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  1. Where did you get they removed him? Last I saw he was prepared to leave Canada to coach a men's team but stayed because the CSA offered him the men's team. From everything I read he no longer wanted to Coach women's teams.
  2. sting

    Winnipeg Valour FC

    In talking with people, some are holding off for the reasons you mention such as no players, no schedule, no publicity etc. So the number could hit 2,500 as this progress. But some are scared to put out money as they are still unsure this league will not get started or fold half-way through the season. Also as mentioned some feel the club is not being run professional with the lack of contact from the owners. The club not knowing a National team game was on during the seat selection. I supported the Winnipeg Fury even after CSL folded and they moved leagues and I saw real soccer people get burnt with that team and this one makes me and others nervous. I'm not sure if the problems are at the league level or the club level or both but it's not far from the start and they real need some serious marketing to make this work.
  3. sting

    Winnipeg Valour FC

    What it does tell me is that non-soccer people are running the team and if it that is the case in most cities, it's a recipe for disaster for the league. It's not just the National team they are competing with. The Winnipeg Jets are home that night as well. This league was hyped about developing players that could some day play for the National team. I shouldn't lose my priority in line over supporting the National Program. If the people in the office are unaware the National team is playing that night, they are not into soccer and that scares me.
  4. sting

    Winnipeg Valour FC

    I must say I'm not impressed with Valour FC for scheduling my seat selection during the men's National team game. I thought this league was about promoting Canadian players and the hope to play for the National team. What a huge marketing mistake. Really disappointed in the Club.
  5. The CSA is hyping the men's game because it's a home game that they are trying to sell tickets for while the women's games are just being streamed. When the ladies have home games, they get plenty of hype. This is all about driving ticket sales.
  6. I think Quinn can play Scott's position and maybe add a little more offence.
  7. Nothing in the TV listings as of yet.
  8. sting

    Winnipeg Valour FC

    I wonder what the accurate number for founding members is? I noticed they are giving out Honourary Founding Member #55 to Mark Scheifele. I know Andrew Harris of the Bombers and Desi Scott of the National team are also members. None of these people are around for the summer and are they paying for tickets? Not trying to be negative just wondering how accurate the numbers are.
  9. sting

    CPL Season Schedule

    Here in Manitoba it has been play regular season May and June with playoffs in September. The Premier teams take a few weeks off in the summer. Personally I like playoffs. I found it quite fun to follow Toronto through to the championship in MLS. The old Canadian Soccer League had playoffs and I enjoyed that as well. I will adjust but I would prefer it if possible.
  10. sting

    CPL Season Schedule

    I see no playoffs. Do you think this is a good idea in a country that has playoffs for almost all sports. Hockey, baseball, football and even soccer for kids and adults is the normal.
  11. My guess it might be something like a documentary following some players. If it was getting TV coverage again, I doubt they call it a project. But anything is better than nothing.
  12. I don't see anything.
  13. Any word if we will be able to actually see this game on TV or streaming somehow?
  14. sting

    Winnipeg Valour FC

    If you get 3,500 and everyone takes on average 2 tickets, you will be looking at 7,000 season tickets. Sounds optimistic.
  15. sting

    Winnipeg Valour FC

    I was number 651 last night