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  1. We would be open to having those types of conversations... Partnering with the Inter-Provincial Cup competition would probably make the most sense, in my opinion.
  2. This requirement we never disappear.... It is fundamental to what this league is all about.
  3. VPjr


    Not so much to reduce travel as to keep the number of matches played in the range of 20-24 per season, which is what our license holders have agreed to. We all prefer a single table format but single table with 16 teams = 30 games and we simply are not ready to go down that road at this time. Maybe one day, but not yet. With that in mind, we opted to divide the men's division into 2 conferences and we got a 22 game schedule, which fits our competition calendar of late April to early October quite nicely.
  4. Hello All....it's been a LOOONG time since I last posted on the forum. Very interesting topic. Sorry it took so long to find the time to post a reply. I've been travelling. A group of V's getting together to establish a club to enter L1 probably wouldn't suffice for securing a license to join L1. Our requirements, especially around having an established youth development program, would be a hindrance to that plan. That said, you could conceivably establish a trust that looks to take an equity stake in an existing license holder (or a prospective one) or becomes a benefactor / sponsor for an existing license holder. In response to some of the comments on this thread: 1. yes, most teams charge a fee at the gate (between $5 to $10 for adults). A handful have chosen not to at this point. 2. we do intend to announce details about All Star Games for men and women before we kick off the season in 6 weeks. We are working diligently on this initiative. let me know if you have any further questions.
  5. I've known Nik for several years. great to see how he is progressing. I can definitely see him playing at the professional level, be it MLS, NASL or even overseas. He's definitely one to keep an eye on.
  6. nfitz: I'm not involved in the ticketing aspect of the event but I am quite sure those prices are for doubleheaders (so two games for the price of 1) As for special pricing for supporters, I have no idea if the TO2015 ticketing people have considered that. I have meetings with them this week so I can bring it up.
  7. in response to the question of why the US is not taking part: I have no idea why the US isn't keen on taking part in this event. But the info I have been provided indicates that they are not interested. As such, Mexico gets a spot in the tournament
  8. Canada and Mexico will represent "North America" on the men's side of the draw. Panama represents Central America as a result of winning the UNCAF U20 Tournament in El Salvador. the representative from the Caribbean wijll be determined at the CFU U20 Tournament.that takes place in T&T in September. the 4 representatives from South America will be determined at the CONMEBOL U20 Championships taking place in Uruguay in January. Top 4 teams from that tournament qualify for TO2015 There is a similar process for the women's draw, expect that their qualifiers are not youth tournaments but rather senior level tournaments. Canada and Mexico are granted direct entry (although the US may have some interest in participating. if so, MEX and US would have to playoff to determine who gets that spot) Costa Rica will represent Central America. The representative from the Caribbean will be determined later this month at the Women's Caribbean Cup (hosted by T&T) the 4 reps from South America will be determined at the Copa América Femenina in Ecuador, which will take place in September. The 4 teams that make the 2nd round of qualifying will all qualify for TO2015.
  9. Actually, the tournament will likely start July 11 and Gold Medal match is July 26.
  10. I wonder if having a Spanish head coach for the MNT is paying some dividends. Definitely good to see young Canadians find opportunities to play meaningful games in an environment that will challenge them. Segunda B is a good level for a player like Fisk. If I'm not mistaken Racing Santander was playing in that division last season. He will be living close to Vigo, which s a lovely city, so well done for Ben
  11. Mark has played quite well this season for TFC-A in League1. Physical comparison to Atiba is actually pretty accurate. Similar body for sure.
  12. I would like to thank all of you who attended or watched the live stream of the L1 opening weekend. The opening weekend went off nicely. Always room for improvement but, on the whole, I'm very happy. We have a very good league operations team and our clubs are highly committed. The level of play was quite good and will only improve as the season progresses. Thanks to Rocket Robin for making the trek to Vaughan for the Friday and Sunday games and for his game reports. We are always open to ideas, feedback and constructive criticism. Post them on the forum or PM me. We are looking for a staff reporter to cover the Windsor Stars matches for League1Ontario.com. If anyone is interested, please send me a PM.
  13. just got word that Gino Mauro, last with Minnesota in NASL, has signed a contract in Sweden with Bodens BK, who play in Sweden's Division 2, which is the 4th tier of Swedish football. here's a link that shows that he recently played a match with them. http://www.svenskalag.se/news.asp?teamID=5094&newsID=441053 I got word from his family that he has agreed to terms with the club. Good luck to Gino.
  14. I noticed on twitter that Desire Scott's agent got Tiffany Cameron a deal in Germany
  15. I'd wager that JH fields a team of young players, a combination of u17 and u20.
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