Red Card" webshow the other night and made it known he will be in camp as well.


  14. Really? That's a bit surprising. Lots of player selections are a bit surprising, though. I know he's in the same Uruguan league as Cavallini, but unlike Lucas, Fresenga has never cracked a professional first team squad list.

    actually, not true....Fresenga was a first team player at Racing Club until a coaching change dropped him to the reserves. Andres is a solid player and possesses excellent leadership qualities. He'll need to develop into a consistent 90 minute player but he has alot of potential.

  15. ^ dont rule out an American team grabbing him. Despite the generally accepted logic (he isn't American and isn't Generation Adidas so he would be passed over by American teams), the word i've heard all week is that American teams who have some flexibility in terms of international spots are drooling for a chance to jump up to get him as well.

    it really is sad that MLS rules conspire to severely limit opportunities for a talented young player who has a good chance of emerging as a very good young professional simply because he is Canadian. A league with 15% of their membership coming from Canada should not be treating Canadians so shabbily and unprofessionally....

  16. Fair enough, then I hope the CSA isn't blowing through money on these friendlies.

    I wouldnt be surprised if Canada is actually making some money on this game vs. Japan....Japan is looking for a tuneup match located in close enough proximity to their next WCQ match....they will be the home team and are likely paying us an appearance fee.

    People need to stop over thinking this stuff.

  17. dont be at all surprised if Bekker goes in the Top 5, even to a US team if TFC don't take him at #3.

    He has been, far and away, one of the top performers at the Combine and people in MLS circles have concluded that he is one of the most (if not the most) pro ready player in the draft. He is someone who can step in and contribute very quickly. He possesses the talent needed but (more important to me) he possesses the attitude qualities needed to be a top professional.

    Welshman (who along with Bekker is a product of Sigma FC) has seen his stock rise considerably and it would not shock me if he is a 1st round pick and definitely a 2nd rounder. I see it more likely that a Canadian team picks him but US teams are liking what they see

  18. i fully agree with Jason's most fundamental premise, which is that there needs to be (at least) 2 streams in Canadian soccer (recreational and elite competitive).

    As far as I am concerned, our recreational stream is already quite well defined and works well enough (could use some tweaking but generally meets the needs of those involved). I put most of what we currently define as "rep" soccer in that recreational stream because very little of what goes on at the rep level would be considered elite almost anywhere else. Players are not being developed, by and large, in the rep system with a purpose other than to win/get promoted. Winning is not the devil but in an amateur youth system, there is ample evidence to lead one to the conclusion that the chase for medals/trophies and promotion to higher leagues has not helped us translate our huge participation numbers into the development of a decent pool of elite level footballers.

    If athletes and parents like the current system and want to continue in it, it would be foolish to eliminate it altogether. Streamline it a bit but, just like hockey does with its "A" or "AA" level of rep competition, there is nothing wrong with maintaining a rep/all star system within the recreational stream...

    However, we must continue to push forward aggressively on developing a true elite development stream for those players who have the talent, ambition and drive to play at the pro/semi-pro level (for both men and women). Just like "AAA" hockey, it's alot more expensive to participate at that level and the commitment of time and resources will not be for everyone. It also won't be feasible for every club or academy to operate a "AAA" style program. There aren't enough coaches, players, facilities, etc... to allow everyone who thinks they must be at the top level to actually exist there without diluting the product to the point where it goes back to essentially being recreational again (but alot more expensive).

    For me, one major component is that no organization should be permitted to operate at the elite level of youth player development unless they operate fully funded (not pay for play) senior team programs (be it elite amateur, semi-pro or fully pro).

  19. I think the title of this thread should be "USSF vs CSA: one tries always to improve while the other has historically done nothing"

    things are changing at the CSA and it is very clear that the CSA (President, his BoD and the staff) see the need to address the glaring need for professional soccer opportunities to be developed in Canada.

    One must remember that the CSA and the USSF are two very different organizations with very different funding and governance models. The CSA has reformed its governance and is in process of becoming far less reliant on provincial $$ so that they have the freedom to do what they must without the membership downstream playing provincial/regional political games that, historically, have taken precedence over doing what is best for the sport.

    When it comes to the MNT, the CSA can be accused of any number of boneheaded decisions over the year but the worst decision they ever made (and in my humble opinion, the biggest reason we find ourselves in the mess we do right now) was the decision to not subsidize the 1987-1992 CSL. That league had major challenges but had there been stronger leadership at the CSA (and provinces) at that time, they would have realized that the reasonably minor investment being asked for would likely have paid off many times over by now.

    I agree with Tuscan's comments....anything new that might happen in the future needs to be rigorously planned and, in my opinion, is going to need financial support from the full soccer community (at least in the early stages) because money invested at the pro level is more likely to generate long term results for improving the state of the game (and thus generating long term ROI) vs. spending big $$ on spiffy uniforms for rep teams, fancy trophies or paying for kids to play in tournament after tournament. We need to get our priorities right. We can no longer afford to outsource our professional player development

  20. Here's an experiment anyone can try. Carry a tape recorder in your pocket for a few hours, then listen back to see how many times filler words (e.g. "I think") just unconsciously find their way into your everyday speech. Then you'll know how supremely silly it is to be investing so much meaning in a few of Montagliani's words during a live radio interview.

    +1....i know I have said alot of things during interviews or radio hits that i desperately wish i could be given a do-over on. Hell, the President of the United States had a bad night a few months ago in Colorado, but i heard that was due to the altitude ;-)

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